Travel Hack: Have A Body Pillow On Vacation Without Packing One

My wife has certain things she prefers to bring on vacation. One of those things, her body pillow, is a little size prohibitive to take on vacation. Especially when space in our car is a premium for a cross country road trip. However, prior to our recent trip to Florida she found a way to have a body pillow without actually bringing it with.

Option 1: Pack It

The simplest solution is to simply pack the body pillow. However, fitting the suitcases for four people (2 others rode with us) for a week’s vacation in the back of a mini-SUV proved to be difficult. It simply didn’t fit.

Option 2: Go Without It

If it wouldn’t fit, and we couldn’t think of any alternative, she could have just left it home. She could have used a regular sized pillow the way she uses a body pillow, only shorter, obviously. Honestly this probably would have been the route she’d choose if we couldn’t come up with a better plan.

Option 3: Buy And Leave

The first option my wife thought of was to purchase a body pillow once we got to Florida. Then, leave it behind when the vacation was over. While this accomplishes the goal, and body pillows aren’t that expensive, it’s wasteful. We wanted to find a better solution.

Option 4: Purchase A Body Pillow Cover

My wife bought a washable body pillow cover from Target for $10. She folded it and placed it easily inside her suitcase. At each hotel we stayed, as well as the home we rented once in Florida, she placed 2 or 3 pillows inside the cover, and closed the zipper. Hotels and rental homes almost always have extra pillows, and if they don’t you can always ask for them.

BAM! Inexpensive, soft, compact,, and inexpensive.

Not every financial trick saves hundreds or thousands of dollars. Some, including this one, are just good tricks that help make life (or a vacation) a little more enjoyable being as mindful as possible with the resources you have.

How about you, EOD Nation, do you have any travel hacks that make vacations easier while making the most of the money you have?

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