Is It Better to Donate or Sell Your Car?

Sell or donate marquis mark

I have a 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis (His name is Marquis Mark!). I purchased it from a friend a year and a half ago for $500. Since that time I have put about $1,500 into it. This was done about a year ago to keep it safe and to fix a couple of oil leaks. I have been saving money for another car once this one dies. But given my situation (living in a fairly rural town without any friends or family nearby), I am worried about being stranded should it break down on me. Therefore I have been thinking […] Read more »

Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Week 13

The last class is about giving. There are some amazing stories about giving throughout the class. I won't spoil the surprise but I was pretty teary eyed at a lot of them. Ok, I cried. Jeeze. But they are very touching. My fears about the class being very religious were fulfilled in this class. All of the previous classes weren't overly religious. I was worried that because it's held at a church and intended to be given to people who attended church that it would be filled with religion. I mean, that's a reasonable assumption. And I don't have a problem with religion, it's just that I'm not religious. So for those out there who are like me and want to take the class but worry that it will be too "churchy" I can tell you that it's not... until the last class. Read more »

July Love Drop — Help Felicity

The Love Drop team is at it again! Last month they gave over $5,000 worth of cash and goods to their recipient, the Aubin family, who was struggling financially after the passing of their dad, and this month they’re ready to do it again and help out another person 🙂 They’ve given out over $45,000 in the past 6 months, and show no signs of stopping. If you know of anyone yourself that could use their help, make sure to let them know. Watch the Aubin Family Love Drop Video! This month they’re heading down to Atlanta to help Felicity, […] Read more »

June Love Drop – Help the Aubin Family

Hey guys! The Love Drop team is at it again! Last month they gave over $9,200 worth of cash, goods and services to their recipient, the Stalnaker family, who had been going through a financially hard time due to the effects of the BP oil spill on the Louisiana economy. The family was in need of a car and the Love Drop team was able to surprise them with one, making it one of the most exciting Love Drops ever. You can watch how it all went down in the video below. This month they rally behind the Aubins – […] Read more »

April Love Drop – Help The Kahlen’s

Hey guys! Here’s the latest update from the Love Drop community. The Love Drop team is at it again! Last month they gave over $5,000 worth of cash and goods to their recipient, Katie, who had been battling a couple of brain tumors over the years, and it culminated with a surprise gift of 15+ friends showing up at her house to celebrate with her. It was awesome. Check out how it all went down: This month they start all over again and grow support for the Kahlen’s – a family who has been hit hard by the economy, and […] Read more »

Love Drop Feburary – Autism Safety and a Dog That Can Help

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. The weather is beautiful here in Charlottesville VA! I just wanted to share with you what’s happening over at Love Drop this month. P.S. The “full accountability video” is coming, it’s just taking longer than expected to figure out all of the technical stuff. I’ll definitely post it next week FOR SURE! Also, for those interested in the reality series, it’s coming along but I’m still waiting to find out about the sponsors. I’ll give you an update as soon as I know something more. 😀 Have a great weekend […] Read more »

January Love Drop – Meet Jill

Howdy folks! Back in November you may remember me mentioning something I consider to be extremely awesome. Love Drop has a very special place in my heart, not just because of who's involved, but because of what they're doing. It's giving, compassion, love, and community all wrapped up into one massive cause! It's January! Time to start making a difference! Jill is a single mother who lost her job, and then her daughter. She became homeless, found a home, and then lost it to a fire. If this video doesn't move you, I'm not sure what will. Read more »

Brad & J’s 2010 Christmas Stimulus WINNERS!

Photo Credit: Merry Christmas everyone!!4 Days Left! I am so very happy to announce the winners of Brad & J’s 2010 Christmas Stimulus!! First, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for giving me a reason to continue blogging. It’s because of you that I have been able to do this for almost 3 years now! I NEVER imagined that I would ever have a blog, let alone end up with nearly 1000 subscribers! You ROCK! I LOVE YOU ALL! In 2010, I added 600 subscribers, and in 2011 I fully intend on stepping up my […] Read more »

Brad & J’s 2010 Christmas Stimulus

Oh man!! Today didn’t come fast enough for me. I was a little antsy to say the least but the day has come. FINALLY! Last year, J Money and I decided to bring Enemy of Debt and Budgets Are Sexy together for something truly awesome! The economy was broken, unemployment was high, and we wanted to help. Brad & J’s 1st Annual Christmas Stimulus 2009 was born! Last year was awesome! We gave away $150 each and had a great time doing it! Two blogs, two giveaways, two winners, $300! We are extremely happy to announce the second coming. The […] Read more »

Gift Cards & Tipping – What’s Your Opinion?

Photo Credit: y2bk Gift cards have become increasingly popular year after year! It’s an easy way to send someone you love a nice gift that they can use at their convenience. This post is specifically about gift cards to restaurants, but it’s not about the actual gift card as much as it is about how you tip when you pay with one. Recently we used a $25 gift card for a local restaurant and during this process it got me thinking. Do people generally tip more or less when their bill is reduced because of a gift card? Our meal […] Read more »

A Blogger’s Dream to Help Others is Coming True

Howdy folks! Welcome to day two of my No Restaurants in November Challenge! (Have you taken the plunge yet? Join me and many others!) One of the many reasons there could be for wanting to save a little money — the topic for today’s post is definitely one of them. Giving….. Do you do enough of it? We don’t. Don’t misunderstand. We do give, but it’s not nearly as much as we want to give. When I think of all the orphans, widow’s, single mothers and the poor and unfortunate others out there, I know that what I do is […] Read more »

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Fundraiser is Ending

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I am ending the Big Brothers Big Sisters Fundraiser early. Today will be your last chance to buy an I’m Debt Free game or donate money without buying a game. If you buy a game, $10 of your purchase will go to Big Brothers Big Sisters. The original announcement. Click here to purchase the I’m Debt Free game! Email me at freedom {at} enemy of debt {dot}com if you are interested in donating money without buying the game. So far, including my $100, I will be giving BBBS $214.00! […] Read more »

Buy I’m Debt Free the Game, and Help Support Big Brothers Big Sisters

Have Fun on a Budget Don’t like to read? Buy the “I’m Debt Free” game RIGHT NOW, so I can give 100% of my earnings to Big Brothers Big Sisters!! If you are a subscriber to Enemy of Debt then you are either working really hard to become debt free, or you simply enjoy my passion-filled rants on why debt freedom rules. If you are one of the few in this country that actually acknowledge debt to be a problem, and you are trying to get rid of it yourself, chances are you are making some less than favorable sacrifices […] Read more »

Brad And J’s 1st Annual Christmas Stimulus 2009

Are you ready to hear my super secret surprise? You should be because I am so excited to tell you about it! It all started with a post I wrote titled, “Help Your Neighbor Christmas Stimulus“. My idea at the time was to take a portion of your Christmas budget and use it to help someone close to you feel a little less stressed this holiday season. Originally, our Christmas budget was $250, and I pledged to take $150 of that, and use it to “help my neighbor”. Although I will admit we spent a little more than the $100 […] Read more »