Enemy of Debt: Best Debt-Focused Personal Finance Blog

Some of you may know that we recently attended the second annual Financial Bloggers Conference known as #FinCon12. We networked, brainstormed and listened to others inspire us to make EOD (and our personal blogs) an even better experience for those of you getting out of debt and wanting to learn solid personal finance. Enemy of Debt was nominated for two Plutus Awards — Best Debt Focused Personal Finance Blog and Best Multiple Author Personal Finance Blog. We won Best Debt-Focused Personal Finance Blog!! I may have created and launched my passionate mission to eradicate debt from this world, but without […] Read more »

Living the Life We Want Because of Debt Freedom

I have a sneaky suspicion that most people underestimate the power of debt freedom. The benefits of paying your debt off are enormous. The changes we have been able to make because of our debt freedom have been both surprising and very exciting. It was surprising because although I knew getting out of debt would be awesome and beneficial I hardly expected for it to change our lives the way it has. We recently began looking at how we could further mold our life into one that best fits our wants and desires. That’s the inspiration for me finally writing […] Read more »

I Need Your Help — Enemy of Debt Nominated for Best Debt Blog!

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!! I hope you are having an awesome and safe weekend. I won’t take up too much of your time and get straight to the point. Enemy of Debt has been nominated for Best Debt Blog for the second annual Plutus Awards. That’s why I need all of you to take a few minutes to vote for Enemy of Debt! I can’t pull it off without you! You have until September 22nd to vote! Vote now! It doesn’t take long to vote, and you don’t have to vote in every category for your vote to count […] Read more »

Hello Enemy of Debt Readers

Hello Enemy of Debt readers!! I’m so excited to be a contributor of this site. I’m really looking forward to getting to know all of you. So I thought I’d start off by telling you a little about myself. My name is Ashley. I’m a work-at-home mother of two. My littlest one is starting Kindergarten this year, which when that happens it will be the first time in 10 years that I don’t have a kid at home with me. I’m kinda freaking out about that. I better see my productivity go through the roof! If not, I’ll have no […] Read more »

Headed Out of Town…

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know I am headed out of town for about 7 days. I will not be back until late next week and I will be completely unplugged. Okay not completely because I have the iPhone but I’m not going to be blogging that’s for sure. I’m going to see my 15 year old daughter! This is a last minute trip so I have had to be pretty creative to keep the costs down. When I get back I will write about how I did. Until then feel free to check out the archives […] Read more »

Financial Peace University Kit Bundle Giveaway Winner

It’s time to announce the winner of the Financial Peace University Kit bundle!! At first I planned to announce the winner like I have the others, but I decided to do this instead. I also added some prizes to this bundle as an extra special thanks from me. As I’ve stated before I really truly wish I could give everyone something. I really have enjoyed getting to know so many of you over the years and I can’t thank you enough for all of your support and participation. The winner of today’s giveaway has me really excited because she really […] Read more »

March Love Drop – Katie in Dallas

This is how far behind I have become. Love Drop, an effort to give back to the community, really amazed me with last month’s DROP! Last month the Love Drop Team raised over $13,000 (and 3 iPads!) to help two little boys with autism receive a service dog. They were beyond touched, and we did this in only 1 month – that’s it. Everyone came together and gave a few bucks each to impact one family’s life. If you were a part of it, THANK YOU!  You can check out the final video of us showing up to their house […] Read more »

Enemy of Debt Behind the Scenes

Photo Credit: Alan Cleaver Hello everyone! First of all, I’d like to apologize for my delay in posting the Race to Freedom Introductions post. There are only FOUR participants, and I want to take this time to say, I love all FOUR of you!! (Diva, Crystal, Maurine, Jennifer) Seriously! You rock and I thank you for taking my challenge seriously. One very excited participant had to back out at the last minute due to her losing her job, but I know she would have made a very good contestant in this challenge! (I don’t want to blow up your spot, […] Read more »

It’s a Girl!!!

So here it is 11:00 pm and I am just now getting home from a long but awesome day! We drove to Virginia Beach to find out if we were having a girl or a boy and were delighted to learn the news. It’s a girl! What makes today even more special was that my grandmother was able to go with us to the appointment, along with my mother! What a day! I haven’t stopped smiling yet? Race to Freedom: I will review the videos and stuff that was submitted and post an update probably on Friday — maybe earlier! Read more »

Am I Having a Boy or a Girl? Today We Find Out!

A Proud Big Brother,Isaac with his New Little Brother Noah – Day After Noah’s Birth Hello everyone! What a weekend! Today is an exciting day! All my wife wanted for her birthday was to have an appointment to see a “special” doctor to find out if we are having a boy or a girl — earlier than normal. The first two times she wanted this I was against it, mainly because it costs $100 (it hurts just to think about it) and we were at the time still trying to become debt free. Now we’re debt free, and although I […] Read more »

Welcoming a New Baby into Our Family

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a great week so far! 😀 I just wanted to announce something I am very excited about. In fact, it has been hard not to spill the beans before now, although a few of my closest family and friends know. It’s TOUGH keeping a secret like this one! We’re having a baby, due on October 3rd!! We haven’t yet found out the sex of the baby but like any other time, we’ll be happy with whatever we have — boy or girl. My daughter Caitlin is 15, Isaac is almost 5, and Noah is […] Read more »