Should You Repair Your Car or Replace it? How to Know for Sure

Should You Repair Your Car or Replace it? How to Know for Sure

If you’re a car owner, at some point you’ve probably been faced with the gut wrenching decision of whether to repair your car or replace it.  It’s rarely an easy decision to make.  Repairing vs. replacing your car can have huge financial consequences that last months or even years. In today’s article I’ll show you what you need to consider when deciding to repair your car or replace it .  It’s usually not a clear-cut decision, but when you’re armed with the right knowledge, figuring out a game plan is much easier.   Repair Your Car or Replace it ? […] Read more »

Savings Accounts Actually Lose You Money

Making money through investing is hard. That might be surprising to hear but it’s really the truth. As a young child I was taught to put my money into a savings account to earn interest. If I had money I didn’t want to use for a relatively long time I was told to put it in a Certificate of Deposit (CD) to earn a higher interest rate. Some people even buy US Treasury Savings bonds. All of these savings methods earn interest and make it appear as if you have more money, but the fact is a person using these […] Read more »

13 Ways You Can Save Money On A Low Income

save money low income limited income

I get a lot of questions from readers wanting to know how they can save money on a low income, so I thought I would write a post about some of the suggestions I’ve been giving out that can help you put money in the bank, even when you’re living on a limited income.  I’ve also included some great resources along with the suggestions that will help you get started putting money in the bank right now!   You Can Still Save Money On A Low Income When you’re living on a small income, it can be especially hard to […] Read more »

7 Awesome Ways to Accelerate Your Savings and Build Wealth

Seven Awesome Ways to Accelerate Savings and Build Wealth

Most Americans are saving very little money, if any at all.  I know my savings have been harder to come by in recent years. Over the last few years my income was cut almost in half due to several factors.  On top of that, we were also paying cash for my wife’s bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Things got pretty tight there for a while. Saving money was not an easy thing to do, but we did manage to save a little periodically even though we were under the gun financially. Now my income is now returning to a much more […] Read more »

How to Get Ahead if You’re Living Paycheck to Paycheck

get ahead living paycheck to paycheck

Some recent studies showed that more than two thirds of people are living paycheck to paycheck at least some of the time. That’s pretty incredible! It seems to be getting harder and harder to keep your head above water financially, and there is no lack of reasons why that’s happening. Some of it is because our attitudes about money have changed over the years.  Some of it is also because of the changing economy, and some of it is probably due to the fact that the world is rapidly changing, and some are getting left behind because they refuse to […] Read more »

My New “Celebrating Financial Freedom” Course!

Celebrating financial freedom online get out of debt course

If you’ve been following my posts here on EOD for a while now, you may know that I offer a popular Christian get out of debt course that I’ve taught at various venues over the years. The course has always been offered in a physical version with a workbook and CD’s. I’ve been asked many times if I have the course available in an online format, and I’ve always had to say “no”. But not anymore. You Can Win Access to the Course for Free!  (Continue Reading)   You Asked, I’m Making it Happen Over the last few months, I’ve […] Read more »

We Doubled Our Net Worth and You Can Too!

Note from Travis:  I’m excited to announce a new addition to TeamEOD!   Steve Stewart, who hails from his home blog of MoneyPlanSOS, will be sharing with us a dose of no-nonsense personal finance once a month.  I’ve been a HUGE fan of Steve for several years, and know that he is an excellent addition to the team.   Please give him a warm EOD Nation welcome by leaving a comment below on his debut post here on Enemy Of Debt! Despite the blame-scream media’s coverage of The Great Recession and all the bad decisions Congress has made, my wife and I […] Read more »

Online Coupon Sites That Will Save You Money

Over the last few months I’ve been making an effort to use coupons to help save on groceries, household items, and other essentials of life. It’s obviously one of those things that you get out of it as much as you put into it. It takes time to dig through the local ads as well as websites to find coupons that match the products that my family actually uses. Through my quest for using coupons experience (say that fast 10 times!) I’ve found a handful of websites on which I have been able to find useful coupons that can genuinely […] Read more »

It’s Just Like Money in the Bank – Financial Adages Help Us Learn From Others

For some reason I started thinking today about the old saying, "It's just like money in the bank." Perhaps that was a hint that I ought to get back to the series I started a while back on financial adages and what we might learn from them. After all, there is a kernel of truth in just about everything we hear, but when an old saying gets passed on from one generation to the next, it's much more than just an old's more like wisdom dressed up in the robes of a legend. Read more »

Why You Should Get into the Savings Habit from a Young Age

piggy bank

(Guest Post by Julian) When you’re a young person (and let’s define that as roughly between the ages of 16-24 for the purpose of this post) it’s common to have the idea of saving and, even more so, the intention of saving, firmly lodged at the back of your mind. It might be that you’re at an age where no one even talks about personal finance so you haven’t even considered saving any money, or, more likely, it might be that you think saving just isn’t necessary, nor sensible, as a 16, 21, or 24 year old. After all, you […] Read more »

How I Save Money At Subway

I love Subway.  My whole family loves Subway.  In fact, over the last year, it has become tradition that I pick up Subway and bring it home for the family for Saturday lunch. We don’t eat out all that much, and it’s our way of saying, “How you doin?” to the weekend. I’m not sure if  they suddenly raised their prices, or if it was a gradual increase that just finally hit my breaking point, but a few months ago I noticed that Subway for my family of four was getting  kind of expensive for a Saturday lunch. Here’s an […] Read more »

Turn the Tables on Your Debt to Savings Ratio

Recent years have been tough on everyone; unemployment, the mortgage debacle, and rising costs on everything from food to gas have caused many of us to re-evaluate our budgets and learn to cut back. One in four Americans has more debt than savings. A recent survey by found that 25 percent of Americans have more credit card debt than they have in emergency savings. Yikes, that is definitely a scary statistic. But, you don’t have to let it happen to you! While credit card debt may take some time to get out of there are lots of things you […] Read more »

My ImpulseSave Experience: Is Saving Money Fun?

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a great weekend so far! A few weeks ago I did an ImpulseSave Invite Giveaway! At the time, I wasn’t quite fully setup and connected to my Perkstreet checking account so unfortunately I couldn’t share a more personal review of the site and the wonderful savings tool that it is. On March 11th, I was finally able to take full advantage of the site. Since then I’ve jumped in head first and I must say — I LOVE IT!!!! I don’t think saving money has ever been this much fun! My wife and I […] Read more »

Increase Your Personal Savings and Live the Life You Want

Do you have trouble saving money? Take one look at the savings rate in America and you’ll realize you’re not alone. It goes up and down but before the gloomy recession savings rates were as low as -2%. You read that right. Americans had a negative savings rate! It’s gone up a little bit since then but there is still much room for improvement. Clearly Americans have trouble saving money but imagine if there was something that encouraged you to pay yourself first each and every month. Instead of running out of money at the end of the month to […] Read more »