Personal Finance Fortifies my Faith in Humanity

As a nation we were just rocked by yet another senseless and heartbreaking tragedy. Monday’s bombing in Boston left most of us shaken and emotionally bereft. Acts of domestic terrorism are becoming increasingly common for this country. This latest terrible event has left many of us with a diminished sense of security and a lingering question about the state of humanity. I too feel angry and along with that anger, a deep sadness for the changes that will come as a result of yet another violent act. BUT…I have not lost my faith in humanity, not yet. I see daily […] Read more »

Why Zombies Seem Easier to Face Than Real Life

Just in case you have been living under a rock, Zombies are all the hotness.  The story is not really new, but the popularity of the genre is reaching a critical mass thanks to hits like The Walking Dead. What strikes me about the trend is the timing. There seems to be (to me anyway) a solid correlation between the rise of the Zombie/ post-apocalyptic genre and the decline of the national economy. Let’s explore some common themes. The total eradication of modern technology…no more cell phones, TV or gadgets. A return to living off of the land and the […] Read more »

Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

Editor’s note from Travis Pizel:  It is with great excitement that I introduce to you Suzanne Coblentz, a brand new member of Team EOD!  Suzanne is the Social Media Manager for CareOne Debt Relief Services, along with wearing many other hats.   She brought me on board as a customer blogger over three years ago, and is the person responsible for launching my blogging career.  She’s dedicated to helping people rid themselves of the shackles of debt, is a personal friend of mine, and is someone that I admire and respect immensely. She’ll be sharing her personal perspective on debt […] Read more »