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At this point in time your debt situation may seem impossible and extremely overwhelming to you. The hardest part is getting started and if I’ve learned anything from my own experience it’s that once you get started you’ve already done most of the work. Not that actually paying down your debt is easy, because it’s not, but the momentum and the behavioral change that takes place in the beginning because you are sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck is comparable to an alcoholic deciding it’s time to quit drinking.

By this time you’ve likely made it past the “D-word” most of us have trouble with called denial. We like to convince ourselves that we are in control and the problem is really not a problem at all. Before we know it our “non-existent” problem has spiraled into a full-fledged emergency and we are left flopping around like fish out of water. You could think of your financial situation as a fish bowl; you are the fish. The more debt you have the the less water and it’s starting to get pretty hard to swim around freely. Next thing you know you are out of water and struggling to live the life you envisioned in your dreams.

It seems to always start off the same. We go through life trying to buy the quality of life that money (especially debt) can’t buy and we do so without thinking about the road ahead. I’m guilty. My wife is guilty. 60%-70% of us are guilty of trying to live that life. Society says we need this and deserve that and we work our butts off to keep up with the Joneses — but just like with the Joneses — the minimum payments start rolling in. The Joneses don’t look like it on the outside but they are in debt up to their eyeballs and probably feeling just like you are right about now.

The point of Enemy of Debt is to get you started in the  right direction with your money. No matter how many stupid things you’ve done with money or no matter how many times you’ve done it, this is your chance to fill your fish bowl back up with water. This is your clean slate and Enemy of Debt will walk with you through your hardship, motivate you when you’re feeling defeated, and remind you of the life you deserve — because YES — you do work hard for your money and you do deserve the freedom that not having debt can provide.

You are worth every ounce of effort it will take to get you through this! Believe that!

Forget about what you’ve learned and observed about money. Forget about the American Dream as YOU KNOW IT because as it turns out, it’s not really a dream at all. More like a nightmare.

In my humble opinion, Debt Freedom IS the REAL American Dream!

Forget about over-priced mortgages, white-picket fences, and a wallet full of credit cards. Your American dream can be found when you owe absolutely no one a stinking penny! Your American Dream is being released from the financial bondage of slavery and servitude! Your American dream can be found in crossing the finish line of your debt free marathon and kissing the 26 miles ( aka your debt) goodbye.

Don’t just give it an “I’ll see you later” peck on the cheek either. Give it an all-out romance novel style kiss that says “I’m never going to see you again baby!”

The only difference being that you’ll not be sad to see it go, but rejuvenated and electrified about the next chapter of your life. Think of your debt as a bad relationship that needed to be ended long ago and just move 0n. Contrary to what society wants you to believe, YOU DON’T NEED DEBT! Guess what? I’m still breathing…and I should add…a whole lot better than I was with the debt monkey on my back.

One last thing for those of you who may have found this website by mistake and aren’t yet convinced that your debt is a problem. Think of Enemy of Debt as your best friend trying to tell you your significant other is no good for you. You may not listen right now but eventually you’ll come to realize you should have. Go get you a financial relationship that encourages and uplifts you. Lose those minimum payments and experience greener grass, less stressful emergencies, and a real opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

Debt is abusive and you deserve better!! 😀

Sincerely and with love,

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