Bad Things Happen and We Better be Prepared: How I Battled Cancer and Took Charge of Our Finances

On November 21, 2005, my life turned upside down. Just three and a half  months before that day I had given birth to my first and only child, my daughter Lily. My husband and I waited six years to start a family, planning so we would be ready.  But no matter how hard you try, sometimes all the planning in the world doesn’t prepare you for the unexpected. After Lily’s birth, my health started to fail. I finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma. I was told I had a mere 15 months to live […] Read more »

Complete Transformation: My Next Big Goal

Registration for the Twin Cities Marathon opened at 9:00am on Saturday, February 1st. I was sitting at my computer waiting for the link to go live, and I hit the final “submit” button at 9:09am. This will be my fourth marathon, but it will be unique. 2014 is going to be a year of transformation for myself. As of last Friday, we have completed our debt management program and $109,000 of credit card debt is gone. But that’s only the beginning, as we have other financial goals that we will accomplish this year. I want to extend that transformation to […] Read more »

In Finances, Fitness and Life, Together We Stand, Divided We Fail

Over the weekend Vonnie and I watched the movie “This is 40″ with a group of friends.   I won’t give away many of the details of the movie for those who haven’t seen it yet, but the plot revolves around the fact that the two main characters are about to reach that milestone age of 40. The movie focuses on the changes that go on in people’s lives as they move into middle age, and their reaction to those changes.  I cannot confirm or deny that both Vonnie and I may or may not be reaching this milestone age […] Read more »

Debt Freedom and Optimal Health is Ultimate Freedom!

I’M KICKING OBESITY’S ASS! Do you want to know how I feel RIGHT NOW? My idea of freedom has been elevated, expanded and has completely evolved into something I never expected. In other words, I thought debt freedom was total freedom but I’m blown away by the ultimate freedom I’m beginning to explore. If you thought I was some kind of freak before (about debt), now you’re going to think I’m a raging lunatic because the freedom I see before me has opened my eyes and has my undivided attention. In My World If you have debt and are not […] Read more »

Saving Money on Vegetarian Meals

Just about 4 years ago, I decided to become a vegetarian. I did it after reading a few books and having the vivid imagery stick with me.  My imagination started to get the best of me and before I knew it, meat was literally off the table. It’s been good not only for my health but for my family’s budget as well. There’s a reason that when people are trying to cut back on their grocery budget they opt to have meatless meals each week. Meat is expensive. But vegetarian meals, if not planned properly, don’t actually save money. In […] Read more »

Exercising Your Way Out of Debt

This is a guest post. Several years ago, I found myself in a position I had never before envisioned: in debt. A combination of student loans, frivolous spending habits, and a general cost of living that was difficult on my income all coalesced to drive my bills higher and higher. Unable to pay, I consolidated them and resolved to crack down and pay them back. And, for a while, I did: I lived a far more frugal lifestyle and began chipping away, slowly, at my debt. I had turned the corner. But being in debt is just as much a […] Read more »

Reach Your Goals by Aligning Your Actions With Those Goals

Last night I was taking a closer look at my goals and I realized something. My top two goals in 2011 are to lose weight and to save approximately $15,000 for our big emergency fund and a “newer” used car. As I was considering what I could do to make sure I do something every day that contributes to my success, I realized something. I have a blog, Enemy of Fat, just kind of hanging out in the enchanted land of blogger abandonment, all the while I’m writing for another blog I started called Inside C’ville. That blog does nothing […] Read more »

The Power of Momentum

This is a guest post written by Jesse from Personal Finance Firewall. For those of you that haven’t heard, Brad, a few other bloggers around here, and I joined a weight loss challenge back in May. The challenge was to lose as much weight as possible within a three month time span. The prize was great, and the excitement fueled us. Brad, along with every other member of the five man team, jumped right into the challenge and started pumping iron, playing hockey and hiking up was and still is an incredible group to be a part of. I […] Read more »

Using What I Have Learned About Becoming Debt Free To Lose Weight

Today is a big day for me. Today starts the beginning of a 3-month adventure that will hopefully turn into a lifetime of health and happiness. I just recently joined a team of five, four of the five being fellow bloggers, and we are trying to get our physical fitness under control the way we have our finances. The team of bloggers are Baker from Man Vs Debt, Paul from Fiscal Geek, Jessie from PF Firewall, and myself, and we are planning on winning the competition, which will pay the winning team $10,000!! I am excited! There is a fifth […] Read more »

When I’m Sick Of Being Fat, I’ll Lose Weight!

Hello everyone! Recently, I wrote a post titled When You’re Tired Of Being Broke, You’ll Start Saving. If you’ve been a subscriber for any time at all then you know I rarely beat around the bush. I am straight to the point and sometimes that comes off as mean to some. It’s not that I am mean, it’s that I believe that the truth shall set you free. I don’t think that leaving a trail of rose pedals to the bedroom, and dancing around the ugly truth, will help you solve anything. If you know what your situation really looks […] Read more »

My Mission Is To Be Debt Free And Fat Free

I Have Been Busy Hello everyone!  Sorry about the slow week, but I hope to make up for it this week.  I have been busy with other projects and was even able to take a trip down south to visit my sister and her beautiful children.  (I even had a little trampoline fun while I was there.) I have some updates for you.  Here’s what you can expect from Enemy Of Debt this week: Monday – I upgraded my car, and I am pretty excited to tell you about it.  Yep, the blue rocket has been retired, but for good […] Read more »