Weekend Round-Up: “Brain Candy For Your Life” Halloween Edition


Posts I Enjoyed This Week

Fight Fair! 6 Simple Conflict Resolution Skills for Your Marriage was  written by Dustin from Engaged Marriage.  You might be thinking—what does this have to do with money?  Try becoming debt free with a spouse that you can’t communicate with.  Teamwork is important and good communication leads the team.

The Entrepreneur’s Seven Priorities for a Successful First Year posted by Jeff from My Super Charged Life.  I have highlighted some of Jeff’s articles before.  His site is filled with helpful information to help you grow.  I liked this article because it is said that the first year of starting a business is the hardest and the most crucial.  It’s always helpful to know what successful entrepreneur’s found to be the most important.

Rocky Balboa’s Guide To Kickin’ Ass was written as a guest post for Man Vs Debt by Paul Norwine from PaulNorwine.com.  As you know I really love motivational posts, and this one is definitely motivational.  Great post Paul!

Motivational Gift Of The Week
courtesy of Money Funk

Created by Money Funk

Created by Money Funk

Motivational Finance Wallpaper was created by Money Funk on her personal finance and frugal living blog.  Again with the motivation I know, but when can you ever get too much motivation?  That’s what I thought! 😉

What I love about these are the fact that they serve as reminders of what you know you need to do financially. 

She was kind enough to create a special EOD color scheme for all of my wonderful readers out there. Download Money Funk’s EOD-Black Wallpaper here. (click link, right click, save) Please check her blog out and be sure to spread the word about the FREE motivational wallpaper to others.  It’s the FREE gift that keeps on giving!  Don’t be afraid to thank her for her kind efforts in the comment section of her blog!! 😀

My Contributions At The Self-Reliance-Exchange

Self Improvement Exercise – What Does Your Reflection Say About You?

Debt Consolidation: The Truth Behind The Con

Recession Proof Your Life And Refuse To Be A Victim

10 Important Keys To Effective Parenting

Carnival Love (only one this week)

The Carnival of Personal Finance #228: Halloween 2009 Edition hosted by Erik Folgate at Money Crashers.  Great carnival Erik!  Thanks for hosting and including my article!

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  1. Brad – Thanks so much for the link! Love the Spiderman pic!

  2. Brad,

    Thank you for the mention here and nice work highlighting some great articles. The Spiderman picture is awesome! My son is Venom this Halloween, so there could be a battle on the horizon…

  3. Money Funk says:

    Yes, thank you for the link luv. I’m totally digging the wallpaper for your site. I realize the thing that boost yours apart from mine – you have a logo/symbol. And I know I am lacking one – been meaning to find time to create one. Hmmm…. a future post of mine? Financial, sure. Since my blogging brings me income.

    I was trying to find a childhood pic with the ole plastic costumes (totally miss those costumes). Unfortunately, they are all tucked away in my mom’s albums. Hope you had a great Halloween!

  4. Brad Chaffee says:

    Jeff – No problem man, I always enjoy your articles very much! 😀

    Dustin – Venom huh? Cool stuff!

    The spider man picture will have to do since I couldn’t get Isaac to walk up the side of the wall. 🙂

    Money Funk – No problem at all!! I absolutely LOVE my new wallpaper, and I am planning on creating a tools and resources section in my side bar. Your wallpaper post will definitely be on the list. Maybe you could add the EOD-black version to your post for an easy download. That way I can just list your post instead of listing yours and mine. You should get all of the credit, you did a VERY NICE job. Thanks again!

  5. Money Funk says:

    Check. Done! I am glad you like it. 🙂

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