Applying For Personal Loans Online Could Be Cheaper. Here’s How!

When in the midst of a financial emergency, finding a way to get cash quickly with the least amount of penalties is crucial. However, many types of loans can only be used for specific expenses and are difficult to obtain. However, with personal loans, qualifying is easy, and the borrowed money can be used to pay anything from late bills to medical treatment. Even better, personal loans can sometimes be more affordable than other loans and financing options. Here’s how. Personal loans usually have lower rates than credit cards. If you have good credit, opting for a personal loan might […] Read more »

Go Ahead And Make Your New Year’s Resolution

A growing trend has emerged in recent years, I like to call it resolution shaming. Tomorrow is January 1st, the start of a brand new year and many will use the turning of the calendar as an opportunity to put the past behind them and begin working on new financial goals. In response, others will mock resolutions makers because many will abandon their goals within days or weeks. I say screw ’em. January 1st is the perfect time to begin working on a new financial goal. Why You Should Make A New Year Resolution One thing that sets humans apart […] Read more »

4 Bad Professional Habits that Contribute to Debt

It’s clear that personal choices, preferences, and behaviors can contribute to debt. Indeed, most people closely associate debt with personal finance decisions –– and with good reason. However, professional habits can also influence an individual’s financial standing, and in some instances, plunge hard-working employees into debt. With that in mind, today we’re going to explore four work-related habits that can have far-reaching consequences for your bottom-line: Switching Careers & Relocating Some people never feel comfortable in one job or one location. As a result, they end up bouncing around from city-to-city and office-to-office. Considering that professionals often experience great difficulty […] Read more »

SL Account Management Provides Financial Assistance

With a record number of student loans going into default and rising levels of student debt facing post-secondary graduates, companies like SL Account Management have made a name for themselves based on assisting borrowers with their student loans. From the initial financial analysis to document preparation and loan recertification, the SL loan specialists work with their clients to find a fully customized solution to student debt issues that is sustainable and efficient. Initiating SL Account Management contact will get you started on the road to debt recovery and financial freedom. Financial Analysis The SL loan specialists give each and every […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 12/28

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me! As of today, my heart’s been beating for 45 years.  I’m hoping for at least another 45 and have plenty to look forward to.  My future is bright, and I always believe my future is going to be better than my past (and my past has been pretty great).  Keep on loving life, EOD Nation! Fist pump to birthdays, bright futures, and my favorite posts of the week! Post That Make Me Fist Pump 10 Tips To Nail Your New Years Resolutions from Money Beagle Stop Giving Markets Your Attention from Boomer […] Read more »

Affordable Auto Insurance: Are There Ways to Cut Spending on Car Insurance?

Car insurance is vital for anyone that owns an automobile. The costs incurred in an accident can soar to eye-watering figures, and unless you are covered, these will come out of your back pocket, causing financial insecurity for years. There is no way around it. Auto insurance adds to your automobile expenses. But the good news is that insurance premiums can differ by hundreds of dollars and there are several ways to ensure you are getting a good deal on your car insurance policy. Shop Around The best way to ensure you are getting the best deal around is by […] Read more »

Enjoy What’s Truly Important This Holiday Season

It’s Christmas Eve, all the presents are purchased and wrapped under the tree. It’s been whirlwind month of determining our gift list, watching our budget, looking for the best deals. What’s left is spending time with family, enjoying the company, and making memories. What’s left is the most important part. As a child, I was obsessed with the gifts under the tree. I would constantly go over my list, dreaming about what I would be opening Christmas morning. When I went back to school, I would compare with classmates what presents we received that year and made plans to get […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 12/21

My 16 year old daughter will be shelling out some serious cash today. It’s not anything fun, it’s the deductible to fix the damages to her car from the fender bender she was involved in after school a few months ago.  She was pulling into a parking space and misjudged he car’s turning radius and dented the doors of another vehicle as well as damaging her bumper. It’s important she realize that while these mistakes are not the end of the world, they do come with consequences. Fist pump for teenagers learning financial lessons, and my favorite posts of the […] Read more »

Saving Big Bucks During the Holiday Season

The holidays are magical. The lights, the snow, the cooking, the carolers—it all comes together to make a perfect scene. But there’s another side to this time of year: the spending. Parents spend on average over $400 on each of their children, just for presents! That’s a lot of money—especially considering many people will use debt to finance these purchases. It doesn’t have to be this way. These are some ideas for saving big bugs during the holiday season. Set a Holiday Budget Most people want to think about fun things during the holiday season—baking cookies, or spending time with […] Read more »

What’s Your Shopping Style?

Many different styles of shopping exist. Of course I knew this, but it slapped me across the face over the weekend when my wife and I went Christmas shopping together. Our shopping styles sit on the opposite ends of the spectrum, and it takes a big helping of patience for us to not get annoyed with each other. I thought we’d have a little fun today and compare the shopping styles of my wife and I. Shop Like It’s A Military Mission I do the vast majority of my shopping online, but for the few things that force me to […] Read more »

Why “Now” Is a Good Time to Enter Ecommerce

You’ve probably heard stories about people creating massively successful ecommerce businesses. It’s difficult to not want to do this yourself when you consider the potential benefits of becoming your own boss. So why wait? There are actually quite a few reasons why now is a good time to enter ecommerce. Ecommerce Is a Growing Phenomenon It’s always best to get in on something when it’s on the upswing as opposed to at its apex. Ecommerce is currently at the perfect intersection between proven effectiveness and having ample room for growth. Ecommerce is currently growing several times faster than traditional retail, […] Read more »

Fist Pump Friday: I Love You Like A Blogger Roundup – 12/14

Have you reached your deductible for your medical insurance coverage this year?  For the first time ever, my family has. We’re scrambling to figure out if there’s anything medical related we want to take care of in the last few weeks of 2018 to take advantage of the higher coverage amounts we have since meeting our deductible.  If you’re in the same boat, you might want to give it some thought as well. Now, get your fists up for my favorite posts of the week! Posts That Make Me Fist Pump 4 Ways to Teach Your Children the Value of […] Read more »

4 Top Ways to Pull Yourself Out of Debt

Don’t let debt hold you back from living the life you want. While it will take some extra work to pay back everything that you owe, it will be well worth it in the long run. It’s time to tackle the issues you’ve been putting off and free yourself from financial burdens. Lower Your Rates   Image via Flickr by HloomHloom Does it feel like you’re barely making a dent in your debt each month? That could be due to high interest rates on your loans. When the rates on your debt are too high, most of your monthly payments […] Read more »

5 Steps To Avoid Overpaying For Your New Appliance

The microwave made a horrible loud buzzing noise, and when the time reached zero the food inside was still cold. My over the range microwave was broken, and not worth fixing. It was time to get a new one. Before going shopping, I needed to research microwaves and know exactly what I wanted. Because if I didn’t know what I wanted, a salesperson would likely talk me into buying a model with more features than I’d use, costing more than I wanted to spend. New microwaves have more bells and whistles than I expected. I knew there were different sizes […] Read more »