Multiple Streams of Income- What is it and Why Do You Need it?

multiple streams of income

Did you know the average millionaire has 7 different streams of income?  According to most experts, making money through multiple streams of income is a huge factor in how financially successful you become. I’m a big believer in the concept.  In fact, the first time I heard about multiple income streams I was blown away by its obvious ability to build wealth and sustain it over the long term. Because it’s such a powerful concept, I thought I’d share it with you in today’s post! Multiple Streams of Income are the Key to Wealth Earning money from more than one source is […] Read more »

13 Essential Things You Must Do When You Lose Your Job

13 Essential Things You Must Do When You Lose Your Job

It stinks to lose your job!  Losing your job is one of those things that can completely upend your life, causing tremendous stress and a loss of confidence if you let it. Conversely, sudden unemployment can also be an opportunity for a new direction or a whole new career.  Either way, you have to take control over your situation if you want to move forward successfully. In this post I’ll show you 13 essential things you must do when you lose your job.  You’ll also discover some awesome resources that’ll help you find your next job or transition into a […] Read more »

I Got Promoted! Now, What Should We Do With My Salary Increase?

I’ve been very purposeful with my efforts over the last few years in my primary career as a software engineer. I’ve volunteered for roles, and taken advantage of opportunities that I felt would help further my career. Specifically, I’ve been aiming to be promoted to the next level. My efforts have finally come to fruition, as last Wednesday my manager informed me that I have been promoted. As you can imagine, I was extremely excited to hear the news that I have been promoted to Senior Software Engineer. My title promotion comes with a significant salary increase. Whenever our family’s […] Read more »

13 Ways You Can Save Money On A Low Income

save money low income limited income

I get a lot of questions from readers wanting to know how they can save money on a low income, so I thought I would write a post about some of the suggestions I’ve been giving out that can help you put money in the bank, even when you’re living on a limited income.  I’ve also included some great resources along with the suggestions that will help you get started putting money in the bank right now!   You Can Still Save Money On A Low Income When you’re living on a small income, it can be especially hard to […] Read more »

4 Ways To Make Money At Home

When I was in high school, I would boast that I was going to retire at age 26.  From that point on all I would do is go to my home office and say, “Buy!” or “Sell!” over the phone a few times each day.  I turned forty few months ago, and it’s painfully obvious that I haven’t reached that goal. Strange how life didn’t follow the twisted dream of a teenager. While I’ll likely never reach that goal of multiplying my millions by buying and selling stocks over the phone (who would use the phone for that these days […] Read more »

Using Ebay to Kill Debt

magic cards

[The following is a guest post from Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, where she covers spending, saving, and working in the fun stuff along the way.] My husband and I didn’t have much debt during or right after college, but we didn’t have much money either.  That meant that the one car payment we did have was extra annoying.  We had day jobs but we wanted to earn a little more to help pay down the car loan even faster.  That’s when we looked around and my husband realized that he had about 10,000 Magic: The Gathering cards […] Read more »

Need to Make Extra Money? Try Freelancing

Need to make some extra money?  Whether you need money to meet a savings goal, pay off some debt, or just make ends meet in tough times, freelancing is an excellent way to make money using skills you already have.   What is Freelancing So what is freelancing? Freelancing is simply hiring out your skills for use outside of your normal job. Once upon a time (in the prehistoric days before the internet) it could be much harder to make money freelancing because there were only so many people you could connect with who needed your skills and knew you […] Read more »

Cookies, A Robbery, and Wings: The Life Of A Mystery Shopper

The concept of mystery shopping has been around for awhile. Mystery shoppers go into stores, posing as real customers, and then write up an evaluation of their experience in exchange for a small payment. I started mystery shopping a few years ago primarily as a way to earn a little extra cash. But over time, it has grown to be much more than that. Did you know that mystery shopping can be used to accomplish tasks you wouldn’t have normally? Did you know mystery shopping can help improve your marriage? Did you know it can even add some excitement to […] Read more »

The Financial Pothole: Temporary Tax Cuts

In the opening days of 2013 congress pushed through legislation to avoid the so called “fiscal cliff” preventing the taxes of the vast majority of Americans from going up, and automatic massive spending cuts  from kicking in. The news wasn’t all good, however, as the payroll tax decrease was not extended. This means everyone’s paychecks would be reduced by 2% effective immediately. This is a double whammy for me, as it most likely is with many people, since the first of the year is also when the new rates for my medical insurance kicks in. I received my first pay […] Read more »

The $100 Extra Income Challenge

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’ve already thought about what you want to accomplish in 2012 with your finances. Are you going to get out of debt in 2012? Regardless of what your financial goals are for this year I want to kick things off with a challenge. When it comes to managing money successfully people have more excuses than they have solutions. Whether it be saving for a rainy day, paying off debt or building retirement there’s always an excuse as to why we can’t do this or that. Usually those excuses have to do with income so […] Read more »