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Enemy of Debt and Life Insurance Finderhave partnered up to help you reach your debt free goals. Life Insurance Finder is an Australian based company that allows you to compare and select the right life insurance for you and your family based on your needs. All you have to do to enter is tell us what’s on your Debt Free Bucket List, plus if you want 10 EXTRA ENTRIES you can write about this giveaway on your blog. Don’t have a blog? Not to worry because you’ll have the chance to earn up to 5 EXTRA ENTRIES by tweeting about the giveaway.

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Got Debt?

Having debt is tough. Across the world debt has millions of people feeling the burden that it places on their lives each and every day. It’s tough to think about taking your dream vacation to any one of a thousand beautiful destinations when your debt will not let you take a single day off of work. Minimum payments are a beast! It’s why I want you to take 5 minutes of your  time — right now — to THINK BIG.

Where would you go? What would you see?

What adventure would you embark on if you had no debt holding you back? 

Here are a few things on My Debt Free Bucket List.

  1. Hike the Appalachian Trail – My 5 year old has hiked 5 miles with me before but I’m not sure how he’d deal with 6 months. Me? I’m definitely going to do everything I can to make this happen and the best part is, my wife supports this goal 100% — as long as I don’t do it before the kids are out of the house. LOL
  2. Go on a 14-Day Australian Cruise – You can blame Adam Baker from Man vs Debt for this one because ever since following his overseas adventure to Australia I’ve been drooling to see it for myself. This one could count for two items on my list since I’d be visiting Australia AND taking a cruise.
  3. Attend a UFC Mixed-Martial Arts Live Event – I absolutely LOVE the UFC!! Problem is the tickets are so expensive. I don’t want to waste my time (or my money) sitting in the nose-bleed section either. I want to be right where the action is. Watching Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva, or Cain Velasquez showing their mastery in mixed martial arts would be so much fun! The good thing is that I’ll probably be able to do this one first since it’s ultimately the cheapest. 😀
  4. Spend 3 months hitting up the most beautiful places in Europe – Italy, Greece, Ireland, Switzerland, and Spain — OMG — the list could go on. Perhaps I need a little more than 3 months. Or I could just plan to go twice. 🙂
  5. Spend an entire year traveling the United States with just the wife – I have always wanted to do this! I would hike as many awesome spots as I could, see all the big attractions and even the smaller ones. I can’t wait to show my wife some of the places I’ve lived and visited in the West like Oregon and the Northwestern Coastline, New Mexico, Colorado, and Northern California. 🙂

The world is big and I want to see as much of it as I can before I kick the bucket! Who doesn’t right? That’s why you owe it to yourself to enter this giveaway to win $500 towards PAYING OFF YOUR DEBT so you can make your debt free dreams a reality!!

What Are Your Debt Free Dreams? Enter to win $500 Cash!

Here’s how to enter below.  Remember that you must leave a SEPARATE comment with each entry in it below for it to count (except for blog post entries)!  If it’s not in the comments, with each entry separated out, you won’t be entered to win (this is how we’ll track your entries)  You can enter up to 16 TOTAL entries – it’s up to you!

  • (1 entry): Tell us what’s on your Debt Free Bucket List after you Kill Off Your Debt. Pick a few things you’d like to do once you’re debt free and share them in the comments section below. (It doesn’t have to be 5 things, just think of a few. DREAM a bit…and then make it happen!) Start by giving yourself a chance to win %500 big ones! 😉
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There you have it folks! Anyone is eligible to enter this giveaway regardless of location, BUT you do need a PayPal account in order to receive the prize. This giveaway will last for 3 full weeks and we’ll pick a winner via, so be sure to submit your comment entries by midnight Sunday, November 20th. Winners will be announced here on November 21st!

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!  I can’t wait to hear about the  adventures you will go on once you’re debt free!

Disclosure: I am not receiving any compensation for hosting this giveaway but I do consider making one of you $500 richer a prize in itself. 😀

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  1. Glen Craig says:

    For us, if we were totally debt free we’d want to travel the US and look for a great city to spend our lives, and our kids’ lives in. It’s nice where we live but I know there are some great towns out there that we haven’t explored. We actually have a small list of places to visit but being debt free would mean we’d have an opportunity to act on it. Basically, debt-free means FREEDOM!

    Great contest idea! Can’t wait to see the other dreams!

  2. Penny says:

    My fiance and I would like to buy a house, and we’d like to do some traveling, but I need to get rid of my student loan debt. In addition to building our dream house, in which we’d love to do a lot of the work ourselves, we really want to go see the 2018 Olympic games in Korea.

  3. Penny says:

    I tweeted: I just entered to win $500 with @lifeinsurancef and @enemyofdebt Enter here:!/PennyPinchPro

  4. gloria-victoria says:

    I want to take a walking tour in England.
    Visit the Yorkshire dales
    Dip my feet in the Ocean

  5. KimD says:

    My Bucket List: I want to visit and tour every province (I’m Canadian) – we did NB and PEI for a honeymoon trip, but I dream about taking my kids on provincial tours because I never got to do anything like that when I was younger. And I want to attend an NHL game with rink level seating between 2 Original 6 teams. I think it would be fun to stand in an airport, pick a flight and get on it and go exploring 🙂 I’m hoping 5-6 years and we can actually start knocking some of these items off the list.

  6. CrystalGB says:

    My debt free bucket list:
    Go to Hawaii for 10th wedding anniversary
    Tour Australia, England and Ireland.
    Build a big garage with storage space for all my husband’s hobby items.
    Get a new car (my car is old)

  7. Sarah R says:

    Okay, so not-sexy goals first… WHEN I’m debt-free (because of course it’s not an IF), my primary interest is in filling up my retirement savings bucket like it’s going out of style. I’ve been focused on debt for so long that I haven’t fully educated myself on the complete ins and outs of investing. I really want to learn about that, but not until I can actually shuttle money in that direction.

    Once I get that step underway, I’d like to save for a house. Not much more sexy, I know. But I live in Los Angeles, and that’s a HUGE undertaking.

    I’d like to buy things with cash. Buy everything with cash. I’d like to save up for big purchases, rather than blow through emergency money to cover them.

    As for the fun and sexy side of things… I’d like to live in Florence for a year. And learn Italian. I’d like to do a geneology trip through England, Ireland, Germany, and France for a few months. I’d like to take my mom on an international trip. I’d like an apartment in New York.

  8. amy says:

    When I am debt free I would like to
    1. Go on a Cruise to a hot spot
    2. Retire Early

  9. Jorge says:

    I don’t tweet or have a blog. Any opportunities for extra entries for liking/sharing this on facebook?!

  10. Brendon says:

    Once I become debt free, I’d travel a lot! I’d spend some time in Europe, Australia and the rainforests of South America. I would also love to be able to retire early.

  11. My debt free bucket list is to travel Southeast Asia and Latin America. I would also really like to save up to retire abroad. Thankfully I’ve got plenty of time for both!

  12. Miriam says:

    Travel! I’d like to see all the places I’ve been dreaming about visiting someday, both here in the US and overseas.

  13. Lisa says:

    Pay cash for a house I actually like and not what I can “afford” (hahahah right, I can “afford” 2/3 of my salary? NOT!)

    Be able to spend a year in England

    Work at a job I love (which I honestly DO know) regardless of what it makes–right now I work where I do because of salary.

    Take care of my mother properly when she’s unable to live alone.

  14. Matt says:

    Here is my Debt-Free Bucket List:

    1. 5 day Backpacking trip to Machu Picchu, Peru

    2. Spend one month in New Zealand

    3. Backpack throughout Europe with my wife for 3 months.

    4. Start my own business

    5. Go on a cruise.

  15. Serenity says:

    Ha! It’s great to see a bucket-list that doesn’t include being debt free, but it will help!

    If I were debt-free, I would:

    1) Go back to school and get a degree in the field I now enjoy: finance!

    2) Go back to Europe, no plastic involved. I enjoyed immersing myself in British, Irish, Scottish and French culture during my college study abroad trips, but I think I would enjoy it much more if I were just going with a traveling companion I love.

    3) Send my parents on a vacation to a warm locale during one of these brutal Illinois winters. Might join them myself 🙂

    4) Fund my retirement account as well as a college savings account for my niece and nephews

    5) Give away $500 to someone who wants to be debt free 🙂

    Also tweeted at @NotSoSerene today 🙂

    Also, you guys absolutely rock, and I know that $500 will make someone’s life lots better

  16. Kelli says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway!


    I just entered to win $500 with @lifeinsurancef and @enemyofdebt Enter here:

  17. Kelli says:

    Once I’m debt free I would love to:

    1. Visit my ancestral homeland: Ireland! I’ve never been, and I would love to see the rolling green hills, stay in a castle, kiss the Blarney Stone, etc.

    2. Do a MAJOR road trip across the U.S., maybe in an RV. See the states I haven’t been to yet.

    3. Go to Australia. I’ve always wanted to visit there and see the beautiful beaches, koalas, and kanagaroos!

    4. Tour Europe, especially France and Italy. I was an Art History major, so I would love to be able to spend a good deal of time in all the famous museums.

    5. Pay off my mortgage!

    6. Save for the future!

  18. Verna says:

    My comment field Bucket List:

    1. Set up a library-restaurant hybrid with my dad
    2. Learn Serbo-Croatian by taking one-to-one lessons then travelling in the region
    3. Take my little niece to Disneyland

  19. Stephanie says:

    The biggest thing I want to do is Retire Early.

    Then I can work part time to keep an income stream but have the time to actual take up all the hobbies I’ve been wanting to do and travel to all the places I want to see.

  20. Jerri Lyn says:

    1) Get my passport

    2) Visit the Seven Wonders of the Natural World: Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls, Aurora Borealis (during which I can hopefully knock out with two other goals; Alaskan cruise and seeing whales on a non-whale watching trip), Harbor of Rio de Janiero, Mount Everest (see it, not climb it), Paricutin Volcano and the Great Barrier Reef (which is on a continent which, as far as I can tell, exists only to kill you.)

  21. Ret says:

    If I were out of debt I would enjoy eating all the healthy food I could by.

  22. Kristin says:

    Bucket List:

    *Travel Europe especially Scotland/Ireland
    *Court side seats to the NCAA Final Four championship game
    *Road trip through North America

  23. Margaret Smith says:

    I’d love to visit Alaksa with my family.
    Would really love a cruise to Bermuda.
    A trip to Belize to go Scuba diving.
    Would love to visit with my family to Disney & Universal.
    Would love to visit Hawaii

  24. Margaret Smith says:

    I tweeted:!/peg42/status/131115793529311233

  25. Julie says:

    1. I would like to go back to Sicily and see if any of the people I got to know and love while I was stationed there still lived there. I would then tour the whole island and then go up to Europe.

    2. I would like to start flipping houses and build up passive income so that I could help my church get out of debt.

    3. I would like to take a year and do the cribbage circuit and see if I could accumulate enough points to be National Champion.

  26. Cathie says:

    If I were to become debt free it would be like winning the lottery….!!!
    I would be able to help those less fortunate and be able to do
    more things w/my family which would require traveling because
    all my family lives away. Being in debt makes it hard to see them.
    And last but not least……save for retirement !

  27. 1) go to the motherland – Africa
    2) spend a year island hopping – St. Lucia, St. Maarten, Antigua, French Polynesian etc…
    3) live like no one else and
    4) give like no one else

  28. Rhonda M. says:

    In no particular order:
    Travel to Hawaii, Travel to Italy, France and Spain, Take my family with me when I travel, Donate more (time & $) to my church, Take multiple cruises, Spend more time with family

  29. Serena says:

    For me, if I were debt free, I would begin saving money towards the DIY workshop I am dreaming about in my garage! Since moving into our home a year ago, there have been tons of projects that I just haven’t had the money to do, especially since trying to pay off a few thousand in credit debt. I would LOVE to win this giveaway so I can move forward in this dream! 🙂

  30. Serena says:

    Just posted about the giveaway on my BLOG:

    (Decimation of Procrastination)

  31. Jennifer says:

    Debt Free Bucket List

    1) Get a decent used car
    2) Take a year off and visit all 50 states.
    3) Take another year off and visit Europe and Austraila

  32. Jennifer says:

    Debt Free Bucket List

    1) Get a decent used car
    2) Take a year off and visit all 50 states.
    3) Take another year off and visit Europe and Australia

  33. Cathy says:

    Assuming my more practical goals like retirement savings are covered, my list is pretty short – I want to go on an Alaksan cruise with my hubby and have a timeshare in Hawaii so we can go there every year. Thank you for the giveaway!

  34. Kim says:

    1. Debt free? Actually sleep at night!! 🙂
    2. I would take a trip to Ireland.
    3. I would take a trip to Alaska.
    4. I would buy a mountain house.

    Thanks for the chance!

  35. Peter S says:

    We’d be looking for ways to bless other people once we were debt-free. We’d obviously be saving towards retirement, but retirement doesn’t mean to stop living and rest. We may look at a little travel around the US for fun, but we’d definitely want to encourage others and help where possible.

  36. Peter says:

    I think a lot of my debt free bucket list items include travel, and experiences – like a lot of folks.

    I’d love to travel to the far east, walk the great wall of China and visit Japan to see Tokyo, Hiroshima and a variety of other things.

    I’d also love to go back to Hawaii – we honeymooned there and loved it. This time we’d pay in cash!

    I also want to go back to Europe and visit some places in more depth. We did a mediterranean cruise in 2008 and saw Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Croatia. I’d love to go back and spend more time in the Amalfi coast of Italy, and possibly visit some other countries like Germany and Austria.

    Oh, and I’d love to visit Disney World with my son when he’s old enough to remember.

    We’re already debt free except our mortgage, so at this point a lot of these trips depend on us saving up for them, and finding a babysitter that won’t mind watching our son for a week!


  37. Lynda E says:

    I’d go to Ireland and find my long lost ancestors and then I’d go to Italy and eat my weight in pasta and then I’d start saving big time!

  38. If I was debt-free, I would:
    1) Put $1,000 more a month into savings so I can quit my job
    2) Take all of next summer off and travel around New England and the West Coast of the U.S.
    3) Live in another country – I really want to do this at some point for at least a few months.

  39. Mary Joy Argo says:

    I would make sure my children and parents are set up financially, I would donate some money, and then use it for travel, dining out, and a new car.

  40. Ashley says:

    A few of the things on my Bucket List include:

    1. Going to Australia
    2. Going to New Zealand
    3. Spending NYE in NYC

  41. Doreen Riopel says:

    I would love to go to Hawaii for 2 weeks. A place by the ocean and massages everyday. Spend time on the ocean and checking out valcanos. That is what I want to do.

  42. Pinky Sade says:

    My Debt Free Bucket List-
    Go to Alaska to see the Aurora Borealis and do some dog sledding!
    Go sky diving in NZ
    Spend a year or two in Europe

  43. Katherine says:

    I want to go to Williamsburg VA.
    Buy New Carpet for my HOuse
    redo my kitchen

  44. Sammi says:

    I’d quit my job – I’m just waiting until I can make it without it!

  45. 1) Spend a whole month in Disney World exploring every corner of it with my family.
    2) Buy a car in cash from savings.
    3) Pay a few of my friend’s rent for a month without them knowing I did it.
    4) Go to local charities I support and volunteer with the time I’d usually spend earning extra income.

  46. spamgirl says:

    I’d go to Niagara Falls, can’t wait!

  47. Tiffany says:

    1. A trip to Europe. I’d love to go after my debt is paid off.
    2. Hawaii
    3. Vacation in a beach house RIGHT on the beach!!!

  48. spamgirl says:

    Blog post

  49. rlk says:

    I’d like to travel to Brazil and Australia when I’m debt-free!!

  50. Kendra Gillilan says:

    we are almost on the debt free and headed for the bucket list–a vacation please!!

  51. J$ says:

    Things I want to do once my mortgage is paid off (10 years and counting, baby!)

    1) Fly around the world – and actually SEE stuff too (not just do it to say I did it)
    2) Spend every week trying a new job just for fun, and to learn other trades (like a weekly internship)
    3) Build a house from scratch – doesn’t matter if I live in it or not, I just want to see if I can do it 😉

    Hope someone wins it who deserves it!! Good giveaway my friend!!

  52. Den says:

    Bucket List:

    Alaskan Cruise
    Visit Rome and the Vatican
    Take a gourmet cooking class
    Buy each of my adult kids a brand new car
    Live for 6 months in Scotland and England
    Take the Canadian Train to Banff
    Visit Prince Edward Island

  53. Julie Ford says:

    If (when) my family gets out of debt we would love to buy a 1972 Ford Mustang, and restore it from top to bottom! Our last name is Ford, and my 2 young sons are super interested in cars. And 1972 is when my husband was born. Soooo that would be something enjoyable for the whole family!

  54. Heather C says:

    My bucket list would be:
    1. to go see punxsutawney Phil for groundhog day!
    2. To visit a friend of mine in New Zealand!
    3. To build the biggest, most insane play area outside for my son
    4. To get a wardrobe of clothes that I actually like and that are well made and tailored to fit!
    5. To put more money towards my son’s college education.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  55. Felipe D. says:

    Once I finish paying off debt:
    1. Enroll my son in piano, guitar, and vocal lessons.
    2. Save for a nice, peaceful family vacation
    3. Save for a trip to Europe.
    4. Start saving for a house.
    5. Support another child through
    6. Start saving towards a decent emergency fund.
    7. Start a 401k or other retirement account.

  56. stephen says:

    i really want to tour europe, been there once and i would love to be able to spend a month there.

    just travel all over the US and the world. i just love travelling.

  57. Kelli says:

    Tweet #1 (the first one where I properly copied the link!)!/KelRo1/status/131839589089427457

  58. We have 4 kids (21, 19, 17, and 7) and while it’s not terribly exciting or sexy the first thing on the bucket list would be making sure all college bills are taken care of. That’s my #1 financial concern. But, the fun stuff?
    1. Do a tour of Ireland and the UK and track down genealogy, etc. of both my wife’s and my family backgrounds. Must include pub stops for Guinness (Ireland) and Strongbow (England).
    2. A cruise for my wife and I. Maybe, one of those “theme” cruises like the recent KISS KRUISE.
    3. Visit Hawaii…a lot.
    4. Take a chartered flight on some kind of wheelchair friendly flight to #1 plus anywhere else. I use a scooter and cannot walk so commercial flights do not work so well. (Ain’t no fun to fly when you can’t use the airplane’s potty.)
    5. Disney with top of the line resorts all the way. I want to get there before the 7 year old doesn’t get the “magic” anymore.

  59. Lauren says:

    Like most people commenting, I’d like to take a nice trip. Maybe Argentina and spend a few weeks in Patagonia.

  60. Wiseguy says:

    With sufficient income and no debt, I’d take up my dream job: stay-at-home dad!

  61. My goal is to spend at least 3-6 months in Europe, Asia and Australia and travel to different countries in each continent.

  62. BradC says:

    Once debt free, I’d like to:
    1 – travel with my family: Canada, Europe, USA, etc.
    2 – spend money on my wife – she does so much for others, it would be nice to spoil her more often
    3 – build my dream house on a big piece of property

  63. Mikki says:

    I plan to start saving for retirement

    buy a house cash

    buy a car cash

    is this considered bucket list worthy?? im simple lol

  64. This sounds like fun! A chance to win money and dreaming about what will happen when we are debt free! Like so many others here are my dreams:
    1. Go to Hawaii during Ironman and assist (one day I would love to race)
    2. Run the Great wall of China marathon
    3. Not have to work shift work so that I can focus on training more
    4. Go See the Tour de France
    5. Buy my honey a sailboat

  65. Gabriel Chow says:

    To be debt free would mean I can finally use my vacation times instead of slaving away at my job, and my bucket list of things to accomplish includes a full slate of travel itineraries (amongst other things). Some of the highlight includes (in no particular order):

    1) Take a year off work and go volunteer in Africa.
    2) Go teach English in a foreign country.
    3) Visit the 7 Wonders of the World.
    4) Climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
    5) Go dive with Great White sharks.

  66. Dan says:

    Being debt free would allow me to work less and take more micro-road trips, taking a ton of photos along the way, and writing about my travels.

  67. Christine SD says:

    I fear debt. If I’d continue to be debt free and earning more, I would die to visit Greece and New Zealand!

  68. Ashley Williams says:

    We would do a lot of travelling but esp to Italy. Also, design and build our dream home.

  69. Mina C. says:

    Once my mom is already debt free, we’ll be able to save up to open our own food-related business(probably a restaurant) and buy our dream house. But most importantly, so my dad can come home already and not work abroad, away from us, anymore.


    Thank you for this chance! Good luck all! 🙂

  70. A girl can dream! And plan. And be debt-free! Tons of ideas in mind now, but they gotta be in a blog post. For the meantime, tweeted about the giveaway. Thanks Brad, you are aweeee-mazing!!/jonharules/status/132467712369766400

  71. Crystal says:

    Debt Free Bucket List:

    1. Throw a party for all of our friends to celebrate.
    2. Buy new recliners.
    3. Invest in a rental property.

  72. petra says:

    I’d redecorate my house, hire a regular house cleaner, and travel to Central and South America.

  73. Jenny says:

    When I get my debt paid off, there are 2 things high on my list to do.
    1. I want to take a week long trip to Hawaii – I’ve always wanted to go there!
    2. I want to go to a yoga retreat in the mountains or a tropical area where I can take a week or two to relax and decompress from the stress of life.
    Aside from that, I would like to be able to donate and assist stray animal rescue facilities.

  74. Andi K. says:

    My debt free bucket list.

    Go to South Korea – I traveled to South Korea once during a study abroad. I was fortunate enough to be able to meet my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins for the first time in my life. It was an amazing trip and I would love to see the family that is not so near and but very dear to me again.

    Take Trapeze Lessons – This has always been a dream of mine since I was a kid! I might get a little scared once the heigh, becomes a reality, but I would love to be up high swinging through the air.

    Decorate my House – I will have to laugh if this one is on anyone else’s bucket list… I’m just very utilitarian by nature, so home decor is always at the bottom of my priority list… err does not even register on the radar? but someday I would love to have a house where my friends can’t joke about the insane asylum white walls. For real.

    Ride a double-tall bike – Be still my beating heart!

    Design Clothes – I have a passion for sewing and design. I would love it if someday I had the means to quit my day job and pursue my dreams. It would be fun to run a boutique or at least have my clothing line featured in a boutique.

    p.s. Tweeted by snowballinHi

  75. My only debt is our mortgage…hmm, what do I want to do when that’s paid off? Well, I’d like to funnel that money into some savings, like retirement, and I’d also like to give away more money.

  76. klyn says:

    if we were debt free, I’d like to build a house for our family and start up a food business, probably a restaurant. Have my parents tour some countries in Asia.

  77. Pedro says:

    I’d put away more money for retirement, travel to Europe, and make sure I had enough stashed away to help my parents (they’re getting older and don’t have health insurance).

  78. Tammy says:

    Bucket List if Debt-Free:
    1. Trip to Israel with Hubby
    2. Get some Coaching/Life-planning Training

  79. Ashley says:

    I blogged on my personal blog:

  80. Burcu says:

    I want to buy a house and visit istanbul

  81. lynn greene says:

    Travel to India with my three kids.

  82. Alyssa P says:

    So I’m dreaming BIG….
    1. Start a family!!!!!!
    2. Definitely would buy or build our dream home!
    3. Travel to all 50 states in an awesome RV.
    4. Take my hubby to Great Wall of China (he has always wanted to go)
    5. Visit Hawaii and Greece.

  83. My Debt Free Bucket List
    [Assuming I would remain debt free doing them]

    Finish Anat Baniel Method Professional Training
    Buy a small place here AND a small place in Kiel, Germany, and live between the two [split my time]
    Send my grandson to college.

  84. Kristina says:

    I’d travel more often, especially to visit my family that lives abroad. I’d revisit some places, like London and maybe even live there for a while. I’d take up some dance classes and learn horseback riding.

  85. Tina M says:

    Trip to north pole with my family!!

  86. Cranky Mommy says:

    1. Buy a home.

    2. Vacation in Costa Rica.

    I love reading people’s dreams.

  87. bill elliott says:

    when i get debt free i would,
    1) not worry about bill collectors calling
    2) tear up my credit cards

  88. Dee N says:

    When we are debt free, we would like to travel. A few places we’d like to see would be NYC and Ireland.
    Someday 🙂

  89. Erin Schmidt says:

    My husband I and would like to visit London, Tokyo and Sydney when we are finally debt-free.

  90. Jenn says:

    If I were debt free, I’d get a new car! The one I have works perfectly, but it’s got a lot of miles on it and is rather “economy”, if you know what I mean.

  91. When I kill my debt, I hope to buy and RV and drive around the country visiting National Parks, writing about them, and promoting my memoir!

  92. Stephen says:

    When I get debt free I would:
    1. Travel the Caribbean, Central & South America to find a tropical paradise near the beach where I would most like to live.
    2. Move there.

  93. Emmzee says:

    If I was debt free I would travel the US and the World with my boyfriend (we have a long list of locales we want to visit).

  94. Leann Lindeman says:

    My husband has been in a VIP program through his work for about 35 years… So hopefully we will be good to go after he retires. Here is a few things on my bucket list. Ride in a hot air balloon. Buy a super fab adobe home in New Mexico and live there, maybe just during the summer. Travel to Italy….. And maybe Hawaii.

  95. Jen says:

    I would travel to India and explore. I’d ride around in a tuk-tuk and enjoy being on vacation. I would also start to pay back my parents for my college education. Oh, and I would also go out to eat more often.

  96. Mary says:

    For my husband and I, we would like to take our son and grandkids to Disney (and possibly their folks). We would also like to visit family out West and SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!!!

  97. Angela R says:

    I’m pretty sure once my boyfriend’s debt is paid off and my debt is paid off – we’re in the same shoes and struggling financially. Mine not as bad as him. BUT once our debt is paid off, I’m pretty sure he’ll ask me to marry him. I’ve been very clear that I won’t marry until he’s financially stable and that I won’t have a wedding because it costs money but it’d be a lovely thing to go on a very nice vacation just the two of us and elope. THEN I can focus on saving up for traveling europe, build a beautiful home, and spoil my kids.. within my means.

  98. Gabriel Chow says:

    My 5th and final Twitter entry for this giveaway:!/gtychow/status/133724821967208448

    Here’s to me winning! Cheers!

  99. Ashley says:

    Tweet #5:!/alohaitsAJ/status/133960405914615809

    Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway! 🙂

  100. Here’s my no-debt bucket list:

    1. Adopt a cat
    2. Spend a summer at my family’s cabin
    3. Buy a new computer

    Not huge dreams, but they’re all things I really want for my small income!!

  101. Katie says:

    1. Buy professional work clothes
    2. Hike in Alaska
    3. Help my brother with his dream of making it in the arts.

  102. Angie says:

    1. I would go on a great beach vacation.
    2. We would buy my son the awesome loft bedroom set that we saw over the weekend while shopping for just a mattress set!
    3. More kids, sooner.
    4. Save up for a great house closer to my work (or closer to our family friends).
    5. Sleep at night without worrying!!

  103. LORI says:

    We want to pay off our kid’s Europe trip through his high school. We’ve been paying for 8 months in installments and I am looking forward to that being done with! If we had the money i would love for us to travel to Australia, that’s my dream destination… swim in the great barrier reef, view Ayre’s rock at sundown, visit an australian Vineyard… sigh!

  104. Lynda says:

    my dream is to travel and live in other countries. i mean actually LIVE for a few months, not just be a tourist.

  105. Mara says:

    Once I’m debt- free, I would love to:

    1. Save money to buy a Canon 5d Mark II camera so I could kick start my photography career.
    2. Travel to Europe to visit my extended family.
    3. Help pay my mom’s property taxes so she doesn’t have to worry about it.

  106. BradC says:

    Tweet #4:!/comdiggler/status/134211604333080576

  107. Rebecca says:

    Ride in a hot air balloon

    Drive across country

    Visit Israel

    Visit Auschwitz

    Return to Paris- I was born in France but left when I was very young. I’d like to go back and spend a few weeks getting to know Paris

    Create a cookbook based on my Mother’s recipe notebook

    White Water Rafting

    Visit Colonial Willamsburg

    Learn to drive a motorcycle– I have ridden on one and now I want to learn how to drive it

    Write a book or ebook

    Drive cross country

    Go Minimalist- so I am selling and giving stuff away that I no longer need and it helps to pay off debt

    Stand in California’s Redwood Forest

  108. Rebecca says:

    I just tweeted… @rebecca43c

  109. Amber says:

    My debt free bucket list:

    Spend a year travelling the world and volunteering at interesting places.
    Join the Peace Corps
    Get an MBA (without student loans of course!)
    Go visit my good friend in New Zealand

  110. Matt says:

    I would love to see the world, starting with all of the states that I have not been to. Alaska, Canada, and other northern countries would have to be during the summer. Australia would be a mist see destination. I would love to have my own business. Not a job that you call a business, that falls apart or earns no money when you are not there. I would like to go to many different kinds of sporting events, and concerts. I would donate more money to charities that I believe in. .

  111. mackenzie says:

    When I get debt free, I want to

    1. Visit Venice and Paris
    2. Learn how to bake professionally
    3. go sailing

  112. Kathy says:

    1) First and foremost, I want a new car….well, newer. My baby is 15 and I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna get out of her. She’s been good to me though.

    2) I want $10k in my 911 fund….but, I’ll settle for $5k.

    3) take an Alaskan cruise

    4) travel to Europe

    5) max out my IRA every year

    6) give more to my church & charity

  113. lauren says:

    I was really excited last year when I got into this study abroad trip in Ireland, but my parents nor I had the money to go. So if I were debt free I would finally make it there to take in the landscape and discover more about a culture that is in my blood but I don’t necessarily have enough of an education to be connected to.

  114. Andrea Z says:

    My debt free bucket list includes starting my own craft business, and going back to college there are a few other things I’d like to learn.

  115. desi says:

    The number one thing on my debt-free bucket list is to marry my amazing boyfriend. I want to be able to start our lives free and clear so that our money is ours to do whatever we please with, instead of paying back mistakes I made in college.

    We’ve always talked about going to Italy, and we both studied abroad in Germany – I’d love to have the opportunity to go back together.

  116. Kandace says:

    I’d love to be able to max out our IRAs and retirement contributions, take a nice family vacation every year, and give more to others.

  117. Emily S says:

    The first thing I’m going to do,is buy a nice house for me,my husband, and our daughter. Than I would work on taking her to disney land, or whereever she would want to go. And lastly, I would save up for her school, car, and other expenses.

    These are all nothing special, but I don’t need much. I’m a simple person. I’m mainly focused on giving her all that I can. I don’t need anything besides her and my husband. 🙂

  118. Jenn says:

    Mostly I’m just looking forward to being able to do whatever I want with my money! I want to go back and see more of Europe. I want to buy a house.

  119. There’s lots of travel on my Bucket List…a cruise to all of the islands in Greece, a safari in Africa, two weeks in Italy, and two weeks in Australia. I’d also love to be able to move to a new city (New York, San Francisco, London) for one year, not work, and just experience everything it has to offer. I’m not quite ready to yet but I’d love to buy a house on my own. And in that house, I want to build a mini-sports bar.

  120. For me if I were debt free (I have student loans and perhaps soon a car payment to make, plus expenses to move if I get a new job so it’s going to be a huge financial strain!) I would totally:

    -Take a trip to NYC in the fall to see the leaves change, visit Central Park and do some off-the-beaten path things (like visit Lion Brand Yarn studios and all the yarn shops).

    -Go to Boston in the late spring to learn about American History and eat lots of good food!

    -Adopt another pug from a rescue, Ralphie needs a companion and more pugs need homes!

    -Oh, and I’d totally have money to max out my ROTH IRA (Ya I know that’s nerdy but it excites me!)

  121. I posted about this giveaway with the verbage/links you included at

  122. Chris says:

    A Hawaii cruise, a new kitchen, a remodeled bedroom

  123. Chris says:

    Tweeted @cdm5899

  124. Daisy says:

    I would love to travel around Central America for 1-2 months nonstop and hit up every single country.

  125. Michelle says:

    I would go on a vacation and go skydiving!

  126. Helen says:

    I can’t wait to be debt-free so I can quit my day job and support myself with my art!!

  127. Lindi says:

    Once we’re debt free, our goal is to travel to Africa. It’s been a dream of mine forever!

  128. Susan Dobie says:

    Everything I’m doing to kill debt is to one day get this ONE thing checked off my bucket list … to own a small house in the middle of the woods either back home in Alaska, or somewhere in Idaho or Montana. I want my home, my garden, my critters, my craft room and my kitchen. Oh, and my husband of course!

  129. Elizabeth says:

    I’m going to climb Mt. Kilamanjaro with my dad! We’ve been talking about it for several years now, but I just can’t justify the cost of the trip until I pay off my college loans!

  130. Julie says:

    after my debt has gone away and died I am going to put in that kitchen that I have so wanted so I can get rid of the termite eaten cabinets:)

  131. Dora says:

    I would bike through France and the Italian coastline. I call it the “Journey to find Myself.”

  132. Quanda says:

    Once my debts are gone, we would love to visit Hawaii for a week with my family and blog on the beach. Or a trip to France for a month and shop at the finest stores & dine at the finest restaurants. And I would love to travel the USA in a motor home for half year visiting National State Parks, historics places, etc..

  133. Dana says:

    I would love to travel the US in an RV for a month or longer!!

  134. CrystalH says:

    Hey Brad!

    I would totally travel the world! I haven’t even been to Canada, so I have lots of catch up traveling to do! Thanks for really making me think about this because now I want to work hard to make this happen. Bora Bora here I come!

  135. Donna D. says:

    Travel to Santorini Greece with my husband, would love to stay for 3 weeks

  136. Donna B. says:

    Once I pay off all my debt (notice I said once, not if) I’ll take the summer off from work and spend it travelling through Europe. I want to do it right!

  137. I wrote a post here about what’s on my debt-free bucket list:

    Hopefully that stage will come before this time next year!

  138. Chris says:

    My first choice? Take my wife to Ireland for our wedding anniversary.

  139. kathleen says:

    take someone I love on a surprise vacation.

  140. Kimberly says:

    I’d love to:
    Spend 6 months in Italy learning the language and how to cook!
    Spend 3 months (summer) in Normandy, France. It is so beautiful!
    Return to New Zealand to explore the south island.

  141. libby says:

    1. Visit Ireland
    2. Take my little brother abroad during his whole summer vacation.
    3. Honeymoon in Japan/Hawaii

  142. nikki h says:

    my debt free bucket list? well, it would be to comfortably travel and play music with my husband while only paying for the expenses needed and putting money aside!
    my husband is a full time musician now and we make ends meet between his job and my 2 part time jobs (exercise physiologist and bartender) as well as performing with him. for our age we are comfortable and our debt honestly isn’t too heavy, BUT it keeps us from putting money aside, and with our professions, that is completely on us.
    it would be great to live our dream while saving for the future!

    i wish i had a blog to post this on!

  143. LB says:

    The #1 thing that was on my debt free bucket list was to shout to everyone I see “I am debt free bitches” HAHA! DONE. Debt free as of October 2011.
    #2 start school in progress
    #3 find a job I like not hate in progress
    #4 travel to anywhere I don’t have family because I have never done that. Will do that once I figure out the job and school stuff. 🙂

  144. Kara says:

    I would love to go on one of those around the world cruises!

  145. Georgie says:

    My husband and I want to go to Brazil for the Olympics, which fall around our 10th anniversary!

  146. Kari says:

    A few things on my debt-free bucket list:

    1) Take my family on a trip through the Canadian Rockies aboard the Rocky Mountaineer Train
    2) By brand new cars for me, hubby, and our teenage kids
    3) Go on a girls shopping/show trip to NYC with my 15 yr. old daughter
    4) Buy all new furniture for my home

  147. Blake Maloney says:

    1.Get a Pilot’s License
    2. Surf in Hawaii
    3. Become an EMT
    4. Become Sucba certified
    5. Take a motorcycle trip

  148. kasey says:

    A trip to Fiji… 🙂

  149. Christina says:

    First of all, thanks for hosting this giveaway! When I am debt-free, I would like to:

    * Finally return to France where I was an exchange student 10 yrs ago
    * Earn a Yoga Teachers Training Certificate (specializing in Ashtanga Yoga)
    *Complete a culinary program and watch my mom smile when she sees that I can be trusted with knives!
    *Take my best friend with me on a Volunteer Vacation in Africa

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

  150. Rachel Fanning says:

    My debt free bucket list..
    I would put money back for retirement and also money into my two daughters accounts for college.
    give money to my father to help him with his bills and needs
    buy a house in a place that I want to live
    travel the U.S.
    travel different countries, have so many places I’ve wanted to see for myself and take my children too
    buy a truck
    get a makeover and a new wardrobe
    go to some music concerts
    swim with the dolphins
    start my own bussiness
    help friends in real need

  151. Rachel Fanning says:

    For my debt free bucket list… I would put money into retirement
    buy a house
    help my father with his needs
    help out friends who really need it
    travel the United States as well as other countries
    get a makeover and a new wardrobe
    put money into my childrens college funds
    have my own business
    have a gathering with all my friends since it seems to be hard to get together with all of us anymore

  152. Natalie says:

    Oh to be debt free! My husband and I would go on a trip to Europe. England, Italy, France, Czech Republic… Also, we would buy a house here in Vermont.

  153. Shannon K. says:

    My Debt Free Bucket List:

    Take a vacation to Ireland and Paris
    Save for retirement
    Buy my husband a truck

  154. Amy R says:

    I want to go to Disneyworld!! (no, seriously) it is a dream of mine to take a trip there with my family. I love all things Disney 🙂
    Someday I would love to take my Mom on a cruise. We both have always wanted to experience that, and she really deserves it.
    Wish I had money to go visit some of my friends. Most of them live in other states, which means I never get to see them.
    I also need a new car – or even a new used one! Without debt and some extra money I could get one.

  155. Jenna says:

    My debt free bucket list: Take a trip for our tenth anniversary (haven’t been on a trip since our honeymoon nine years ago). Buy a car that doesn’t have duct tape holding on pieces of it. Take our two kiddos to Disney. Husband and I both finish Masters Degrees.

  156. Nicky says:

    When Debt free I would just live my best life which is saving for retirement, travel, college fund for DD and just continue to live within my means and enjoy life without the burden of debt.

  157. T says:

    I would set myself up for the future so money and the basics were not an issue. Then I would set up activities and businesses that would both make money and make a contribution back.

  158. If I was debt-free, I would hit up Europe! I want to see Italy, Germany, France, Scotland, etc. I would go see Cirque du Soleil in Vegas and Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I would make a one-a-year trip back home to South Dakota.

  159. Kristie says:

    My husband and I would like to go to Germany and Ireland 🙂

  160. Jamie says:

    I have little tiny dreams right about now! I’d like to go clothes shopping at a real store and NOT worry about price tags or sales! I would like to have someone come in to help me keep my house clean. I know that my husband would like to eat out more often than we do. We would also love to travel more than we do- Seattle, California and Maine come to mind! Thanks for hosting! 🙂

  161. Patricia Crowley says:

    My Debt Free Bucket List:
    1. Family Trip to Disney World
    2. A Cruise for my 15th Anniversary
    3. A Swimming pool!
    4. Re-model the bathrooms in the house
    5. Kitchen remodel

  162. Michelle Spayde says:

    I would buy a gorgeous log home, move to the mountains, and enjoy life in a small town.

  163. Wendy T says:

    Well, if I’m going to dream a bit…I’d dream I would take a voyage on the Queen Elizabeth with my son and scatter my daughter’s ashes out to the sea she loved so much. And the weather would be perfect, and the chocolate divine 🙂

    I’d also have the intellectual, professional and financial backing to open and run the non profit I’ve only put on paper so far.

    And I’d be able to foot the bill for my son’s college in it’s entirety in order to start him out in the best way I can!

    *Do I have to wake up now – or can I stay in that dream for a while?

  164. Lo says:

    1. I’d take the kids to Disney.
    2. I’d take the kids to Europe (both of our families hail from European countries so there’s a historical piece).
    3. Buy a new car.
    4. Think about getting a small summer place.

  165. CasSandra W. says:

    If I was debt free:
    1. I would like to travel around the U.S. with my family.
    2. Travel to countries around the English Channel
    3. Live in Amsterdam for 30 days.
    4. Give back to underprivileged children who are from single parent homes. To just be a mentor in helping them with issues they may face in the world. I know I can do it now but being able to give more time to them and others will be journey in itself.

  166. Kaye says:

    I want to pay cash for a vacation. I have no idea where…maybe to the mountains of NC while the snow is (lightly) falling. I would also love to be able to give to charities more freely. My heart breaks when I can’t give as much as I’d like because of my stupid debt.

    Thanks for the chance to win! Love the blog as always!

  167. Marlene V says:

    Tell us what’s on your Debt Free Bucket List after you Kill Off Your Debt. Pick a few things you’d like to do once you’re debt free and share them in the comments section below.
    1. Go to Egypt
    2. Go to Greece
    3. Go to Ireland
    4. Go to Peru

  168. meems says:

    Kitchen renovation.
    Save for kids’ university tuitions.
    Travel, travel, travel!

  169. Hank says:

    Just tweeted the first tweet

  170. Hank says:

    Items on my debt free bucket list….

    Teach a college course
    Drive the entire length of Route 66
    Build a homeless shelter
    Publish a book
    Run a marathon

  171. Annette D says:

    I would like to travel to Germany to see where my ancestors were from.

  172. Georgia says:

    What’s on your Debt Free Bucket List after you Kill Off Your Debt? Vacation for sure!!!!!! Then I would go clothes shopping. My daughter tells me I have been wearing the same clothes for years now. I would then throw out all the old clothes in my draws and closet. What a blessing it would be to kill off all my debt. Love it!

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  173. Georgia says:

    Tweeted here too!/gmissycat/status/138267970655895552

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  174. Deanna G. says:

    Here’s mine:

    1. Visit the Grand Canyon.
    2. Visit Australia.
    3. Stay at the Atlantis hotel on Paradise Island.
    4. Go on a Caribbean Cruise.
    5. Visit Disney World.

  175. Lindsay S says:

    If my significant other and I were debt free, we would love to buy a house and take a trip! We would love to do some traveling to the Caribbean!

  176. courtney says:

    If I was debt free I would:
    Go back to the Philippines
    Finish midwife training
    Return to Fundaninos Orphanage in Guatemala

  177. trishden says:

    Hello, my bucket list….hmmm let me see. I want to open an old fashioned country store, I want to go to Egypt and visit the pyramids, I want to see Machu Pichu. I always wanted to take a cruise in Alaska and the Panama Canal. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  178. Dee says:

    1. Travel to Italy
    2. Go on my first cruise
    3. Go camping
    4. Travel to Australia
    5. Take a hip hop dance class!

    Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  179. trishden says:

    I tweeted on Twitter here:!/trishden/status/138337064432312321


  180. Adam says:

    If my wife and I were debt free, we would move back to Texas (where we’re from) and I’d work/travel from there. We would start saving in order to buy our first house together and hopefully put down quite a bit on it in a few years!

  181. Jessica says:

    I would:
    1. Take my parents to Europe!
    2. Do a back to back cruise
    3. I would buy an Ipad 2!!

  182. Amy B. says:

    When I am debt free I want to:
    Take my family to Disney, all the parks in Florida, including Sea World and Universal
    My husband and I take a trip to NYC for our anniversary
    And make sure each of my daughters has a college fund

    Thank you

  183. Alista Vye says:

    My debt free dream would firstly be to make sure my children’s education is paid for and that my family and I have a comfortable home to live in. I’d definitely like to donate at least 10% of my income to charity and worthwhile causes. I’d also likely indulge in a little bit of spa treatments on a regular basis and of course travel, travel, travel! I’ve been dying to go to Brazil, Spain, Italy and Austrailia!

  184. Vicki says:

    When I am debt free here is what I want:

    1) Buy an iPad
    2) Go to Florida to see my sister
    3) Buy a trailer to live in
    4) Travel across the US
    5) Move out of California

  185. Jonha Revesencio | SavingisSexy says:

    Here’s my debt-free bucket list 🙂

  186. Stefanie says:

    I would definitely take my whole extended family to Disney and start saving to buy a bigger house!

  187. Tamara says:

    I would have a child and travel Europe.

  188. If we were debt free we would be that much closer to being able to retire abroad. Canadian winters are too much!

  189. Nichole Garcia says:

    My debt-free bucket list: I would take a 7-day Caribbean cruise, take a 3 week tour of europe (hitting Ireland, Scotland, England, France and Italy, give 10% of my income to charity and buy my husband a few hours of race car driving time.

  190. Diane McGuire says:

    I want my house paid off before I retire.

  191. Dana says:

    I’d travel Europe, Asia, and Australia. How much fun would that be when I’m debt-free.

  192. Kevin says:

    My debt free bucket list includes:

    – Fishing in Alaska
    – A sweet new bike that I don’t really need to take me on a
    bike tour of new zealand
    – All new ultralight gear and a two week back pack trip in the Sierra Nevada

  193. Amy R says:

    I tweeted about this giveaway:!/Amy_Rhoades

  194. Brad Chaffee says:

    COMMENTS CLOSED TO ENTER but feel free to still share what you would do if you were debt free!!


  195. Christine says:

    If I was debt free I would finally start saving for my children’s college and my own retirement. And then I would go to Disneyworld!

  196. Kim says:

    When our debt is paid off, I plan on going on a European tour with Rick Steve’s company.

  197. Mal says:

    Once I am debt free, I would love to throw the extra money into an online savings account with a higher interest rate to start saving towards cosmetic dentistry. 🙂

  198. Paige says:

    I blogged about it!

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