4 Things To Check When Returning Items

I do it whenever I return something to a store, and this situation was no different. The cashier requested I sign a slip of paper to authorize the return of funds to my debit card, which I did without even giving half a glance to the return receipt. She handed me my copy, and I was out the door. I had no idea how that lack of attention to detail would affect me just a short while later. I was returning some large candles my wife had purchased through the retailer’s website. The cashier scanned my receipt, scanned each candle […] Read more »

There’s Always Another Sale

For all my ranting about sleeping in again on Black Friday, this year I found myself almost being sucked into it’s mystique. I didn’t go out into the craziness of brick and mortar store shopping, but I was looking at the Black Friday laptop sales at a major electronics retailer. I almost spent hundreds of dollars on something I didn’t want. Almost. My daughter’s laptop, purchased 4 years ago, had been a Black Friday door buster that we were able to buy hours after all the insanity of the morning shopping had subsided. It’s performance doesn’t impress a now 15 […] Read more »

3 Rules You MUST Follow When Shopping

I love lists. I mean, I really really love lists. Especially when shopping. To me, going shopping is like a military mission. I have my orders…I mean my list, I get in, fulfill my orders, and get out as quickly as possible. Having a list has several advantages: It keeps me on track. I know what I’m supposed to buy and give me a clear path to success. A list is representative that there has been a discussion regarding what we can afford and that we have properly weighed value against cost. A list, and a plan, is sometimes not […] Read more »

How I Saved 45% and Got Free Yoga Pants At Lane Bryant

I had been shopping with my wife for nearly four hours when we walked through the doors of Lane Bryant. She was looking for some new clothes, but was encountering some trouble finding what she was looking for. Within a few minutes of walking in the door, she found several things she wanted to try on. When she looked at the prices, however, she thought they were a little more than she was willing to spend. I pointed at a sign advertising a “Buy One, Get One 50% Off” sale. The smile returned to her face and she excitedly headed […] Read more »

Can You Use Expired Kohls Cash?

My wife and I drove to Kohls on Black Friday to look for some long sleeved shirts for our son. He needed a winter wardrobe refresh (darn teenagers grow like weeds) and the shirts were advertised at 75% off. We made sure we had the coupon we got in the mail for an additional 15% off, as well as a $20 Kohls Cash coupon we had received a few weeks ago from buying a new Keurig coffee maker. On our drive to Kohls, my wife noticed that the Kohls Cash had expired. My wife shook her head in disbelief. This […] Read more »

4 Lines Of Defense Against Impulsively Buying Neon Green Compression Tights

I was at Target picking up some last minute school supplies when I shockingly found myself walking through the men’s athletic wear section. Some black and neon green running compression tights caught my eye. I have a blue pair of the same kind and like how they look and fit. My mind envisioned how they would look together with a shirt I already owned of a very similar color. I had talked myself into buying them. Into the cart they went. I’m a conservative dresser, going with mainly darker colors and things that don’t attract a lot of attention. But […] Read more »

How to Get Ahead if You’re Living Paycheck to Paycheck

get ahead living paycheck to paycheck

Some recent studies showed that more than two thirds of people are living paycheck to paycheck at least some of the time. That’s pretty incredible! It seems to be getting harder and harder to keep your head above water financially, and there is no lack of reasons why that’s happening. Some of it is because our attitudes about money have changed over the years.  Some of it is also because of the changing economy, and some of it is probably due to the fact that the world is rapidly changing, and some are getting left behind because they refuse to […] Read more »

Coupon Smarts at Toys R Us: A Guide

kids toy balls

Couponing is becoming more and more popular among people today as a means of saving money at the store. In fact, over 300 billion coupons were circulated last year alone. Just about anything can be purchased at a discount, with the help of a coupon, promotional code or other form of rewards card. Toys are not left out of the coupon craze; many couponers have a great deal of success collecting and redeeming Toys R Us coupons. Those who are new to couponing may feel a little intimidated by the number of coupons available and the different strategies, organization techniques, […] Read more »

You Can’t Beat Kohls Return Policy

Coffee drinkers are passionate about their morning go-juice. Maybe you’re one of these people, my wife certainly is. Which is why she was very concerned when her Keurig single cup coffee brewing system started acting up. Her particular model has a choice of three difference size cups, and even though she always chooses the largest of the three, she noticed that it just wasn’t filling up the cup as far as it should. She had to resort to running the cycle twice or even three times to get her morning cup of brew. It obviously was not working right. Consulting […] Read more »

I Slept In On Black Friday…..and STILL Got a Door Buster Deal

My daughter caught a case of jealousy when her brother purchased his own computer after saving up for the better part of the year. Tired of butting heads with my wife for the use of a computer that contains her SIMS computer game, she decided she wanted her own computer as well. When we started talking about how much one that would serve her needs would cost, and how long it would take her to save up for it, there were tears. A lot of tears. When you’re eleven years old, eight months is an eternity. Daddy heart melt of […] Read more »

I Know a Secret About Kohls….

Our son needed new dress clothes for his confirmation last weekend, so it was timely that we received a 30% off coupon in the mail from Kohls.  I usually don’t get excited about their coupons because they show up in my mailbox fairly often.  So frequently, in fact,  that I would never buy anything at Kohls unless I had a 30% off coupon in my hand. It should be fairly obvious that the regular price of their merchandise is simply over priced. With mailing in hand, we headed to Kohls to see what they had. On the shopping list for […] Read more »

My Secret Weapon In the Fight Against Grocery Overspending

“Ha, I did it again!” I exclaimed to myself. My total was illuminated on the screen of the grocery store checkout register: $110.57.  It was the third week in a row that I was within just a few dollars of my estimate, and right on budget for the week’s groceries.  I had certainly done all of the pre-shopping steps to ensure success at the grocery store. I meal planned for the week, made a list of the items I was going to buy, and yes I had even estimated the prices of all the items.   Unfortunately, I’ve followed these […] Read more »

Can You Replace a Lost Receipt Using A Rewards Card?

I hate clutter. Our kitchen counter seems to be a magnet for store ads, receipts and returned assignments  the kids brought home from school.  Every day I sort through a pile of paper to determine which need to be kept, and which can be tossed. With a motto of “when it doubt, throw it out,” you can imagine that occasionally I would get rid of something that we actually need. My son celebrated a birthday in January, and the only thing he wanted was a set of decent headphones to replace the low quality ones that came with his recently […] Read more »

My First Trip to Costco: Why I Hate Club Stores

I’m not a fan of “club” stores. Vonnie and I have a membership at Sam’s Club, but to me it’s useful only for the selection and price of certain cuts of meat worthy to be put on my smoker. Other than that, I could dump the membership and not miss a beat. My problem with club stores is the magical trance that comes over people (including myself) once the store is entered.  It’s the perspective  that if you find a product that you use (no matter how rarely), it should be snatched up immediately because every product is the sale […] Read more »