Debt Free Addicts Anonymous #1: Super Savings Edition

6 Saving Money Articles To Help You Get Financially Fit!

My number one goal here at EOD is to empower you when it comes to your finances.  When you have knowledge, you have control!  With that said, my plan is to give you some extra nutrition for your financial diet, from a variety of sources.  Let’s face it, there are tons of great PF bloggers out there that you can benefit from, so go check them out, and learn as much as you can to help you in your new journey to financial fitness! Now go get some knowledge!

Saving Money List of Lists:

  1. Use It Up: Frugality And Food at Bible Money Matters – This is a guest post from the writer of  It’s part one of a four-part series titled, “Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, or Do Without.”  This article is great because it tackles the importance of buying what you will use, instead of wasting what you don’t.  In a nutshell, he says when you waste food, you waste money.  Be sure to check out the others in the series: Part 2: Wear It Out, Part 3: Make It Do, and Part 4: Or Do Without.
  2. 16 Depression Era Money Saving Tips presented by – I have to admit that I am new to this blog, but this article caught my eye.  No, we’re not experiencing a depression, but if you did what people did when there was one, how much financial stress could you eliminate from your life?
  3. 75 Money Saving Tips For Surviving A Recession given to us by Frugal Dad – This is really a very resourceful site.  This guy can pump out some articles, and the information given is solid.  With economic times as they are, this post is a must read!
  4. 50 Frugal Things You Aren’t Doing from The Wisdom Journal – Ever wonder why you are broke, or at least struggling?  These 50 ideas could give you a glimpse into reality.  Not Struggling?  Maybe there is something here that could strengthen your position even more.
  5. 50 Ways To Save $1,000 A Year at Squawkfox – I am a new subscriber to this blog as well, but from what I have seen so far I really like it, and who doesn’t want to learn 50 ways to save $1,000 a year?
  6. 7 More Ways To Cool Your House For Less This Summer from the blog, One Caveman’s Financial Journey – Summer is here and these summer saving tips are great to put into use right now!!

The Blog Carnival Grab Bag

I have been blogging for one year, and I feel as though I was trapped inside a cave, because for most of that time, I only peaked my head out occasionally to speak my mind.  Thanks to Darren at Problogger for showing me the importance of solid interaction with other bloggers, and J Money, from Budgets Are Sexy, for yanking me out of the cave and encouraging me to participate in these carnivals.  Yeah J Money, now I understand your addiction a little bit better.  My Google feed page is seriously suffering from a capacity overload!!  Good thing I like to read, and hopefully soon I’ll be ready to host some carnivals myself!

Carnival of Pecuniary Delights: Hosted by Almost Frugal .

Carnival of Debt Reduction: Hosted on Carnival of Debt Reduction.

Carnival of Money Stories: Hosted by Prime Time Money. (last week)

Carnival of Money Stories: Hosted by Money Pop. (just added)

Carnival of Personal Finance # 206: Hosted by Greener Pastures.

Kids and Money Blog Carnival: Hosted by Money Hacks.

My Pick For The #1 Super Savings Post From This Weeks Carnival of Personal Finance #206: The Memorial Day Stars and Stripes Edition:

(drum roll please…)

  1. 3 Tips For Easy Short Term Savings written by Jason Unger over at Automatic Finances.  Jason gives you 3 quick tips to make you feel better about saving short-term.  Do you have trouble managing your money?  He has written a book, and gives you the first three days for free! The book is called Automatic Finances: 17 Days To Your Financial Freedom, which teaches you how to:
  • Track and categorize all your spending
  • Find your net worth and watch it grow
  • Save money and invest for the future without pinching pennies
  • Ensure your money is getting the highest rates of return possible
  • Have your bills paid automatically and never write a check again

Follow me over there and preview the first three days for FREE!  That is definitely a super savings!!  Thanks Jason!

That is it folks!  I hope you have enjoyed this weeks very first edition of Debt Free Addicts Anonymous.  Come back later this week to find out how this new project inspired something a little bigger.  Happy Memorial Day, and keep in mind that getting out of debt could be one of the best choices you ever make!! Try it and see for yourself!

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