3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy H&R Block Tax Software Online

I’ve used H&R Block tax preparation software for years. It’s available in physical form from retailers, as well as downloadable online directly from the H&R Block website. While downloading the software may be convenient, there are a few reasons you might make a special trip to buy a physical copy instead. Buying a physical copy of H&R Block tax preparation software could save you money, and be more convenient to access your returns if needed in the future.

Physical Copy Is Cheaper

Buying a physical copy is cheaper than buying the digital version online. Below is a cost comparison of the different versions of H&R Block software between electronics retailer Best Buy and downloading digitally directly from H&R Block.

H&R Block Version Best Buy Price Online Price
Basic $24.99 $29.99
Deluxe $34.99 $54.95
Premium $54.99 $74.95
Premium and Business $69.99 $89.95

Buying a physical copy is significantly cheaper than buying the digital version directly from H&R Block.

No Need For Extended Download Feature

If you purchase the digital download directly from the H&R Block website, you can purchase an extended download add on for $5.99. This add-on allows you to download the software for up to two years. This is great if you had uninstalled the software, or got a new computer and needed to access the software again. However, if you had purchased the physical copy you just reinstall from the CD even after the 2 years.

Built In Backup CD

Another add-on option for direct digital download customers is a backup CD for $10.99. If you buy the physical copy you already have the software on CD, and it’s cheaper!

Buying H&R Block tax preparation software online may be convenient, but the physical copy is cheaper and it comes with all the add-on options built in. One suggestion H&R Block should consider is to change the delivery medium to USB stick like Microsoft has done for Windows as many newer computers no longer have a CD Drive.

How about you, EOD Nation, how do you buy your tax preparation software?

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  1. Ray Anderson says:

    I appreciate your legwork on the ‘extended download service’ Travis! I don’t recall seeing that before. But H&R sends me numerous emails from November though April with ‘deals’ on their software. One of those, which I missed, was 50% off the package, which would have made Premium about $38. As is, the regular ‘deal’ is for a nickel cheaper than Best Buy.

  2. Alex says:

    Cheaper is probably the only value here, since you can easily backup the download on Google Drive/One Drive, or any hosting service that gives you a few GBs to backup. And these days, it’s still highly recommended to use an external backup drive, which you can get a few TBs at very low cost.
    Then since 2016, laptop trends started dropping the disk drive.

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