Aaaand…It’s GONE! (Video Post)

I came across this video and thought you might like a good laugh!

I know that for the people that actually were saving and investing their money, this must have been how they felt.  It made me start to wonder if their were some of you that stopped saving and investing when the market tanked…did youWhy or why not? What’s the consensus?

“Market timing is a not a good idea. Investing with a steady hand and for the long-term is a good idea.  However, standing out of the way of a train wreck is not market timing.”The Market Oracle (I love that last line!)

I am confident that based on market history, the economy will recover so I do not see the need to panic and pull the plug.  I do understand how that might not be the case for someone nearing retirement though.  Our economy took a major dive, so did anyone avoid the train wreck?  Please leave a comment to share your thoughts…

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  1. petermike says:

    LoLoLoLoL… and ITS GONE!

  2. James Hahn says:

    Gee, anyone have money with Bank of American, Citibank, Washington Mutual, opps….And it’s gone! (not really, but it just feels that way when you hear about their CEO’s making millions while you make pennies, if you’re lucky)

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