That’s Right, The American Dream Is Not What It Used To Be!

Yesterday in a comment left on EOD, I was introduced to this website. I thought it looked interesting enough to share with all of you. Thanks Jude! The American dream is no longer about finding a 9-5 and doing what you hate in order to make it to that retirement utopia you’ve always been told about! Nope! It’s about doing what you love and loving what you do. It’s about using your passion and your strengths to enjoy your place in life—to make a difference. As this video points out; “The time is now to say YES to your success…what […] Read more »

No More Mondays And Why Everyday Is Friday Now

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! I am going to share some news with you today that I am excited about. We have made a pretty bold, but confident decision that involves my employment. You could say it all started with two books, but really it started at the time I started working. We all dream of doing what we want to do as opposed to what we feel we have to in order to survive financially, but actually doing it is a completely different story. The books that encouraged me to eventually take the plunge was No More Mondays and 48 […] Read more »

Passion Fuels Success – Use It To Your Advantage!

Society as a whole seems to follow the “Thank god it’s Friday!” mentality when it comes to work.   What comes next is the follow-up phrase, “Oh no, it’s Monday!”, as the alarm clock shocks you into reality first thing Monday morning.  What’s the purpose of that?  Why do we subject ourselves to hating more about our life than we like?  Out of 365 days each year we work approximately 260 of them, and we spend 208 of those 260 days waiting for Friday to arrive. Why? “Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart […] Read more »

No College Degree Equates To Poverty And A Life Of Debt?

I got a little annoyed last week, when it was suggested that for someone with only a high school diploma, they were limited to working at the checkout at Walmart. (This argument was used to explain why debt was needed by low income families to get by.) Believing this is ridiculous, and spreading it around for someone without a degree to hear, is irresponsible!  This is America!! Imagine someone with only a high school diploma, hearing someone say this and believing it. Dreams can be crushed before they ever have a chance to germinate.  This is why I am such […] Read more »