Dear Enemy of Debt Reader,

Since I have decided to use ads to try and help me pay for operational costs, I wanted to say a few things about my opinion and wishes related to you clicking on any ad you see here on Enemy of Debt.

I write about paying off debt so that you have a FREE RESOURCE to learn how you can take control of your money.  I am more interested in helping you learn about the debt free principles I have learned from Dave Ramsey, than I am of making some money off of you clicking on some debt consolidation ad claiming to help you make the impossible magically possible.

Paying your debt off yourself—my recommendation, is totally possible and it is not magic. My family did it and so can you! Still not convinced? Read my concise opinion at the Self Reliance Exchange:

Debt Consolidation: The Truth Behind The Con.

If you do it anyway it is on you—it will not take you long to come to the same conclusion.  When that happens come back here to Enemy of Debt and be sure to subscribe, oh and please tell a friend. 😉

Please understand that my intention is not for you to click on ads that will harm you financially, but instead, help you find and use legitimate services that will make your situation stronger or your life easier.