Enemy of Debt’s 3 Year Anniversary and Reader Appreciation Giveaway

Hello everyone! Today’s post is ALL about you! Last month on April 5th, Enemy of Debt reached a three year milestone. On that day, I started this blog with Hitting a Home Run and Becoming Debt Free Are the Same. Each year I have been blessed with the privilege of getting to know some really terrific people! I have enjoyed checking my inbox each and everyday to confirm that what I am doing is making a difference. Those emails really do keep me going and I have all of you to thank for it. Whether you actively comment or just […] Read more »

Brad & J’s 2010 Christmas Stimulus WINNERS!

Photo Credit: www.metaphoricalplatypus.com Merry Christmas everyone!!4 Days Left! I am so very happy to announce the winners of Brad & J’s 2010 Christmas Stimulus!! First, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for giving me a reason to continue blogging. It’s because of you that I have been able to do this for almost 3 years now! I NEVER imagined that I would ever have a blog, let alone end up with nearly 1000 subscribers! You ROCK! I LOVE YOU ALL! In 2010, I added 600 subscribers, and in 2011 I fully intend on stepping up my […] Read more »

Brad & J’s 2010 Christmas Stimulus

Oh man!! Today didn’t come fast enough for me. I was a little antsy to say the least but the day has come. FINALLY! Last year, J Money and I decided to bring Enemy of Debt and Budgets Are Sexy together for something truly awesome! The economy was broken, unemployment was high, and we wanted to help. Brad & J’s 1st Annual Christmas Stimulus 2009 was born! Last year was awesome! We gave away $150 each and had a great time doing it! Two blogs, two giveaways, two winners, $300! We are extremely happy to announce the second coming. The […] Read more »

Debt Snowball Pro App Giveaway (iPhone & iPod)

If you have been a fan of Enemy of Debt for anytime at all, then you know I became debt free by using the debt snowball method. I didn’t have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or an iPad when getting out of debt, but if I did, I would of definitely loved being able to track my progress using this App. Thanks to Matthew King, today I will be giving away Five Debt Snowball Pro Apps to help you manage and track your debt elimination progress with ease. There is much controversy in the financial world about which technique should be […] Read more »

If Someone Paid You $500 to Improve Your Finances, Would You Be Interested?

Ahhh, Friday Has Arrived!! As most of you tidy up your workspace, and prepare for the weekend ahead, the last thing you might be thinking about is how to better manage your money. In fact, some of you may be schematizing (yes, it’s a word) your way into a brand new car, a state-of-the-art plasma, 3D, blu-ray, movie theater-sized television, or some special gadget that is going to take you to the moon. That’s fine if you have your ducks in a row, all accept for the new car of course. (buy used) BUT…what if you’re living paycheck to paycheck […] Read more »

Book Review & Giveaway: The New Rules for Mortgages

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a magnificent week so far! Before I get started, I feel I need to clarify a few things about my views and beliefs concerning a mortgage. As most of you know, I am against debt, but I do realize that not all people are going to go out there and save, save, save, in order to pay 100% cash down. Some people, if not most, would even consider that to be impossible. I’ll save that discussion for another day, but I just want to point out that I understand that the average […] Read more »

The Debt Free Game Giveaway!

Happy Friday everyone! Today I am giving away two (2) copies of The Debt Free Game!! This game isn’t to be confused with my recent giveaway and fundraiser of the “I’m Debt Free” game. This is a completely different game, and one that I know you will also enjoy. One of the major differences is the fact that this game is a little more kid-friendly and interactive. It’s also much cheaper and comes with FREE shipping. Total cost: $22.00. I have to admit, we weren’t making a very great effort to sit around the kitchen table to enjoy a family […] Read more »

“I’m Debt Free!” The Game Giveaway

Become Debt Free At Your Very Own Kitchen Table!! Good afternoon everyone! Today I am giving away something I think you will love. It’s a game called I’m Debt Free! About a month or so ago, I bought one. I have only played it a handful of times since, mostly because of time constraints. I was planning on reviewing this game today, but will save that for another day, when I have something more to add. For now, I want to give a couple of these games out to my awesome readers! Learn about money and being debt free the […] Read more »

Use Your Tax Return To Pay Off Debt and Still Get an iPad!!

Only two more days until Tax day. Have you filed yet? I sure hope so. If you haven’t then that means you’re either really patient, really lazy (I’ve been both), or you probably OWED Uncle Sam some loot. If you’ve waited this long then I hope you do not intend on trying to get the rapid refund. You’ve waited this long, don’t pay to get it quickly now, or EVER in my opinion. Patience will save you some money, and saving money is ALWAYS cool. 😀 We used to wait until the very last minute, well that’s before we started […] Read more »

Win a Free iPhone/Android Pay Off Debt App

Hello everyone! In the Manage Your Money challenge that recently ended, I had a sponsor offer up 2 iPhone, and 2 Android Pay Off Debt Apps. However the participants either, had no debt, or had neither of these phones. So today, I would like to give them away to anyone with an iPhone or Android cell phone. I wish we would have had either phone along with this app when we were paying off our debt. The Pay Off Debt App is an application that uses the debt snowball approach to paying down your debt. As you know that is […] Read more »

Manage Your Money Grand Prize Giveaway & Questionnaire

March was awesome fun! I really enjoyed the Manage Your Money challenge and I hope you did too. Even if you didn’t participate in the comments each week, I hope you found the information and exercises to be helpful in every way. To the ones that did participate, I AM SO VERY PROUD of all of you! You took my exercises seriously each and every week—what more could I ask for? You took the challenge because you saw the need to, and you didn’t do what most people did, which was talk the talk but not walk the walk. More […] Read more »

Have You Heard About J Money’s Very First Love Drop?

Hey everyone and Happy Monday to you! For all of you enthusiastic Manage Your Money participants, don’t you worry, I will be posting another post a little later. I wanted to post this to help spread the word about my boy J Money’s Love Drop over at Budgets Are Sexy! He has teamed up with Nate from It Starts With Us to bring you the very first Love Drop, where the goal is to help someone close to us in the blogging community who is struggling financially. If you have an extra $1, $5, $10, or whatever you chose to […] Read more »

Weekend Review: Save-A-Lot Edition

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend so far. Below you will find out how Julie’s shopping experience at Save-A-Lot went. It sounds like she did save a lot! Also I have put together some links from other bloggers that I have enjoyed this past week. Please enjoy and have a great rest of the weekend! From Julie: (The winner of the $15 Save-A-Lot gift card and EOD T-Shirt) Just wanted to give you an update of my Save a Lot experience. Could not have come in at a better time. Out of the blue – last […] Read more »

Win a $15 Save-A-Lot Gift Card!

Good evening everyone! As stated in the title I am doing another fantastic giveaway. To me, there’s nothing like being able to share savings with others. Whether it be by way of words on the screen or physical savings—it doesn’t matter. Saving money is something that should be a top priority whenever you decide to spend your hard-earned money. No matter how big, or how small. That’s why I am giving one lucky person the chance to win a $15 gift card to Save-a-Lot food stores. I was really hoping to visit one of the stores close to me, but […] Read more »