3 Email Scams To Be Aware Of

If you have an email account, you’ve received spam. We’ve grown accustomed to hearing from our good friend the Nigerian Prince that wants to give us millions of dollars if we’d just give them some personal information, or wire a few hundred dollars to get the process started. We know it’s a scam, and we know to just hit the delete button. Unfortunately, scammers are getting more sophisticated in their attempts to separate us from our hard earned cash, or to siphon personal information from us in order to steal our identity. Here are a couple of scam emails I’ve […] Read more »

Sex Sells, But I’m Not Buying

I had a couple of hours to kill after dropping my son and his friends off at a concert venue, so I headed to a nearby mall to complete a few errands, and then find a place to sit with my laptop. As I explored the mall, I walked by a kiosk a number of times, where several people were engaging passers-by to sample whatever they were selling. The first time I walked by, a man asked if I wanted a free sample. I just shook my head and kept walking. The second time a woman stretched her arm out […] Read more »

Travel Hacking with Credit Cards is a Dangerous Trap

Here he goes again. That crazy Steve Stewart is about to start a ruckus and make people get very angry by telling it like it is. You see, I’m the killjoy that’s about to take away all your fun. I’m the grandpa who isn’t into “hip” things. I’m the old man who says you should do things the old-fashioned way. But I’m going to speak the truth, and the truth can set you free (debt free, that is):   Travel Hacking with credit cards is a dangerous trap Travel hacking has been around for years, but it is growing in […] Read more »

Bad Debt Collectors and What You Can Do About Them

bad debt collectors collections

Dealing with bad debt is no fun. Dealing with a bad debt collector can be downright terrifying. When you have a bad debt that has gone to a collection agency it can be very easy to want to avoid the pain of the situation or even totally ignore it when you know you can’t possibly pay it.  That’s why some collectors of overdue debt will do everything they can to get your attention, even if it’s illegal. Most debt collection agencies are legit and strictly follow the rules set forth by the FTC  (Federal Trade Commission). However, there are plenty […] Read more »

How Much Does It Cost Businesses To Allow Credit and Debit Card Payments?

Imagine going through a fast food drive through, and seeing a sign stating that you will be charged a service fee for each order. If that wasn’t odd enough, the sign goes on to say that your $0.39 will be refunded if you pay with credit card, cash, or gift card. That’s exactly what a long time EOD reader reported to me via email recently, and after some internet searching I found that a company that owns 20 Taco Bell and KFC restaurants across the Midwest has indeed implemented this policy. If you were reading carefully, you should have come […] Read more »

“You Know You’re Broke If… “- 50 Ways to Know if You’re Light in the Wallet

You Know You're Broke If...

If you’re broke, well, you probably know you’re broke.  Most of the time nobody has to tell you.  Even so, today I thought it would be fun to inform those who may be a little unsure by taking a look at the lighter side of being light in the wallet. So I made a list of 50 ways you know you’re broke. Because sometimes talking about money can be boring and you just gotta have a little fun!   You Know You’re Broke If… …Your latte’ bill is as vente’ as your car payment. …You comfort yourself by saying “Mo’ […] Read more »

Uncovering a Scam That Saved Us $1700!

As most of you know, we are selling our house. We are looking to become completely debt free and cannot wait to rid ourselves of this tremendous burden. With that said we are also looking for that one of a kind rental deal that pops up from time to time. There are special circumstances everywhere where people are looking for someone to care for their house in exchange for cheaper rent. We are aiming for rent between $800-$1000 per month. We responded to this ad: We have learned that when things sound too good to be true, they usually are, […] Read more »

Top Ten DUMBEST Reasons To Get A Pay Day Loan!

WARNING: The list below has been known to cause delusional thoughts and irrational behavior. If what you are about to read sounds like a good plan, you have been hypnotized and must vacate immediately.  You are in DANGER!  If you want to know what using a pay day loan company feels like, go donate ALL of your blood.  It’s the same thing.  You won’t be doing much with what’s left!  To weaken the effects, complete this exercise immediately! The following was said to be the Top 10 Best Reasons To Get A Pay Day Loan.  Some of them are considered, […] Read more »

Just Say NO To Debt CONsolidation!

Once a month I may get something from a company that wants to partner with Enemy of Debt in some way. The one I received today was a little different but not really.  She claimed to read a blog of mine, but maybe she needed to read more of them before contacting me.  Her company was nothing more than a debt CONsolidation and negotiation company.  My response was respectful, but to the point. The OFFER: Hi! I was checking out an article called “I Hate Debt, What About You” on your site www.enemyofdebt.com, and was thinking that I have a […] Read more »

A Gentle Scream!

  How can a scream be gentle? Debt CONsolidation is a CON.  It’s what normal people do and normal people are broke.  normal people do it because they are conned into believing that it will solve all their problems.  If saving interest on a few STUPID debts and giving it to the broke guy conning you, is your idea of fixing your problems, then consider being weird for a moment. Why pay someone to cut you? Paying someone to “work out your life” is not what you need.  All you are doing is moving your debt, that’s it.  There’s not […] Read more »

Is It Really EASY Money?

Do people really think this is “EASY” money? Can you say OXYMORON? Good because money isn’t easy, and there is certainly nothing easy about paying more than 500% annually for a loan that will most likely amplify the problem instead of fix it. Have you ever considered getting a Payday loan? Every day many people find themselves in a position where they feel that a Payday loan is the only answer. I have been very lucky in this regard and have never followed through with one. I did consider one when I was younger but I caved at the end […] Read more »