Public Service Announcement: Cash For Clunkers Equals Debt For Suckers

This is "only" One Billion Dollars (10 million 100 USD notes)

This is "only" One Billion Dollars (10 million 100 USD notes)

Poooof!! And The Government Said Let There Be…Three Billion Dollars!

Now this is just getting silly!  This post is about DEBT!  The Cash For Clunkers program has been, or is in the process of being revitalized.  Yep, that’s right.  Two billion dollars out of thin air, or maybe I should say, out of your children’s children’s front pocket.  Debt is dumb and so is this ridiculous program!

Let me see if I understand this correctly.  The Government taxes you into servitude, creates a program in which you are said to receive FREE money by giving you up to $4,500 in discounts, and don’t forget about the best part.  You get DEBT! Oh how generous!  That $4,500 will be paid back by your grandchildren!  You will enjoy now what your grandchildren will pay back later!  I am sure they will love it, don’t you worry.  I mean seriously, who doesn’t just LOVE paying for something someone else enjoyed.  Where do I sign up?

Oh thank you Washington!  Thanks for enslaving our entire family for generations to come!  You are so wonderful Washington!  What would we do without you?  Thanks for putting the tab on my children’s future, how can we ever repay you?

The Gig Is Up!

Dear Washington,

You might be good at fooling some, but not all.  We know this isn’t FREE money!  We know it’s OUR money.  We know it’s OUR KIDS money.  We’re on to you.  How dare you.  Give it back!  This is how you stimulate the economy?  Tax us to death, act like the hero by giving us a gift, BUT ONLY if we buy a new car that YOU approve of, and allowing our children to foot the bill owed for the “free” loan? Pure brilliance on your part, I must say!

Yes, I think it is you that should be reported to Social Services, for crimes of endangerment and child abuse.  Maybe we need to take America away from you since you are dangerous to its well being.  You are not a fit parent, and we are watching your every move.

P.S. – Here are 12 Steps and principles you can follow to regain our trust.  I know a guy I think you should meet.  His name is Dave Ramsey and he has a real good plan for spending less than you make, or in your case less than you steal. (Sorry about that last part, I have an active involuntary, spasmodic tic.)

Concerned Citizen,

Brad Chaffee
Enemy of Debt


Washington says: “Debt For Suckers Program Is A Success”!

In just four euphoric days, 250,000 people enthusiastically gave their children the curse that is debt.  Let’s show our thanks by singing, All Praise Be To Washington! (song not found in the Constitution)

As if that wasn’t enough, they have just added another $2,000,000,000 to the precious gift!  That’s 12 Days, 750,000 lives saved from rising unemployment driving an older car, and THREE BILLION DOLLARS of DEBT for the unsuspecting kids, and for what?  New debt and a new car!  How’s that “new debt smell”?

Think SMART, Think BIG, Think DEBT FREE!

Please everyone!  Do not fall for this trickery!  Do not go into debt for the Government!  Do not sell your children’s freedom.  You’re paying for the car note on what you bought above the “discount”, and your kids are paying for the discount.  Think SMART!

In fact you should be running from debt!  You know about the recession right?  Yeah unemployment is pretty high too and what if you are next?  What if your current situation changes?  Get out of debt instead!  Say no to the master!  Don’t listen to the naysayers either, they are broke!  Get out of debt and change your life for good!!! Run now, and save your family! Think BIG!

Do you “need” a new car?  Really?  Is that Government carrot that enticing? If you in fact need a car, buy a used one and make sure you pay with cash, but hurry the value of your dollars might be dropping soon.  Seriously, you don’t need a heavy car payment following you around for the next 3-6 years.  Get a deal by paying with cash, and avoiding the bondage!  It is worth it!  You are worth it!  And in case you don’t already know this, your kids are worth it!  Think DEBT FREE!

Convinced?  You should be!  Think about the kids, and JUST SAY NO!

Pssst…what kind of wrapping paper should we use?




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  1. I hate to think about the billions and billions of dollars are goverment waiste every year.

    • Brad Chaffee says:

      @Chris – Your telling me. If only America could see behind the curtain! As long as American Idol isn’t on they might actually pay attention.

      @Matt – You said it brother! The Government says jump, and everyone jumps. Wake up people, you are a slave to debt. The Government gave you bondage and you act as if it were the best thing since toilet paper and inside bathrooms with plumbing.

      @Jane – Scary is right Jane! Unfortunately I do not think you are going to have to wait long to see what else is in store for us. We seem to be on the fast track.


  2. Matt says:

    You are right Brad. Going into debt to purchase something that depreciates in value so fast is not a wise move financially. The trouble is, that very few people these days save enough money thats anywhere close enough to buy a new car with all cash. When I was 18 I bought a 2 year old van for almost all cash. I had borrowed 1000 bucks from my Dad to do it. I repayed him his money within 4 months and I had an almost brand new van, paid for, at the age of 18. The money that I used for doing this was from a part time job that I had after school that I had saved. It can be done. I did this fairly easily, because I didn’t have any debt, or expenses living at home . The time that it took me to save the money was about 2 1/2 years. It felt good having that nice of a vehicle that was paid for.

  3. Jane says:

    Not only does all this wasteful and silly spending making me angry, it scares me! I am afraid to think what else our elected officials might think of in the future.

  4. tam says:

    Thanks for the info…once again we don’t always have all the information do we? It ‘s easy to get caught up in the net sometimes.

    • Brad Chaffee says:

      That is right Tam! Many people believe truth is what benefits them, not what the facts actually point to. It is really sad! Thanks for taking the time to comment! 🙂

  5. You mean, the government has to pay for all this money they are spending. That’s is wierd.

    But I thought we have to spend money so we don’t go bankrupt. That is #4 on the most important personal finance lessons, right.

    • Brad Chaffee says:

      Haha THR, I love some good sarcasm. What they’re spending is as valuable as Monopoly money if you ask me. The only reason it even has value is because the Government knows that the people are going to pay it back in the form of taxes. Before you know it they will have a birth tax that gives every baby born automatic debt that will come due at 16 years old, on top of all of the other taxes we already pay. We gotta pay for Government waste somehow right?

      I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen anyone SPEND their way out of bankruptcy. The lack of common sense in this country is amazing. I truly believe that a good antonym for the word Government is the word logical. 😀

  6. Funny how the government won’t release Cash for clunkers data now – because it may undercut their story about how effective it was. Go figure.

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