7 Awesome Ways to Accelerate Your Savings and Build Wealth

Seven Awesome Ways to Accelerate Savings and Build Wealth

Most Americans are saving very little money, if any at all.  I know my savings have been harder to come by in recent years. Over the last few years my income was cut almost in half due to several factors.  On top of that, we were also paying cash for my wife’s bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Things got pretty tight there for a while. Saving money was not an easy thing to do, but we did manage to save a little periodically even though we were under the gun financially. Now my income is now returning to a much more […] Read more »

Bad Debt Collectors and What You Can Do About Them

bad debt collectors collections

Dealing with bad debt is no fun. Dealing with a bad debt collector can be downright terrifying. When you have a bad debt that has gone to a collection agency it can be very easy to want to avoid the pain of the situation or even totally ignore it when you know you can’t possibly pay it.  That’s why some collectors of overdue debt will do everything they can to get your attention, even if it’s illegal. Most debt collection agencies are legit and strictly follow the rules set forth by the FTC  (Federal Trade Commission). However, there are plenty […] Read more »

7 Ways You Can Stay Motivated to Get Out of Debt

7 ways to stay motivated to get out of debt resources

Over the years I’ve seen plenty of people get motivated to get out of debt, but they never end up following through with the process.  They are usually pretty fired up about getting out of debt and start out very motivated.  But not long after they start the process, their energy flags and it’s not long before they lose their motivation. I’ve seen a lot of other people make decent progress in paying down debt, but for whatever reason, they end up losing their focus and go back to their old habits, never finishing the get out of debt process.   How to […] Read more »

“I Don’t Have Time” and Other Budgeting Excuses You Can Fix Right Now

budget budgeting excuses fix tips

I’ve been recommending doing a written monthly budget for many years now.  That’s not gonna change any time soon. Today I’ll cover what are probably the most common excuses for not making a budget.  I’ll give you tips on how to overcome those excuses, and provide you with a load of killer resources at the end to help get you moving forward.   Everybody Has a Budgeting Excuse Doing a consistent, written budget is the best thing you can do to start getting your finances under control.  When you start this valuable habit and stick to it, you’ll stop living […] Read more »

My New “Celebrating Financial Freedom” Course!

Celebrating financial freedom online get out of debt course

If you’ve been following my posts here on EOD for a while now, you may know that I offer a popular Christian get out of debt course that I’ve taught at various venues over the years. The course has always been offered in a physical version with a workbook and CD’s. I’ve been asked many times if I have the course available in an online format, and I’ve always had to say “no”. But not anymore. You Can Win Access to the Course for Free!  (Continue Reading)   You Asked, I’m Making it Happen Over the last few months, I’ve […] Read more »

Pay Off Debt Faster by Using the Right Financial Tools

How many of you have a plan you consistently follow each month to pay off debt? Based on my own experience (before my wife and I got our financial heads together), I’d guess that many of you do not. I know the drill. You pay off a little debt here and a little debt there but it’s random and not based on any kind of written (or visual) plan. You make some progress and take a few steps forward but then suddenly find yourself taking a few more steps back. Some of you may even be paying just the minimum […] Read more »

End of the Year Inspiration for a Successful 2012

Generally I publish an end of year glance at the passing year as well as offer up my goals for the new year. Today I’m going to do something different. If you are looking for a great year in review post Ashley shared her goals for 2012 a few days ago. I didn’t want to be redundant so I wanted to add to what she put together by inspiring you to really think about what you want your 2012 to look like. This inspiration is as much for me as it is for you, because let’s face it, most of […] Read more »

Are You Taking Advantage of Free Financial Information Online?

Since you’re sitting there reading up on a financial blog I’ll assume you know a little bit about finding free information and advice on the web. But the amount of ostensibly clueless investors and financial irresponsible individuals in this world doesn’t seem to add up to the amount of awesome information that exists for free out there on the web. In addition, it certainly doesn’t make much sense how much money people spend on this very same knowledge through seminars, books, and one-on-one consultations. To put it bluntly, it’s ridiculous. If you ever want to become truly financially independent, you […] Read more »

Paper or Plastic: Taking a Family Vacation without Credit Cards

If you are like most American families, with the stagnant recession, escalating gas prices, and unstable job market, you’ve chosen to forgo vacations for in-home activities. Believe it or not, there is a way to stick to a no-credit card spending mentality, and still provide a wonderful family vacation to your family. Because booking hotel, airplane, and car rentals often request a credit card as payment, it takes a little more creativity to make a family vacation possible with using plastic. Sometimes, it might involve using family and friends who still use credit cards. Do not hesitate to give close […] Read more »

Save Money and Energy and Pay Off Debt

Are you paying too much on your energy bills? Compare energy prices online now and you might just find a way to give a welcome boost to your summer budget. Energy saving ad campaigns are everywhere at the moment – on TV, the radio, the internet, on billboards – but many people are still unaware of the importance of cutting back, not just for the planet, but for your finances. Energy saving habits like switching the light off every time you leave a room can save you hundreds over the course of a year. Surely, there is nobody out there […] Read more »

The Super-Charged Guide to Financial Freedom Review

How do you increase the likelihood of you completing your financial resolutions? Reading! That’s right! Reading a book, or books related to the goals you want to accomplish increases the chance that you will succeed. That’s not to say you’ll accomplish what you set out to accomplish by simply reading a book. The book acts as a resource to teach you new ideas, but it also helps you stay motivated with your “eye on the prize!” Depending on your goal, it may take more than one book to help you cross the finish line. I read The Total Money Makeover […] Read more »

Bloggers: The Frugal Premium WordPress Theme is 30% Off!

For some, this review won’t mean much, but to those of you who operate a blog, this premium WordPress theme is absolutely awesome. Not only is it the most comprehensive, user-friendly theme for WordPress I have found, it was developed by Eric Hamm of Charlottesville. (where I live) Anyone familiar with WordPress, knows that the theme you choose is absolutely key. Some themes do this, some themes do that, and if you want them to do anything special you have to know css and php code, and where to insert it to make it happen. Learning code is the equivalent […] Read more »

Tuesday Top 5 Roundup: Government Lies, Creative Accounting, & Who You Know

Photo Credit: Fovea Centralis Live and Learn: 5 Tips to Make Your Kids Financially Smarter – Currency (written by Len Penzo)  This is my VERY FAVORITE article! Great one Len! Married Money Management Step 4: Pay Off Your Debt (Damn It!) – Engaged Marriage Dustin and I go way back, and one of the reasons why is because this dude has some passion. You can guarantee that if you are reading a post he has written you are definitely getting fired up about it. Marriage is his forte, but as you will see, personal finance is no stranger to him. […] Read more »

It’s True, I Get Paid to Write for American Express

American Express? Yep, You Read That Correctly I was recently contacted by someone who wanted to know if I would be interested in getting paid to write articles geared towards helping young people become more financially responsible. I responded with interest and wanted to know more. When I found out that the new site called CURRENCY, was being developed by American Express and Federated Media, I chuckled at the irony, but the timing couldn’t have been better. Currency Launched on Tuesday. Here are two of my published articles: Looking for a Job? Get Creative Going Back to School? Don’t Ruin […] Read more »