Save Money With The PetSmart PetPerks Program

This post is for every pet owner that has ever calculated how much they spend caring for their furry family member, and shook their head in disbelief. We love our pets, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look for ways to bring down the cost of what we need to keep them in tip top shape. PetPerks, a rewards type membership by PetSmart might be able to help you do just that. I normally buy my cat food at Walmart since 95% of the items on my grocery and household goods grocery list are cheaper there. But on this particular […] Read more »

Save Money Dining Out With This Simple Game

If you like to save money, and you have a competitive soul, I’ve got the perfect game for you. Dining out usually raises red flags of potentially wasting money for me, but sometimes it is nice to just go out and have someone else do the cooking for me. There’s endless ways to keep down the cost of dining out, such as splitting a meal, eating appetizers, drinking only water, but here’s a new one for you: save money on dining out by making a game out of it. My wife and I trying to figure out which restaurant to […] Read more »

Save Money Socializing With A Fire

The common anti-debt stance on spending money is if you’re in debt, you shouldn’t be spending money on frivolous things. How dare you have cable if you still owe on your car? It’s a fairly hard stance many personal finance gurus take, that’s not necessarily all that realistic. For example, cutting out all socializing and discretionary fun when you’re in debt may help you pay down the debt faster, but may not exactly lead to a high quality existence. I like to take a more middle ground approach. Make consistent and steady progress towards your financial goals, and have a […] Read more »

Should You Repair Your Car or Replace it? How to Know for Sure

Should You Repair Your Car or Replace it? How to Know for Sure

If you’re a car owner, at some point you’ve probably been faced with the gut wrenching decision of whether to repair your car or replace it.  It’s rarely an easy decision to make.  Repairing vs. replacing your car can have huge financial consequences that last months or even years. In today’s article I’ll show you what you need to consider when deciding to repair your car or replace it .  It’s usually not a clear-cut decision, but when you’re armed with the right knowledge, figuring out a game plan is much easier.   Repair Your Car or Replace it ? […] Read more »

The Ship To Store Loophole: Save Money AND Get Your Purchase Immediately!

The rise of online shopping has introduced consumers to a level of convenience never seen before. A person can sit in front of their computer and comparison shop, order the product of their desire at the best possible price, and simply wait for it to show up on their doorstep. But sometimes waiting for the product to arrive, even if it’s only a day, isn’t possible. Sometimes it’s needed immediately. There’s a simple online loophole you can take advantage of that allows consumers to get the best possible price and still get the object the same day. I call it […] Read more »

3 Ways To Protect Yourself When Returning Items Through The Mail

How much do you trust the postal system, or any package delivery service? If you’re sending something of importance to another party, how much do you trust that they will acknowledge they received it? Maybe we’re all just a little too trusting. When my wife gets a new mobile phone, she always buys a specific screen protector to protect the screen. If you’re screen doesn’t work, your phone is useless. Since screens are expensive to replace, the $40 product, which comes with a lifetime warranty, seems like a good idea. This type of screen protector does it’s job well, however […] Read more »

Unlimited Cell Phone Data Plans Are Not Always The Best Choice

Unlimited data plans are all the new rage with cell phone companies, promising to save you big money compared to paying overages on your current data plan.  Mobile phone users that don’t constantly evaluate new plan offerings could miss out big.  For example, a few years ago when we added my wife’s parents to our plan, they went from having limited minutes and texting, and no data to unlimited calling and texting and a 30GB data plan, for HALF the cost.   Wondering if AT&T’s new unlimited data plan would be one of those natural progressions of service that we […] Read more »

4 Tips To Get Cheap Airline Tickets

My son is planning to fly to Texas twice within a 4 week period later this spring. He wants to go once to attend a video game tournament in Auxtin, and again a few weeks later as he was asked to prom by one of his friends who lives in Houston. I used the word, “planning,” because he has some work to do in determining whether he can really afford it (he has to pay for it himself). The price of his airline tickets will be the largest determining factor in whether he can do both trips or not. Fortunately, […] Read more »

Save Money On Your Home Improvement Projects With The Sherwin-Williams Paint Perks Program

When the cashier asked if I wanted to join their rewards program, I agreed and filled out the short form.  But I wondered if it was really going to benefit me, or if it would simply add to my email inbox clutter. But joining the Sherwin-Williams Preferred Customer Paint Perks program was about to save me big on my latest home improvement project. I was beginning a project to give my son’s bedroom a new look, starting with a fresh coat of paint. I had seen a color I liked at a restaurant, and ended up getting the name of […] Read more »

A Frugal Fun Spa Night For Teens

If you are or have been the parent of a teenager, you know they love to hang out with their friends, but finding new, fun and exciting things to do is sometimes a challenge. My daughter enjoys having her friends come to our home, but she’s constantly worried that they always do the same thing and tries to come up with ways to make each get together unique. Whenever possible, my wife and I try to find inexpensive ways to help her out and this weekend we had the opportunity to make a sleep over with her friends a night […] Read more »

Subway Is Paying For My Lunch For The Next Few Weeks

It was a great feeling knowing I was about to save some money. That was the thought going through my mind as I paid may bill at Subway over the weekend. Saturday Subway for lunch is a tradition in my family, and I’ll be getting a free sub every time I go to Subway for the next few weeks, until the current promotion ends. The Promotion Subway is running a promotion in which customer’s get a free six inch sub sandwich if a $20 gift card is purchased. The cool part of the promotion is that the customer can get […] Read more »

How Costco Can Save You Money On Gasoline Even If You’re Not A Member

One of the selling points of a Costco membership is that members can fill up their tanks for less at Costco. People shell out their $55 membership fee believing they’ll make up the fee simply by buying gas at Costco. The good news for people not interested in a Costco membership is they can take advantage of Costco gasoline prices without even being a member. Over the weekend I discovered something I’ve coined, “The Costco Effect.” My gas gauge was hovering just above ‘E,’ and I was looking to fill up. I checked prices on my way to the gym […] Read more »

Are You Wasting Money By Changing Your Oil Too Often?

For my entire adult life, I’ve had the oil changed in my vehicles every 3,000 miles (or relatively close to that) just as my father had taught me when I was a teenager. In recent years, I had read articles online that suggested this paradigm was out of date but didn’t think much of it. I assumed since the employees at the oil change service stations kept slapping the sticker on my windshield reminding me to change my oil every 3000 miles, I’d better do it. That all changed when we bought our current mini-van a few years ago, and […] Read more »

Is Bed, Bath, And Beyond Getting Rid Of Their 20% Off Coupons?

I have a lot of love for Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They’ve reduced the price of a large purchase just because we asked, they have a gift wrapping center, and they give out 20% off coupons like candy on Halloween. So my ears perked up when I saw a story on the news this week that stated Bed, Bath, and Beyond is thinking of discontinuing the 20% coupons. No more blue 20% off coupons in my mailbox? Bed, Bath and Beyond is contemplating discontinuing the well known coupons with a loyalty program. For a yearly membership fee of $29, members […] Read more »