I Dare You To Have A DEBT FREE Christmas In 2009!  Are You Up For The Challenge?

You might think that a debt free Christmas isn’t possible, but it is!  Very possible!  You just have to behave and think differently with your money.

The best time to start saving for Christmas is around February in order to decrease “wallet shock” the following December.  We’ve all experienced it.  Usually it happens around Thanksgiving, which is precisely why Black Friday is so successful.  Of course we can justify it, (or can we?) because of the huge savings we get on that bright and glorious Friday in November.  People actually camp out at stores, and sleep in little tents overnight, in order to buy something that was probably marked way up before it is marked way down.

I happen to think that December is the most expensive time to shop, not to mention the most annoying.  Crowds of people ready to cut off your face, at the chance of buying the last “must have”, over-priced, shiny new gadget using their little plastic companion. Maybe that explains it. All this time I thought it was the immature response of an extreme consumer, but maybe it really just boils down to this.  These people are angry because they are running up debt that won’t statistically be paid off until July or August of the following year.

A plan stretches out the financial need over many months as opposed to just one.  It also keeps you from going into more debt.  If you follow a plan there is no need to spend massive amounts of money all at once.  Instead of spending $1,000 (<~~ Way too much, if you ask me.  I think more focus should be placed on the time spent together as a family to celebrate a wonderful day, than on size or cost of the gifts, but that’s just me.) all in December, you would spend $100 a month, while still being ready to negotiate with your cash on black Friday, to get EVEN BIGGER deals!

Go ahead I dare you!

Want to take it to the next level?

Your Debt Free Financial Resolution

Are you sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck?  Are you stressed about having debt in your life.  End it now and start living better.  You owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Here’s The List:
(Check them off as you go, and add some goals to the list if you like.)

  1. Fund Christmas DEBT FREE. (NO DEBT of any kind!)
  2. Read The Total Money Makeover.
  3. Start Your Total Money Makeover.
  4. I will borrow ZERO dollars in 2010.
  5. Stick to a budget.
  6. I will SAVE $         . in 2010!
  7. I will PAY OFF $         . of my debt in 2010!
  8. I will tell two friends about Enemy Of Debt! (hahaha…:D)
  9. Start your Debt Free Financial Resolution checklist for 2011!


I know you can!  The way I see it you have NOTHING to lose.  When you complete the DEBT FREE DARE you will taste what debt free feels like, and likely want to continue with your DEBT FREE Financial Resolution! The best part about this resolution is you don;t have to wait until the first of each year.  You can start it anytime you like.  Why wait, do it NOW!