How To Refinance Your Debt Cheaper

refinance your debt

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Pauline of Refinancing, restructuring, or consolidating debt is a step that many have taken in order to become debt-free sooner. This is done for a multitude of reasons but usually involve getting a better interest rate, or term on your debt, making the final pay off cheaper and quicker. This works in different ways. The idea is either to lower your debt payments, or to pay off debt quicker, for a lower interest rate. Before you start, do some research and find out the best rates available on the market. The […] Read more »

Teaching Teens The Cost Of Real Life

I’m a huge advocate of increasing financial education for our children. I don’t feel our school system currently does enough to prepare students to manage their finances successfully. But I certainly don’t think schools should be the only source of financial education. Parents need to play a significant role as well, including ensuring kids have a grasp on how much things cost. I had two wonderful opportunities to do just that over the weekend.   Car Repairs As my son was backing our car out of the garage on his way to school, I heard a loud noise. I opened […] Read more »

Save Money With Outback Steakhouse’s Rewards Program

  Friday night I found myself pulling into the parking lot of Outback Steakhouse. One teenager with a vehicle at work left another teenager (and her friends) in need of a ride to the high school football game. By the time that all got coordinated and executed, my wife and I were hungry and not willing to wait the time it would take to drive all the way across town back to our home and cook dinner. Thus Friday night was one of those times when I was actually OK with going out to eat. Even though I was voluntarily […] Read more »

iPhone7: Worth the Hype, or Complete Waste Of Money?

Last week Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 7, causing much buzz among consumers. I know people that were watching the announcement live while they were at work. I witnessed unbounded praise on Facebook from friends that are fans of Apple. I’ve already seen iPhone 6 models up for sale as they’ve per-ordered their iPhone 7. With all of this, I figured I should at least familiarize myself with the wonders of this new phone and why people are getting ready to once again camp out in line to shell out a minimum of $649. I did some research and created […] Read more »

6 Ways To Save Money When Traveling to Run A Marathon

Last weekend my wife and I traveled about 4 hours north to Duluth, Minnesota so I could run a half marathon as part of the Grandma’s Marathon weekend. If you’ve ever traveled to another city to participate in a large running event, you know that the prices of many necessities are jacked sky high because they have a captive audience. For example, hotel room prices double during marathon weekend in Duluth, and guests are required to stay (or at least pay for) two nights. Also, event parking prices go into effect for lots near marathon activities. The good news is […] Read more »

5 Surefire Ways to Become Debt Free Fast

become debt free fast

Author’s bio: You can find more by Maria Nedeva on debt, money management and making money on her blog, The Money Principle, where she teaches people in financial trouble how to build sustainable wealth.   Becoming debt free haunted my dreams, and my waking hours, for couple of decades. And for decades it was just that: a pipe dream to which I escaped every time I suspected that we have too much debt and every time I wished it to disappear. Than six years ago the reality of our financial depravity penetrated the dream: we calculated that we were in […] Read more »

Decluttering Is An Opportunity To Make Money

It hasn’t happened for awhile, but walking through my home I could tell it was time. It was time for a good stuff purging, which also happens to be a great opportunity to put a little extra cash in my pocket. I grabbed a notebook and pen and started writing down things I believed I could sell in our latest round of decluttering. I went through my home making a list of things I could sell. Lawn Mower The handle is held on by a makeshift bolt, it leaks oil, and earlier this spring the cable that controlled the self […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 5/27

Memorial Day weekend is here!  It’s the unofficial start to summer……although the kids have 2 weeks of school left.  The holiday weekend is a good reminder that we need to adjust our grocery shopping list, and our budget, to account for the kids being home during the day.  For me personally it means I can sleep a little later as I don’t have to make sure kids are up, fed, and off to school.  Yup, that’s right….in a few weeks I’ll get to sleep in to 5:30am!!! Fist pump for sleeping in! Posts That Make Me Fist Pump 2/3rds of […] Read more »

Driving Vs. Flying – How Much Did We Save?

My son and I were walking from the beach to our rental home while on vacation in Florida. We were discussing our travel plans home as the next day we were to begin the multiple day drive back to Minnesota. “So, it’s cheaper to drive than it is to fly, right?” he asked. Without hesitation I stated it was much cheaper for our family to drive. I didn’t doubt my answer, but I wondered just how much money we were saving. I decided to do the research and find out. Traveling By Car   Fuel: Our family van averages 25mpg […] Read more »

Friday Fist Pump: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 4/8

A week ago the Pizel family was driving across the country from Minnesota to Florida.  Today, we begin our way back.  It’s been a great vacation.  We spent countless hours at the beach as well as in the pool at our vacation home.  I’ve maintained my workouts, gone jet-skiing, and gone on a dolphin boat cruise. PLUS, We’ve saved a ton of money by cooking most of our own meals. But I’m ready to go home.  More than ready.  As soon as I hit “publish” on this post, we’ll be packing up the van and heading north.  Hopefully I’ll bring […] Read more »

Paying Off The House Wasn’t Our #1 Priority – but we did it anyway

Attention, Attention, EOD Nation!  I interrupt our usually scheduled program to bring you a very special post from our friend Steve Stewart, who has some very exciting news to share with us!  Take it away, Steve!!!! Today is the day! My wife and I are going to the bank and paying off the house! This is our Christmas gift to each other – and it is just what we wanted!  We purchased our home in 1999 on a 5/1 ARM, then refinanced it (twice) by 2003. I’d like to say paying off the house was our #1 priority, but it wasn’t.  […] Read more »

How Overpriced Is The Olive Garden? The Post Where I Say “Hell No” To Takeout Pasta

It’s no secret that I dislike going out to eat. To be specific, I don’t like going out to eat just to order something that I could make as good at home, at significantly less cost. I don’t mean to dwell on this subject, but eating out is just such a colossal waste of money.  The absolute worst offender is anything pasta related, including a favorite restaurant of my wife and daughter; The Olive Garden. Look, it’s not The Olive Garden’s fault that they garner such hate from me, it’s just that taking a family of four there for dinner […] Read more »

The Best $250 Gadget Ever Purchased

A friend of mine suggested I stop fighting with my old, cracked iPod Nano and replace it with something more current. Call me cheap, frugal, or nostalgic – I just can’t bring myself to part with my old friend (the iPod, that is). Gadgets are exciting! Gadgets are fun. Gadgets make life easier. They are also expensive. Americans spend thousands of dollars on new gadgets – sometimes all at once! A new TV, new phones for the family, and upgraded game systems sit under the Christmas tree each year. There is nothing wrong with that, of course – as long […] Read more »

My Favorite Part Of Having Control Of My Finances

One of the most common questions asked of people going through the process of paying off a mountain of debt is what they will do with the extra money each month once the debt is paid off. Another similar, but slightly different question is to describe how life is different now that the debt has been paid off. I’ve been asked these questions countless times. It’s easy to give the standard answers of build a larger emergency fund, invest more, or save for the kids’ college. I’ve given all those answers. There’s certainly nothing wrong them, as they’re the answers […] Read more »