Repurposing Leftovers: Hot Dog Bun Edition

Throwing food away is a huge pet peeve of mine. It might as well be money I’m throwing in the trash. I usually eat leftovers for lunch and will vacuum seal and freeze most everything else. But I also hate subpar food. These conflicting interests creates a dilemma when it comes to hot dog buns. I enjoy a hot dog or grilled bratwurst from time to time. The problem is, between the wife and I having such a meal would never consume an entire package of eight hot dog buns. Buns can be frozen, but when thawed again they’re never […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 11/20

Well, as of 10pm on Friday evening, Minnesota is back on lockdown due to COVID-19.  Bars and restaurants can only do takeout, and social gatherings with anyone outside your immediate household is prohibited.  Oh wait, it’s not a lockdown, I forgot.  Our governor called it a, “pause.” Cases are skyrocketing, and I find it hard to believe anything will really change in 4 weeks.  We’ll see.  In any case, there will be less opportunity to spend money, so we’ll likely be saving on our discretionary spending again.  That and the fact that my wife is now working from home so […] Read more »

Buy Everything With Credit!

I’m charging everything these days. That’s right, I use a credit card as my method of payment for virtually every purchase. I’m not overspending, and I’m not going into debt. I’m actually earning money AND making it easier to keep my wife and I on the same page regarding our checking account. It’s not just any credit card I use, it’s one that has a cashback rewards program. By using the credit card for every possible purchase, we earn cash back. We keep a running total of the amount spent for the week, and then once a week we make […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 11/13/2020

Even though we knew the pandemic hadn’t ended, life had started to feel a little normal. We had been getting together with a small group of friends, and occasionally going out to eat. With the massive rise in numbers, the Governor of Minnesota put the clamp down on social gatherings.  So, my wife and I enjoyed a night in, cooking a delicious meal of grilled ribeye, breaded shrimp, sides and a bottle of our favorite cabernet.  We had a great dinner, watched a few of our favorite television programs we had recorded from the week, and enjoyed each other’s company […] Read more »

Five Inexpensive Ways to Practice Self-Care

Taking time for yourself is important for physical and mental health. Sometimes called self-care, it’s importance has never been higher than during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s a list of five self-care activities that can relax, calm and recenter you without unnerving your bank account. Bath Bomb Taking a bath is a favorite relaxing activity for many, but you can kick it up a notch with a bath bomb. They can be found in many sizes and scents and cost a couple of dollars at the most. Laying back in a warm bath with just the right scent will make […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 11/6/20

After several weeks of temperatures way below normal, we’ve finally got a week above average temps.  This is likely our last blast of 70 degree weather in Minnesota until spring, so I’m going to enjoy it.  Windows are open and no heater or AC running.  One more lawn mowing is on tap as well as one last gasp at outdoor projects.  I also cannot confirm or deny I might find myself sitting by a fire table with a glass of bourbon in hand. Fist pump for nice fall weather, and my favorite posts of the week! Posts That Make Me […] Read more »

License Bureau Adventures: Good Money Management is A Lifestyle

My adventure started with a phone call from my son telling me the license plate on the front of his car had disappeared. I thought the situation would warrant a simple exercise of going to the license bureau to get new plates. Turns out, this would be a lesson in the art of being smart with money. New License Plates, Take One I explained my situation to the license bureau desk clerk, handing her my driver’s license and the insurance card for the vehicle for which I needed new plates. The card listed the make, model and VIN number. She […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 10/30

Happy Halloween weekend, EOD Nation!  Halloween is going to look very different this year with the COVID-19 pandemic, but we’re hoping to adapt and still have a good time.  After all, it doesn’t fall on a weekend every year.  We don’t know how many trick-or-treaters we’ll get, but we’ve got a pandemic friendly candy delivery system.  We’re running twine between two poles pounded into the ground in our front lawn, then hanging candy bars from the twine using clothespins.  Whomever shows up can just pick what they’d like without any interaction from us. At the same time, my wife and […] Read more »

Weekend Spending Episode 1

Would you find it interesting to see how someone else spends their money over the course of a weekend? Maybe even helpful to compare what others would label as high spending or low spending to your definition? I’m betting the answer is yes.  With that in mind, this is my first installment of Weekend Spending in which I chronicle what we spent over the previous weekend and my thoughts surrounding the expenditures. The last couple of weekends my wife have either had family stay at our home, or we’ve visited family. They’ve been busy, expensive weekends. I was ready for […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Bogger Roundup – 10/23/20

I’ve been waiting for today for a long time.  Twelve months ago I was in a walking boot recovering from surgery to repair a completely torn Achilles Tendon. Today I will run the Twin Cities 10 mile run.  Normally this run would occur the first weekend in October in the Twin Cities starting at US Bank Stadium and ending at the state Capitol. Due to COVID-19  the run is virtual this year.  The bad news is, there will be no starting line buzz, no crowds along the course, and no massive finish line.  The good news is, I’ll have some […] Read more »

How to Book a Luxurious Vacation Without Breaking the Bank

Everyone deserves a vacation where they can relax and escape from the realities of their everyday lives. Recently, with the rise of social media, travel has become a status standard. The more luxurious and unique your vacations are, the more likes you get on social media, meaning more admiration from your peers. However, not everyone can afford a crazy luxurious vacation with room service every night and hotels for $1,500 per night. Luckily, there are some hacks to book a luxurious vacation without going into debt. Choose Your Destination Wisely If you’re looking for a tropical vacation but don’t want […] Read more »

Use Your Hobbies and Skills to Make Money

I called my wife while driving home from helping someone build a computer. I had been there for around five hours, but we had assembled the computer, installed the Windows operating system, and had it connected to the internet. She suggested I could charge to do that. She was half joking around, but she was right.  As I drove home, I thought of other hobbies or skills of mine that I could utilize to make extra cash. Computer Services This is the idea from the introduction. With my computer skills, I could help people build, upgrade or repair computers. With […] Read more »

A Letter to Title Loan Lenders in Wisconsin: Don’t Take Advantage of the Disadvantaged

It’s time for title loan lenders in Wisconsin to become a part of the solution. With 2020 bringing a pandemic to our doorstep—and with it, unprecedented unemployment rates across the state—some in our communities are facing financial devastation. In the face of dwindling wages, bills surge. We struggle to keep the heat on as the temperature drops, we come home to empty refrigerators. Some of our most vulnerable are turning to subprime loans—like title loans and payday advances—to make ends meet. Republican Congressman Glenn Grothman (R-Glenbeulah) noted that 13% of Americans between 22 and 53 years of age have used […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 10/16/20

Fall has definitely made it’s appearance.  Leaves on the trees have been changing for awhile, but we were still enjoying temps in the 60’s and 70’s.  Most of next week’s high temps are in the 40’s.  Yikes.  While I’m sad to see summer leave, I do look forward to turning on the fireplace and watching it snow.  It also means it’s time to get serious about being ready for the holidays, both mentally and financially.  I know some people save for holiday spending all year, but I just can’t get myself to do it. But, with November staring me in […] Read more »