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BALANCE is important!

I decided to write this blog because I received a comment yesterday about my lack of writing recently. The comment said “I miss the times when you used to write. not just paste up you tube video. :(” (ONE of those youtube videos I made myself!)

I agree with the poster about what is better my opinion or video from another source, but I feel I must explain why it just isn’t possible for me to ALWAYS write as I did in the beginning of this blog. If I have learned anything from Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller, Brian Tracy, and R.C. Sproull, it’s that I have to balance my life in a way that every aspect is thoroughly covered. If I neglect my family in order to teach people about debt then I will not have a family for very long. If I neglect to exercise because I needed to write a blog then I am going to remain unhealthy, overweight, and worse I could die. The point is that I have to spread my time so that I can complete the MOST important priorities in my life.

What are my PRIORITIES?

I have a wife to keep happy and love, a 2 year old that needs his daddy, an FPU class to coordinate and lead, a business to start, weight to lose, a full time job, and last but certainly FIRST, a God to please and learn about so I can grow the way He intended. These are all of my biggest priorities! Everything else is fun and games.

I enjoy writing blogs and helping people learn about debt and how to avoid it but if I focused too much attention writing blogs then I would have to neglect other things. It is very time consuming to write a quality blog. If writing blogs was bringing in some income then I could justify the time spent, but it is not. For this reason it has to come second to everything else that is a bigger priority! I am not saying that it will always be this way, in fact I know it will not, but for now I cannot spend as much time writing as I once did.

I have also decided to take on another blog about my weight loss journey and have committed to writing on it daily. Why? Without a doubt, my health takes precedence over many things. I have to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle and that takes time. Last week I walked/ran 11 miles and it took up most of my time after work. Throw in feeding the boy, giving him a bath, spending lots of quality time with him and helping him grow and you got a Dad that has a very limited amount of time left in the day.

The whole reason I started the blog was to help reach people who needed to hear the debt free message. Now I have started to coordinate FPU and I will be able to do the same thing on a much more personal level which will be VERY rewarding. I want to be the best coordinator ever so that the classes that I lead are extremely effective! This takes a lot of my time as well. On top of this I am helping to coach people outside of the class on becoming debt free. I am offering my help to anyone who is willing to listen to it. I was put on this Earth to help people become debt free, so that is what I am doing.

Now it’s time for you to consider the fact that we are on a Total Money Makeover and have become gazelles. We are trying to give ourselves a raise and increase our income so that we can GET OUT OF DEBT NOW! We are not playing around! If I am writing blogs about getting out of debt, becoming a gazelle, setting goals, and working hard but I am not doing it myself then it takes away from the message I am trying to send to people. So if I run out of time to write a very time consuming blog that does not help me financially reach my goals, I am sorry! Actually I am not, I just hope you understand.

As time goes on and I learn more about time management and start to accomplish my goals more efficiently, I will definitely make time to write for this very important blog. Maybe I can even get paid for my work as I get better. Until then I have a lot of learning and growing to do. I hope you learn and grow as I learn and grow. I would also like to point out the fact that I have NEVER, EVER, EVER written a thing in my life until Enemy of Debt. In fact, for your information I only completed 10th Grade English before I dropped out of school and started working. Everything I have learned about writing has come from my own desire to read as much as I can. I am glad there are some of you out there that enjoy my writing, but I have a long way to go. As I get better, I will also get faster making it less and less of time issue.


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