debt free pie

Do You Like Pie As Much As I Like Pie?

Over at Enemy of Debt, I am constantly going on and on about how debt freedom is this and debt freedom is that, but I thought it was about time I created an official manifesto to reveal the true source of my passion.

As soon as we paid off our very first debt we felt a sense of what becoming debt free was going to be like. It was just a small bite, but isn’t it true—even if you have just a small piece of any pie, you know exactly how the rest of the pie will taste?

When we paid off each debt, each bite that was taken reminded us of the next. You get to a point where you crave the next bite, so you do all you can to get to the table again. Just knowing that it will be heavenly, your mouth starts to water and before long—you have eaten the whole pie! Mmm, mmm, mmm! So delicious there’s no need for another. Becoming debt free is like eating the pie of all pies.

Now go have some pie, and when you’re debt free—have some ice cream too!!


  1. You can spend more quality time with your family instead of on the job working hard to pay off things you enjoyed yesterday.
  2. Your marriage is less likely to be marred by the destructive nature of stress and money fights, directly related to spending more than you make.
  3. Through your wonderful example, your ability to teach your children a more responsible and sustainable way to manage money.
  4. It frees up your income allowing you to experience greater flexibility with your time and money.
  5. It’s never cool when someone else owns the fruit of your labor before you even labor.
  6. You can enjoy the additional freedom of not having to worship at the altar of the “supposedly” all powerful FICO.
  7. It feels WAY BETTER to sleep in a paid for home, walk on paid for grass, drive a paid for car, and eat already paid for food.
  8. Being debt free gives you more options in life, and opens up doors that society has told you couldn’t be opened. (Psst…don’t listen to them)
  9. The act of becoming debt free neutralizes your natural attraction and desire to “need” more STUFF, or at least provides some restraint—until you actually have the money to buy it.
  10. A survey done by Forbes magazine states, 75% of the Forbes 400 (the richest 400 people in America) said the best way to build wealth is to become and stay debt-free.

Since becoming debt free, my family and I have already experienced why becoming debt free was one of the smartest things we have ever done. we’ve been able to opt-out of needing expensive daycare, I’ve become a stay-at-home dad which has enabled me to start my very first DEBT FREE business as Virginia Printing Company. All of which were close to impossible with our previous lifestyle of slaving away to cover minimum payments and interest.

I wrote this as a guest post originally appearing on My Super-Charged Life.