Making Plans to Make Your Pensions Profitable after Retirement

pensions profitable

Are you looking forward to the day of your retirement? Some people cannot wait for retirement, while others are still apprehensive for various reasons. Retirement means differently to people, but there is one thing you should do. You should review your pension regularly to ensure it is on track to give you the income you want. Moreover, there are ways to boost your pension so you have a good income after retirement. Below are some tips. Assess what your pension includes You should do so if you have not reviewed your pension savings recently. Do not wait for your retirement […] Read more »

Heading to Universal Studios? Here’s How You Can Save a Little Green in the Process

When’s the last time you took a much-needed getaway? If it was pre-pandemic, the answer is far too long. It’s time to book your next trip and what better place to spend your vacation than Universal Studios? This amusement park is full of things to do, like rides, shows, great food, games, and so much more! But taking a trip like that can be expensive, and with so many other things to pay for—car payments, bills, medical scribe services if you happen to work in the healthcare industry, groceries, etc—going to Universal seems unrealistic. However, with the right knowledge and […] Read more »

Common Ways People Continue to Waste Money

Everybody wastes money on something they don’t need from time to time, and there’s nothing too damaging about that. However, many people continue to spend money unnecessarily without even realizing it. If you want to avoid doing the same, you need to be aware of a couple of the most common ways people waste money. Eating Out Far Too Often Want to go out for a bite with your friends? It sounds like fun, so why not? The only problem is that you’ve already been out twice this week, ordered take-out another night and grabbed snacks from the gas station […] Read more »

3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Skincare Routine

Experts report that the average American woman will spend close to half a million dollars on skincare products and treatments in her lifetime. Whether you’re splurging on the newest serum that is all the rage on social media or investing in high-quality facial treatments from The Institute of Natural Health, taking care of your skin is a major investment. While it is true that the best skin care products which contain the most high-quality ingredients are usually more expensive than their drugstore counterparts for a good reason, it can be possible to save money on skincare. If you want to […] Read more »

5 Ways to Save on Groceries

Many people find that most of their earned income is spent on food. A major money-saving tip is to eat meals at home, as opposed to dining out; but what if a trip to the grocery store is just as expensive? Groceries can be hard to budget for, especially if you are responsible for feeding a large household or aren’t the most creative chef and don’t know what to cook. If you find that you are spending too much on groceries and need help saving money, look no further – here are 5 simple ways to save on your grocery […] Read more »

Medical Treatments Worth Splurging On

The cost of medical treatment and procedures in America is often much higher than the average person is willing to spend. Elective procedures are often off the table when people consider doing things to improve their health, usually due to the high cost. Although spending money on healthcare is less than desirable, splurging on certain treatments or procedures that might not be required now can save you money, and pain, down the road. Here are 3 examples of medical treatments or procedures that are worth splurging on. Lasik Surgery If you have less than perfect vision and are tired of […] Read more »

Retirement Savings Plans for Your Employees: An Introduction

retirement savings plans

Image Source: Pixabay As an employer, you are in charge of the financial security of your employees. However, your responsibilities do not end once they leave your service. You need to make sure that you have a good retirement plan in place for your employees to make use of. They will be allowed to draw retirement funds for every firm that they have worked for, and this includes yours. It does not matter whether they work with you for one month or 30 years, you need to make sure that you have a good retirement savings plan in place for […] Read more »

4 Small Business Investments That Are Worth The Cost

As a small business owner, you always have to keep one eye on the bottom line. Whether you’ve been in business for 20 days or 20 years, you likely know that you need to keep a cash reserve in the event that business slows down and profits fall. As a result, many business owners are reluctant to start spending money on business investments that may not provide immediate or tangible returns. However, if you don’t invest in your business, you can’t expect any growth. So, in order to scale your business while still being careful to avoid debt and excessive […] Read more »

7 Tools For Onboarding New Employees for Your Startup

With any startup, you have a virtual ton to manage. From optics and strategies to managing existing employees, obtaining funding, onboarding new employees, and almost everything in between. That being said, finding the right tools to make your life easier can be critical to the success of your new business. One of the key components of the foundation of any business is employees of course. When it comes to a startup, the right employees can make your business flourish while the wrong ones can cause complete collapse. So, while you’re busy making sure you find the best candidates, it stands […] Read more »

7 Things Not to Give Up When You Are in Debt (and paying off debt)

paying off debt

  I still remember the shock of realizing how much debt we had – after all, it is not every day you hear you are in $160,000 of consumer debt. How is so much debt to be paid off? (I am not big on suspense, so I’d tell you: we paid off $160,000 of consumer debt in three years, and we have lived debt-free since February 2013.) But let me get back to when I found out we are in so much debt. At first, I went numb. Later, I got angry. I was furious with my husband, with myself, […] Read more »

Paying for Long-Term Health Care Utilizing a Reverse Mortgage

Wisdom might come with getting older, but unfortunately so can physical and mental ailments that leave an elderly individual entirely dependent on the medical system for maintaining their health. Naturally, this can run into some serious financial strain. Says a recent article, aging persons who have built up a substantial amount of equity in their family homes can elect to tap into it through a reverse mortgage loan to assist them in covering the cost of medical bills, long-term health care, and other health-related expenses that can be draining their bank accounts. According to the loan experts at All Reverse […] Read more »

All Information for Your Financial Needs Under One Roof

Everyone has financial needs and everyone tries to fulfill those needs in the best possible way. Financial decisions are crucial and you must have all the necessary details and information before making those decisions. From INCOME.CA, you will get all the important information for every possible mode of managing and obtaining finance in Canada. Whether you need to open a bank account, looking for a loan, or wanted to invest, you can get UpToDate guidance from a reliable website such as INCOME.CA. Let’s have a look at some of the most important features of this resource: 1- Banking Want to […] Read more »

The Enemy of Debt Team Will Continue Educating, Inspiring, and Entertaining You Despite Some Changes

Are you a loyal and dedicated Enemy of Debt reader? Thank you for sticking with us. Today I’m writing to let you know about some changes to the team and re-assert our commitment to educating, inspiring, and entertaining you on your debt-busting journey. Let me introduce myself first. I am Maria, and I have owned Enemy of Debt for seven years now, but while I wrote the occasional post for it, I preferred to stay in the background. Enemy of Debt had been the blogging home of Travis for much longer, and there was no reason to refuse him a […] Read more »

Understanding These Two Types of Risk Will Help You Invest Better

When you talk to a financial advisor, either to get advice about retiring, getting out of debt, or even how to invest, you will likely hear them use the term “risk tolerance”. In some cases, they may even give you a risk tolerance questionnaire to fill out. Higher risk tolerance means you can take more risks with your investments, which usually means higher returns. However, your risk tolerance is not the only type of risk you need to think about as you also need to think about your risk capacity. Why Understanding Risk Tolerance Is Not Enough Before investing, you […] Read more »