All Aboard! The Personal Finance Tour Bus is Scheduled for Departure

Good morning debt haters! This morning I would like to introduce you to a new network I have been asked to join. As you know, there are many networks out there, just as there are many personal finance blogs, but this network is a bit different because each member is considered to be an expert in a specific niche of personal finance. (investing, debt, Canadian, teens & college, retirement, taxes, Christian, and even humor.) Allow me to introduce you to the Money Mavens Network. I am extremely honored and excited to be working next to these guys. We plan to […] Read more »

The Extraordinary Life Network: United For A Common Purpose

Are you looking for the extraordinary in life? If so, you are in luck. Today we are announcing an exciting new network of bloggers dedicated to helping you reach your life goals. We are an assorted bunch, that specialize in different aspects of life. It makes me think of an old cartoon I used to watch called Voltron, where 5 young pilots, commanded 5 lion robots, & join together to form one large robot in order to save the planet. Sounds fun right? Read more »