Saving Money on Costly Appliance Repairs

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Homeowners can save money on costly appliance repairs by practicing preventive maintenance such as regularly cleaning their appliances and changing out filters.

One way is to read and follow the user manual instructions while making accessing their appliance easy for technicians can shorten repair time significantly.

Do Your Research

Homeowners looking to save money on appliance repairs should conduct research into what prices differing repair companies typically charge in order to compare prices and ensure that there aren’t any hidden fees added on. And whether or not the budget allows it, based on the remodel ideas you have.

Save on appliance repairs by keeping appliances in good working condition with regular maintenance (i.e. cleaning out dryer lint traps and draining dishwashers), plus get them serviced by professionals when necessary.

Homeowners need to recognize when an appliance has reached the end of its typical lifespan and should be replaced, rather than repaired. A general guideline suggests it may be time for replacement when repair costs exceed 50% of its total price, especially if its lifespan has come close. Store protection plans often offer coverage of labor and parts for certain appliances as well.

Shop Around

Homeowners may not realize it, but there can be significant variations between appliance repair services when it comes to pricing. A recent investigation conducted by Checkbook’s undercover shoppers revealed that costs for similar repair jobs varied widely from company to company.

One way to cut repair costs is to get in the habit of shopping around for the lowest prices – this is especially important if you plan to purchase replacement parts, which may be quite pricey.

One key step in maintaining appliances properly is creating a regular maintenance schedule for them. This may involve anything from regular cleaning (e.g. emptying the lint trap in dryers) to professional inspections by an engineer.

Clear away any obstructions to appliance access for quicker service and reduced repair bills; for example, if your refrigerator contains an inbuilt ice maker or freezer that might impede repairs, remove these to ease repairs more efficiently.

Look for DiscountsOn Repairs

Repair costs depend on several factors. Electric appliances tend to be less costly to fix than their gas-powered counterparts; additionally, your location and energy source can have an effect; highly populated areas typically experience higher repair expenses due to greater demand for skilled technicians. Who does the repair will count a lot at the end of the day.


It can be tempting to attempt DIY appliance repairs when one breaks, as doing it yourself could save money in labor costs and service calls charges. But before making any decisions to repair an appliance on your own, be sure to consider all aspects involved and take necessary measures accordingly. You would be surprised to learn that the cost of appliance repair service is not as high as many believe.

If you lack confidence in your ability to perform appliance repairs yourself, it may be wiser to hire an appliance repair service instead. This will ensure the work is completed safely and correctly.

Maintaining your appliances regularly can help protect them against breakdown and save you money over time. By following these tips, you can avoid costly appliance repair bills while keeping them running smoothly for years to come.

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