A Blogger’s Dream to Help Others is Coming True

Howdy folks! Welcome to day two of my No Restaurants in November Challenge! (Have you taken the plunge yet? Join me and many others!)

One of the many reasons there could be for wanting to save a little money — the topic for today’s post is definitely one of them.


Do you do enough of it? We don’t.

Don’t misunderstand. We do give, but it’s not nearly as much as we want to give. When I think of all the orphans, widow’s, single mothers and the poor and unfortunate others out there, I know that what I do is not enough. I’m working on it though, and every little thing counts.

Still, I try to do it when I can, so I am excited to announce something I’ve been watching since the idea was born. My good friend and fellow pf blogger, J$, has had something up his sleeve, and the time has come for him to roll those sleeves up to reveal his awesome secret. After months of struggling trying to get everything set up, him and Nate St. Pierre have finally made it official. LOVE DROP IS COMING!

I know just how passionate J$ย  is about this, because we have talked about it, and even worked together on our very own annual Christmas Stimulus we started last year. (Wait until we announce the details of this years stimulus giveaway!)

Instead of yapping away, I’ll let you watch the video for yourself.


On Friday, I will be signing up to become a part of the team. Don’t go into this thinking you have to give a lot. Every little bit counts and even if you pledge to give $1.00 a month, that’s something. Your donations will be helping someone who is struggling, and in the economy we are in right now, that’s huge!

Don’t feel pressured. My wife and I weren’t always able to do things like this either so I understand if it’s not possible. This isn’t a guilt-trip. It’s just an announcement to let you know if you want to be a part of something special, here’s your chance. Spreading the word about this would be just as appreciated.

Us bloggers generally start blogging because we want to make a difference. This is just another way for us to do that.

Love Drop is Coming! Love Drop is Coming! Spread the word!

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  1. Can I count my current donations?

    I usually do it at the end of the year near Christmas and write a cheque.

  2. I am not donating anything this year because I’m helping to support my coworker. More than just writing a check, it’s very close, personal and in my face. (You can read about it on my post, One Disaster Away). But, I support you!

  3. Steve @ The Debt Solution says:

    This is great! I love giving!!!!!

  4. J$ says:

    Thanks for spreading the good word, sir!!!! This is AWESOME ๐Ÿ™‚ Appreciate your own monthly contributions to making this successful too!

    @FabulouslyBroke.com – You talking about Love Drop or Brad’s questions up there? If you’re talking about L.D., We’ll be taking memberships allllll year long! 24/7 baby – on a mission to give back as much as we get! (okay, well not THAT much, but in theory w/ everyone combined we’d be giving out a lot more!!! hehe…)

    Happy week y’all! Thx again Brad ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Single mom says:

    Hi there I’m a new single mom and I know it will be hard for me a long the way so I am browsing the web for some good blogs and I find your blog very interesting and helpful to be a good mother. Bookmarking your blog now. Thanks!

  6. Forest says:

    I’m definitely getting in on this Love Drop. Ideas like this need all our support.

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