5 Broadband Characteristics You Ignore at Your Peril (when you work on-line)

broadband characteristics


Broadband has firmly become a necessary part of contemporary lifestyle.

We relax by watching Netflix and streaming movies and TV programmes.

We no longer worry about forgetting to take books on our travels – we can download these anytime, anywhere in the world (okay, nearly anywhere).

More importantly, we rely on broadband, and broadband characteristics like speed, in our working lives. We send e-mails, read material on the internet, gather customer feedback through on-line forums and buy/sell products on-line.

Entertainment, relaxation or work, broadband is important.

Have you tried to watch a movie and have the screen freeze on you?

Have you screamed your frustration at the computer screen because it took so long sending an e-mail that it sent a ‘time out’ message?

Yes, I have done this as well. Neither pleasure nor work is much fun when your broadband is slow and falls over every five minutes.

What if I told you that you can avoid much broadband frustration by not compromising on five broadband characteristics? These are:

  • Broadband speed
  • Broadband reliability
  • Broadband provider service arrangements
  • Broadband monthly downloads
  • Broadband set up costs

When you work on-line (entirely or in part) you need high level broadband provision. Do your research and, by comparing broadband providers, you’d be surprised to find that the difference in cost between top of the range and mediocre broadband is rather small.

Small difference in cost can make a very large difference in online business development and your work satisfaction.

Broadband speed

At the early stages of the Web, and all associated with it, we were happy just to get on. Clunky modems dialled repeatedly, and we gave a prayer of thanks when we connected.

This time is gone. Things have been simplifying (for the user) and gaining speed.

Here is a thing about speed (be it the speed at which you drive your car down the motorway or the speed with which you prepare your lunch) – we get used to it. Once we get used to the speed at which the world moves, it starts seeming slow.

When you work online, you don’t want to have to deal with the frustration of your impatience – you need to have to fastest broadband you can get; and you can afford.

This is the way to keep connected, competitive and calm.

Practical point:

You may need to look at fibre-optic broadband providers. Reputedly Virgin Media currently offers the fastest broadband – its fastest package runs at speed of 350Mb.

Broadband reliability

Broadband reliability is critical when you work online.

Can you imagine how your online business will fare if your internet connection goes up and down like a crazy yo-yo?

Low broadband reliability is the one thing that will certainly lose you business; in many ways.

When deciding on a broadband package it is important to investigate the providers reliability. (You can do this by checking providers’ reviews or read online review articles.)

(While writing this my connection interrupted; maybe, I should investigate reliability as well.)

Broadband provider service arrangements

Things can go wrong.

I still remember the time when our phone line (and internet) went down and we had no access for couple of days. This is not good for two people who work online.

Before committing to a broadband contract check the provider’s service arrangements. Phone them and ask how long it takes to correct faults; read reviews and search on social media for post on that provider.

You would do well to also make sure that service is part of your broadband contract.

Broadband monthly downloads

When you work online, the last thing you need to worry about is whether you will reach the limit of your monthly downloads.

Hence, the choice is simple:

Make sure that you select broadband provider that offers unlimited downloads.

Sounds simple but many people, tempted by a lower price, neglect to notice that their use is limited.

Broadband set up costs

Watch for hidden costs of broadband.

Most established providers offer broadband packages with free set up. Some charge (up to £60) set up costs.

There is no need to pay for setting up your broadband. Look for free set up broadband packages.

Ideal broadband formula

Here is the Ideal Broadband formula using these five characteristics:

IB = high speed + high reliability + great service + unlimited downloads + no set up charges

This is likely to cost you between £20 and £25 per month. Check it out if you don’t believe me.


When you work online, your broadband frustrations reach beyond interruptions during the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Slow, unreliable broadband can lose you business, keep you out of action for days and raise your temper, and your blood pressure, to less than healthy levels.

You should not ignore the five broadband characteristics discussed in this post when your business and your livelihood depend on having ideal broadband provision.

Now that you know the formula for ideal broadband, it is time to put this knowledge into practice.

Are you happy with your broadband?

If not, start looking for a new broadband provision now. What are you waiting for?

photo credit: dejankrsmanovic Dirty Old Computer via photopin (license)

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