David Versus Goliath A.K.A. DEBT

This is a guest post by David from LifeExcursion.com. For those of you who want to read about multiple topics, check out his blogging schedule below. You can also subscribe to his feed here. Monday – Finance, Tuesday – Health, Wednesday – Minimalism, Thursday – Organization, Friday – Reviews (EOD review to come David?) 😀 The moral of his story is that you can kill the beast, you just have to DO IT! Enjoy! David Versus Goliath A.K.A. DEBT Like many of you, I have encountered the demon in the valley. It’s faceless, but we often can’t gain the courage […] Read more »

Debt Free Friday Presents: A Total Money Makeover Success Story

This is a very special guest post from Michael Sitarzewski, who in September of 2007, became debt free using Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. I found his post in a tweet on Twitter, and after reading it, asked if I could share his story with all of you. You can connect with him by visiting msitarzewski.com. I hope his story motivates and inspires all of you to think BIG! If he can do it, why can’t you? 50K in less than a year!! WOW! How We Got Out Of Debt: From $50k To $0 In Less Than A Year Posted […] Read more »

Week In Review: Best Of My RSS Feed Edition

These articles are some of my favorites from blogs I follow via RSS Feed. I really could have added another five articles but didn’t want to cause a brain overload. After all it is Friday! Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend! Oh yeah, you’ll notice I finally was able to “left-align” my sidebars and comments section. You’ll also notice that it caused my navigation bar to left align. Ugh! Web Design will likely be my next class in the cross hairs. Money Help For Christians presents Debt: Upside Down And Backwards. You can find a guest post over at Debt […] Read more »

Is It A Boy Or A Girl?

That Is The Question! I have not announced this here on EOD yet, but thought that today would be the best time to do so. Alana and I are having another baby, due to arrive on October 26th to be exact. I am very excited about this and today we find out whether we are having a boy or a girl. I LOVE BEING A DAD, it is the best gift EVER! What Do I Hope We Are Having? Honestly it really doesn’t matter to me. Either way I will be excited just the same. I do hope that my […] Read more »

An Inconvenient Myth: The Marketing Effect

  This is a guest post by, well…we’ll just call him Mr. Joe for privacy reasons. Mr. Joe is a jack-of-all-trades, and writing happens to be one of the many. He’s been my mentor, and a very influential part of who I have become over the last 5 or so years. When he asked me if he could write a guest post for EOD, I was honored, and considered it a privilege. Perhaps after reading this you will want to see more from Mr. Joe, because it is indeed a wonderful piece. De-mythologizing the Language of Debt You can use […] Read more »

Getting Behind On Stuff

I was really hoping to be able to write a blog today. Normally, or at least since my 5 minutes of blogging fame, I would have already written my articles for up to two days in advance. However, other things have been keeping my busy. Last week we had family in from Florida, last night we went to a wedding, and today I was busy fighting weeds in my back yard with a weed eater, as well as finishing the installation of our floor upstairs. We are in the process of remodeling our house and getting rid of stuff that […] Read more »

Debt Free Addicts Anonymous #1: Super Savings Edition

6 Saving Money Articles To Help You Get Financially Fit! My number one goal here at EOD is to empower you when it comes to your finances. When you have knowledge, you have control! With that said, my plan is to give you some extra nutrition for your financial diet, from a variety of sources. Let’s face it, there are tons of great PF bloggers out there that you can benefit from, so go check them out, and learn as much as you can to help you in your new journey to financial fitness! Now go get some knowledge! Saving […] Read more »

Jackbox Party Packs: Hours of Inexpensive Entertainment For Your Next Party

Author’s Note: It’s worth it to me to make sure readers understand this is not a sponsored post. This is my own true experience, and I’m sharing this product purely because the games are truly a ton of fun and provide hours of quality, inexpensive party entertainment. “Do you really want to play this game?” I asked my wife, knowing that I was about to give her one of her Christmas gifts a full month early. We had a house full of guests for Thanksgiving, and my wife wanted to play a game called Fibbage which is included in a […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 6/7

We’re rolling up on another weekend, EOD Nation! My neighbors have twin girls graduating from high school this year, and their graduation party is tomorrow. They’re doing brunch for food, and asked if I would make omelets for their guests using a propane fueled flattop in their garage. Cooking omelets on a flattop outside? That’s an emphatic “YES” for me. Can’t wait! Fist pump for omelets and my favorite posts of the week! Posts That Make Me Fist Pump Tipping On Carryout Orders – Yay Or Nay? from Money Beagle How to Sell Your Old Mobile Devices for Cash from […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 3/31

Greetings from the road, EOD Nation! My family and I are driving to Florida for a vacation, and are spending the night in Birmingham, Alabama. We found a great deal on a hotel room tonight. The room has 2 bedrooms, a living room area and a kitchenette. The hotel served a full meal and drinks for a guest reception, and they serve breakfast in the morning. That’s a huge hotel room and two meals for our group of 5 (my son brought a friend with) for $150. Get your fists up for great accommodations AND my favorite posts of the […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 7/1

Happy 4th of July weekend, EOD Nation! We don’t have any big plans for the weekend, although I definitely plan on firing up my grill to make some delicious food, and because……’Murica. My son also has a friend coming to visit, so we’ll have a house guest for the week. My wife and I instantly feel the need to start planning activities, but the look in our son’s eyes as we started discussing was priceless. He wanted to hang out with his friend….not his friend and his parents Time for us to take a step back. LOL. Get your fists […] Read more »

My Favorite Part Of Having Control Of My Finances

One of the most common questions asked of people going through the process of paying off a mountain of debt is what they will do with the extra money each month once the debt is paid off. Another similar, but slightly different question is to describe how life is different now that the debt has been paid off. I’ve been asked these questions countless times. It’s easy to give the standard answers of build a larger emergency fund, invest more, or save for the kids’ college. I’ve given all those answers. There’s certainly nothing wrong them, as they’re the answers […] Read more »

I Love you Like A Blogger Roundup – 9/12

We’ve had some house guests this week, my parents on Tuesday night, and some friends of ours from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area Wednesday and Thursday night. Since my city, Rochester, MN, is the home of the Mayo Clinic we offer up our home as a place to stay when friends and family are referred there for tests. While the circumstances for seeing people isn’t always the best, we’re always happy to spend time with loved ones, and take a bit of stress off of their need to come to town. I’ve been enjoying the heck out of the cooler temps […] Read more »

5 Simple Steps to Start Getting Out of Debt Right Now

get out of debt steps how to

Have you ever tried to get out of debt but just didn’t know where to start? I think most anybody who’s attempted to get out of debt has experienced that feeling at some point. You have decided you’re no longer comfortable with your debt load, and now it’s time to do something about it, but you’re just not sure what to do. So how do you get started? You can start by taking some small, easy steps to set yourself up for success. In this post I’ll show you the best small steps you can take right now to get […] Read more »