Debt Free For the Holidays

Today’s post is a guest post from Jefferson, who writes for the family finance site, See Debt Run. The site began as a place to chronicle a family’s journey out of debt, but has evolved into a place to discuss a whole spectrum of topics around family finance. They discuss everything from saving money on groceries, to how to teach your kids about money, to even how to find out if your co-workers are making more money than you. Last year at this time, my wife and I didn’t get each other anything for Christmas. We didn’t have to. We were […] Read more »

Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Day… (sigh) In modern times we celebrate this day by showing our love for one another. The original meaning of Valentine’s Day, however, was to honor Saint Valentine but the connection between that and what Valentine’s Day has become is a complete mystery. The connection is only found in folklore and legends but nothing concrete. Deemed by many as a “Hallmark Holiday”, Valentine’s Day has exploded into a mass marketing campaign  that has been accepted by society as the romantic holiday of love. This acceptance has people buying jewelry, expensive chocolate, plush teddy bears with hearts that sing songs, […] Read more »

5 Steps to Recover from Christmas Debt

Guest post by The Happy Rock.  The Happy Rock writes about personal finance at and dug himself out of over $70,000 a few years back.  The Happy Rock also created a debt snowball calculator to aid people in getting out of debt faster. As the hustle and joy of the holidays are fading and the realities of a New Year are setting in, leftover holiday debt can ruin the excitement of the New Year.   If you find yourself stuck in this situation, here are five tips that will help you dig out and loosen debt’s shackles. Come to Terms […] Read more »

American Consumers Dive 5.6 Billion Dollars Deeper in Credit Card Debt in One Month

While some of us were saying No to Restaurants in November it seems others were saying YES to binge shopping sprees financed by credit card debt. In an article sent to me by my friends over at Impulse Save, consumers racked up 5.6 billion dollars in credit card debt in November alone. Judging by the shape of the economy (specifically unemployment) one would expect these numbers to be down so this is an astonishing statistic. The Time Moneyland article also shared Federal Reserve data that shows consumer borrowing skyrocketed by 20.4 billion and is the highest month-over-month increase in the […] Read more »

Did You Get What You Wanted for Christmas?

  Photo Credit: Carolwrightgifts So, how was your Christmas? Mine was simply fabulous. In fact, it was the most enjoyable Christmas I’ve had in years, thanks for asking. What made this Christmas so different? Come with the spirit of Christmas past as we revisit the Pizel family holiday tour of 2011: First, we see a family of four sitting in their living room on Christmas morning. There aren’t as many presents under the tree as their had been in previous years, but the kids don’t seem to notice. Both children got several gifts that were at the top of their […] Read more »

12 Months of Christmas Debt (The Song)

On the first day of Christmas my habits gave to me: One Empty Wallet On the second day of Christmas my habits gave to me: Two-hundred Sales And one empty wallet. On the third day of Christmas my habits gave to me: Three Reasons to Shop Two-hundred Sales And One Empty Wallet. On the fourth day of Christmas my habits gave to me: Four Credit Offers Three Reasons to Shop Two-hundred Sales and One Empty Wallet. On the fifth day of Christmas my habits gave to me: Five New Credit Cards Four Credit Offers Three Reasons to Shop Two-hundred Sales […] Read more »

Under Pressure: Teaching Our Children a Lesson in Wants vs. Needs

“Mom, can I have a DS? Please! Everyone else has one.” I have heard this off and on for a couple years. My son really wants a Nintendo DS Handheld game system. He has asked for one for every holiday and birthday for years. I have been reluctant to purchase one for a few reasons. First, he doesn’t need it. He does have an older model Gameboy that was given to us for free. Second, I would rather he spend his time reading, playing outside, interacting with his family and using his imagination. Also, I just don’t have the money. However, […] Read more »

19 Important Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping on Black Friday

Hello all! Are you ready for Thanksgiving? If you’ve been a reader for more than a year you probably know I hate Black Friday. There are many reasons for this and I won’t go into it again but I really have a problem with what the Christmas season has become. Really what we have let it become but I digress. Gobble up your turkey and say bye to your family because you have early sales to hit up! (Yes, this is sarcasm.) This year I wanted to provide a checklist of questions to ask yourself to make sure you are […] Read more »

Santa Is a Waste Of Money

In a scene common to many American households during the holiday season, my kids sat at the kitchen table thumbing through a stack of Christmas toy magazines creating their Christmas wish lists. I smiled as I watched them, remembering doing the exact same thing when I was a kid.  I actually folded mine up, put it in an envelope and gave it to my parents to mail to Santa. Feeling their excitement as I walked towards the table, I overheard, “Oooh, I’ve never seen that before, that is SO cool! That’s definitely going on my list!” Suddenly having them go […] Read more »

The Perfect Father’s Day

The perfect Father’s Day could be so many different things to so many different dads. In a consumer-happy society, to me it seems that the real meaning of most holidays has been heavily diluted by the idea that, the more you spend the more you love someone. I reject that idea and have written about it as recently as Mother’s Day. An article I read inspired What Kind of Mother’s Day Gift Would You Prefer?, which really irritated me because it suggested that people in Oregon loved their moms more because they spent on average $137. Whooptie-freakin-doo right? Just like […] Read more »

Christmas is Coming, Will You Be Ready?

Here on Enemy of Debt, I have made it a point to get people to think ahead, especially when it comes to Christmas. In 2009, I challenged all of you to have a Debt free Christmas by preparing for it early instead of last minute. Today's post comes from Tyson Morgan and promotes the same idea of being prepared for something that happens every single year. Nope, Christmas is not an "emergency", although far too often, people are putting Christmas on plastic because they failed to properly plan for what's become a MONSTER CONSUMER HOLIDAY. I love sharing different perspectives from different writers, so I hope you enjoy today's post. Will you have a Debt free Christmas in 2011? Read more »

What Kind of Mother’s Day Gift Would You Prefer?

Photo Credit: Crystl Mother’s Day is almost upon us! I was going to save this post for Mother’s Day but instead decided to post it early out of curiosity. Plus, if there are any men out there waiting until the last minute, because that’s what men do, perhaps the comments alone could help them get their mother (and wife) that perfect gift to show their appreciation. After all, mothers are wonderful and highly under appreciated if you ask me. The question of the day is what’s the “perfect gift”? Mothers do lots of awesome things but the one thing that […] Read more »