BEFORE you go into more debt, WATCH THESE VIDEOS!

Do You Have The New Car Itch?

If so you need to watch these videos. They are promotional videos from Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. How many more loan payments are you going to “NEED”? Wise up America!! THINK! Do better for yourselves and your families! Stop buying into the lie that you need to go into debt to have stuff. Stop being a SLAVE, and refuse the bondage that is offered to you everyday! SAY NO! Think about what you could do if you didn’t have all those payments!

Here’s an exercise that could help you realize the answer to that question.

Do a pretend budget as if you only had to pay mortgage/rent, your utilities and any other necessities! (As if you were debt free except for your house.  How would it feel to not have all of your money going out for “payments”?) Food is a necessity, cable is not! Be honest with yourself as to what you consider a need. The faster you realize that debt is a mistake, the faster you can change it!! If you still think debt is a tool after doing this budget, then you are welcome to go right back to your way. Just don’t expect me, the taxpayer, to bail you out when you realize you’re in over your head. People are not filing for bankruptcy because of a slower economy or as one commercial would lead you to believe, health care costs, they are filing in record numbers because they too, think debt is a tool, and they have done STUPID because of it!!

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