My Journey to Financial Freedom | Part 1: The Fall

This is a guest post by my “virtual” friend Dena from Evolution You. I have admired her work for some time now, and am happy to be able to share this post with you here on EOD. It is truly inspirational! Be sure to subscribe to Evolution You so you can receive her awesome updates each week. Enjoy! Three years ago, I was nearly $60,000 in debt. I had a Bachelor’s degree that didn’t appear to be worth its weight in salt and a job that couldn’t cover a fraction of my monthly bills. I was terrified. Today, I am […] Read more »

I Love You…Like A Blogger – Top 10 Referring Blogs Edition

Hello, and welcome to Enemy of Debt. I just want to let you know that if there is any topic you want to see covered on this series please leave your thoughts in the comments section. I will do my very best to find 10 of the best posts on that topic. Now for a quick recap. This was a pretty good week for me. 😉 My Guest post on The Centsible Life – 7 Habits to Highly Effective Budgeting – appeared in the Wisebread roundup. 🙂 Manage Your Money Week 2: Teamwork, Accountability, and Kids Great Financial Advice From […] Read more »

Manage Your Money Week 2 – Teamwork, Accountability, and Kids

WOW! Out of the 44 that signed up, only 12 showed up, leaving 32 people MIA. That’s alright though, there is still a chance to redeem yourself. Don’t give up before you even start! How are you going to change things if you don’t do the work? I know it’s hard! I know you’re scared! I know you’re intimidated! But you have to make some changes, and you may as well start now. You are still welcome, and can win some prizes. Make the changes now! To the ones that showed up, and blew me away with their honesty and […] Read more »

I Love You…Like A Blogger – Yakezie Edition

Welcome, and Happy Sunday! Consider this new series to be a “best of” carnival of sorts. Every time I post the I Love You…Like a Blogger series, I will include the best 10 articles I read during the week. This week, I have decided to focus on blogs participating in the Yakezie Challenge. I am looking into having this become a regular weekly carnival, but we’ll see how things shape up! 😀 Yakezie Edition Some of you may know about the Yakezie Challenge, which was started by Sam from Financial Samurai, but for those that have not, it’s basically a […] Read more »

I Love You…Like A Blogger!

Welcome to my new roundup series here on Enemy of Debt. For almost a year now, I have been looking for a great name for sharing the vast amount of awesome personal finance articles floating around out there. I have finally done it. People like to say, “I love you…like a brother”, so I thought it would be perfect to say, “I Love You…Like A Blogger”. Bloggers have a unique relationship with each other that at times, to me, seems stronger than even some of my closest relationships. Most of us have never even met each other, yet we are […] Read more »

Weekend Review: Save-A-Lot Edition

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend so far. Below you will find out how Julie’s shopping experience at Save-A-Lot went. It sounds like she did save a lot! Also I have put together some links from other bloggers that I have enjoyed this past week. Please enjoy and have a great rest of the weekend! From Julie: (The winner of the $15 Save-A-Lot gift card and EOD T-Shirt) Just wanted to give you an update of my Save a Lot experience. Could not have come in at a better time. Out of the blue – last […] Read more »

5 Simple Ways To Pay Down Your Credit Card Bills Faster – Entirely On Your Own

Hello everyone! As you know I am still on vacation, but wanted to still give you something to chew on for the week. Kris who writes for, submitted this guest post, and although he and I disagree on debt consolidation, we both agree that becoming and staying debt free is a good thing. I also try not to flush people out just because I disagree with them on a few issues, as I feel that there is most of the time something of value to be heard. For the most part, I think Kris has given some good advice. […] Read more »

My Debt Free Manifesto

Do You Like Pie As Much As I Like Pie? Over at Enemy of Debt, I am constantly going on and on about how debt freedom is this and debt freedom is that, but I thought it was about time I created an official manifesto to reveal the true source of my passion. As soon as we paid off our very first debt we felt a sense of what becoming debt free was going to be like. It was just a small bite, but isn’t it true—even if you have just a small piece of any pie, you know exactly […] Read more »

Weekly Roundup – “Fall Hiking” Edition

Have I told you how much I love hiking? Have I told you how much I love hiking in the Fall? It’s the most beautiful time to hike because of all the pretty colors.  I go hiking very often and being that I live near so many hiking trails and mountains, I have plenty to choose from.  Gone hiking lately? Articles I Enjoyed This Week Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps: A Real Path to Family Financial Freedom – Written by Dustin at Engaged Marriage. Friday Financial Foul Ups: Being Too Eager to “Move Out and Move Up” Kept Me In Debt […] Read more »

Weekend Round-Up: “Brain Candy For Your Life” Halloween Edition

Posts I Enjoyed This Week Fight Fair! 6 Simple Conflict Resolution Skills for Your Marriage was  written by Dustin from Engaged Marriage.  You might be thinking—what does this have to do with money?  Try becoming debt free with a spouse that you can’t communicate with.  Teamwork is important and good communication leads the team. The Entrepreneur’s Seven Priorities for a Successful First Year posted by Jeff from My Super Charged Life.  I have highlighted some of Jeff’s articles before.  His site is filled with helpful information to help you grow.  I liked this article because it is said that the […] Read more »

Minimalism: “Do Not Spoil What You Have, By Desiring What You Have Not”

This is a guest post by David from Life Excursion and the newly founded The Minimalist Path. I am sorry to say, but I am not here to bring you the best and brightest make-a-million-dollars-in-the-next-hour-and-never-worry-about-budgeting-again article. What I am here to tell you is that if you are looking for a kick-start way to bring about a lifestyle that allows you to be a full force enemy of debt, I may be able to help. I have been a big fan of Brad and Enemy of Debt for a couple months. He has helped me financially in ways he doesn’t […] Read more »

Self-Reliance: A Thing Of The Past, Or A New Frontier?

As my readers know I am pretty big on personal responsibility. By staying away from the blame game that keeps us static, we should tap into our own abilities to resolve the most complex of problems.  I believe that we have within us a tremendous ability to make things happen for ourselves. Today, there seems to be a growing effort to stifle those abilities, and I believe that is a big mistake. We have gone from a country of creativity and ingenuity to what seems to be one of entitlements and dependence. I am very happy to announce that I […] Read more »

Alleviate The Anguish Of Debt – Commit Yourself To A Frugal Lifestyle

This is a guest post from my good friend Clair Schwan from Frugal Living Freedom.  I hope you enjoy it and please go over to his site and check out all of the great information he has worked hard to provide you. ENJOY! If you’re in need of help with your debt, you’ll likely need help with your approach to living as well. Debt doesn’t sneak up on us and capture us one day. It slowly creeps into our lives because we allow it to happen. Quite often our lifestyle has encouraged it, condoned it and promoted it. We are […] Read more »

David Versus Goliath A.K.A. DEBT

This is a guest post by David from  For those of you who want to read about multiple topics, check out his blogging schedule below.  You can also subscribe to his feed here. Monday – Finance, Tuesday – Health, Wednesday – Minimalism, Thursday – Organization, Friday – Reviews (EOD review to come David?) 😀 The moral of his story is that you can kill the beast, you just have to DO IT! Enjoy! David Versus Goliath A.K.A. DEBT Like many of you, I have encountered the demon in the valley. It’s faceless, but we often can’t gain the courage […] Read more »