Are You Getting Bit By Snakes?

When You Ignore The Warnings, Getting Bit Shouldn’t Be A Surprise!

On my way home tonight I heard on the radio some hissing from people getting upset because Credit Card companies have started to rattle their tails.  It started near the end of last year when credit card companies started lowering consumers credit limits, to no doubt protect themselves from the possibility of continued economic decline.

The following article excerpt sheds some light on the problem this is causing for people:

“Texas-based flight attendant Lilli Durbin used to have six credit cards (my emphasis added), which is fairly typical for this country. She couldn’t pay them off, but she says she always played by the rules: “Always paid more than my minimum balance, always paid it a week or two in advance.”

What she is angry about, other than having her spending limit decreased, is the fact that her credit score is now going to drop because of the change. I understand her anger, after all she has always played by the rules.  How could they?  Here’s how….YOU owe them money, and with an economy as volatile as the one we are experiencing today, they would be MORONS to not lower their risk, and we ALL know that credit card companies are anything but morons.

They know that even if you have been a great customer, their risk increases dramatically if you lose your job.  What I am trying to figure out is why anyone would be surprised by this.  Everyone who has a credit card signed up for the trip.  It may not be fair, and it will likely ruin your day if you absolutely worship your credit score, as do most people!  Remember that even when you play by the rules…you are playing with snakes and snakes BITE!

There Is One Way To Avoid Getting Bit Though

Are you ready to hear it?  Probably not, but I’ll tell you anyway.  It’s so simple you are going to think I am completely crazy.  Here’s a get rich tip that you won’t hear on that late night infomercial claiming to have the hidden secret to building wealth- you know, the one promising the LOW, LOW price of only $200.00!  Here goes: STOP USING CREDIT CARDS and you will be amazed at how much better your life will become.  That was absolutely free!!

BUT Wait There’s More!

If you act now you can unlock the key to building wealth at NO ADDITIONAL COST! That’s an unbelievable savings of 8%-18%!!  Stop making other people rich, and build wealth for yourself instead!  Who knew, right? Common sense so uncommon that you have absolutely NO idea where I am getting these weird, yet logical ideas!!  Get rid of your credit cards now and cut them up forever!  If you are not playing with snakes you can not get bit.  Simple enough.

When you learn how to live debt free, your reward is always the same.  Freedom as sweet as it comes, and you never have to worry about the rules changing along the way.  What in the world are you waiting for? You can start your education by attending the Town Hall For Hope LIVE event with Dave Ramsey! Find a location near you and be sure to attend!!

Do you disagree with me, let me know?  I would LOVE to hear from you.

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