Brad & J’s 2011 $300 Christmas Stimulus

Guess who’s back with my very favorite giveaway of the year? Remember back in 2009 & 2010 when J Money from Budgets Are Sexy and Enemy of Debt joined forces to bring you our Christmas Stimulus Giveaway. Well we’re here for a third year in a row with $300 worth of cash money to give away to our favorite peopleYOU THE READER!

That’s right, this is when we dig into our own pockets to show our appreciation for all of you! No sponsors here, just two guys who enjoy what we do and want to say THANK YOU for making it possible!


Here’s how it works.

I’m going to be giving $150 and J Money (aka J DINERO) will be giving $150 on Budgets Are Sexy. (CLICK HERE TO ENTER  J’s giveaway)

We will be giving more of you a chance to win by splitting up the prizes into $50 “gift baskets”. That’s right, 6 of you will be randomly chosen to win $50 via (get paid via Paypal, Amazon, and if you live in the States a Visa Gift Card.) It’s up to you!

All you have to do to enter is answer one simple question:

What is your most important financial resolution for 2012?

With 2011 coming to an end and  that “New Year Resolution” adrenaline starting to pump you up about what you’re going to do in 2012, it’s time to start thinking about it.

Leave a comment below with your most important financial resolution to be entered for this giveaway. Once you enter here be sure to visit J Money’s Blog to give yourself 3 more chances to win. You could win twice!

Winners will be announced Sunday December 18th. You will have until midnight December 17th to enter this giveaway.

Merry Christmas everyone and THANKS FOR READING year after year! 😀

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  1. Beckey & Jeff says:

    We will be starting a college savings fund for our 4 month old daughter. We are also going to up our gazelle intensity and pay down as much as possible of our debt.

  2. Gina M Maddox says:

    I resolve to stop using credit for daily expenses and switch to debit, despite the “rewards” that our credit card offers! Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Avery says:

    My financial resolution would have to be to start saving for a down payment on a house, so that I can eventually move out as well as continuing paying down my student debt.

  4. MikeTheRed says:

    2009 was the year I got out of debt.
    2010 was the year I paid for a wedding and honeymoon in cash
    2011 was the year I built a 1 year emergency fund (for two people!) and began to build wealth towards multiple goals

    2012 is going to be the year I save enough for a down payment to purchase our first home.

  5. Gina says:

    This year will be the 1. Get out of credit card debt year. 2. Make a will year. 3. Create a financial plan that will allow us to retire with enough money year. 3. Work on mulitple streams of income. 4. Save more than 3-6 months of expenses.

  6. Ryan says:

    My resolution is to stop the money leaks and rebuild the reserve fund. I borrowed a bit from that fund for an unexpected tax bill (not a bad thing – it was because I won a car 🙂 ) and a contribution to a 529 plan, so the goal is to get that back up to where it should be.

  7. Lily says:

    I feel like I’ve made 100s of budgets that haven’t been kept but I want to start fresh in 2012 with a solid budget and really cut back on the things we don’t need so that we can stick to it to restock our savings that we burned through when my husband got laid off 2 times in the span of 1 year.

  8. My new year’s resolution will be to improve my investing strategies/knowledge base and build my emergency savings account.

  9. Stasi says:

    We are living rent free for now, and we’re planning to put a “rent payment” into savings each month…..

  10. Jackie says:

    My most important financial resolution of 2012 is to knock out my $1500 in credit card debt while saving at least $3,000. I’ve been working for two years and always look at my pay stubs and wonder where all that money went. Money equals freedom, so I guess it’s time to start saving.

  11. Melissa says:

    My financial resolution for 2012 is to follow my budget, save, and pay off as much as we can.. I know we can do it!

  12. Den says:

    2012 we WILL pay off another credit card…..then keep the debt snowball going to finish off the last 2 in 2013 & 2014!!!

  13. CrystalH says:

    Hi Brad!

    I would like to save $1K a month and make an extra mortgage payment on my investment property. Now that I’ve put it out in the universe I hope I can make it happen!

    Thanks for doing this again you guys. I was a winner last year 🙂

  14. Nova says:

    Ours is to kill all credit card debt!

  15. Jan says:

    I am most thankful for my husband for keeping me sane. And I am also grateful for my health!

    Thanks for the giveaway

  16. Jan says:

    Oops entered the wrong comment 🙂

    My resolution is to save atleast $30000 for a downpayment

  17. Stephanie says:

    I’m most thankful for having the time between Christmas and New Year’s off so I get to spend a full 10 days with my family who lives across the country!

    A close second is being SO thankful for my job giving me a bonus that will allow me to pay off the last bit of my car loan and my credit card!! =)

  18. Drew says:

    My 2012 financial resolution is to finish my 1 year emergency fund .

  19. Mark says:

    My most important financial resolution for 2012 is to finally getting around to create a will and trust so my family will be setup in case something unfortunate happens to me!

  20. Lynda says:

    This year we will have ALL consumer debt PAID IN FULL !! Then the work will begin in earnest to pay off the house. There’s light and the end of this tunnel and I’m really beginning to see all our efforts are worth it !!!

  21. Tessa says:

    I need to pay off my credit cards!!!! This is only so that I can begin paying off my student loan debt, but still…

  22. Kat Skull says:

    I am most thankful for being alive! What’s a greater gift than the gift of life?

  23. spiffi says:

    My resolution is to save up *CASH* to replace the countertops in my kitchen – hated them when I moved in, and a year later, STILL hate them 😀

  24. Tiffany says:

    My financial resolution for 2012 is to hopefully make bigger strides toward paying off my car. Also, building up cash is very important.

  25. Heather G. says:

    I am thankful for my family, my health and my friends, the opportunity to serve my community as a volunteer EMT and the blessing of a job to provide me with a home and food. 🙂 Pretty good for a recent college graduate!

    PS….is it selfish to say I’m thankful for twitter and facebook? 🙂

  26. Meg says:

    Hmm, to switch it up, my stubborness, which has allowed me to keep making positive strides in my financial life!

  27. Aaron says:

    To generate more passive income! Thanks for having the giveaway..

  28. Rincey says:

    My financial resolution for 2012 is to pay off my credit card debt! I think if I stick to my budget, I might make it possible.

  29. Jany says:

    My resolution is to responsibly pay for a wedding and hopefully a house. I don’t want to overspend on the wedding and I don’t want to be house poor!!

  30. Carol in Mpls says:

    This year I saved receipts, tracked expenses and have tried to figure out where to cut back. Next year is all about doing it consistently, month after month. Also working on developing alternate income stream.

  31. ib says:

    My resolution for 2012 is to not go into debt. This is going to be really difficult, as the budget is extremely tight. 2012 brings us a lot of changes in our financial picture.

    We are going down to 1 reduced salary(job losses) and adding a new baby(surprise) (Total of 2 adults and 4 kids). Plus we are currently back in court for custody issues regarding my step-son (not our choice).

    We were dual income, 2 adults and 3 kids.

  32. Brandy says:

    I have been using a budget for years, but loosely. This year, I want to follow it to a t as much as possible and start paying down that debt!

  33. Liz M. says:

    Pay off some of the debt that accumulated last year due to unemployment and create a real emergency fund.

  34. Jessica says:

    My goal for 2012 is to max out my 401K and roth IRA.

  35. Chris says:

    My most important resolution is to stay out of debt. We just paid off $100k worth of debt and I’d like to never be there again!

  36. Amy says:

    Save 10K and really and truly stick to the budget this year.

  37. My goal for 2012 is to get at least $10,000 in my emergency fund, pay off my cc fully and save for my trip to London in 2012!

  38. Oanh says:

    my most important financial resolution is to save save save! i would want to increase our security fund.

  39. Kelsey says:

    To finally get out of credit card debt!!!

  40. Angella says:

    Our most important resolution is to get rid of all credit card and medical debt and then start rebuilding our savings and throw extra money at the mortgage. We really need to find a budget that works for us!

  41. My most important financial resolution for 2012 is to be able to max out my Roth IRA contribution for 2012!

  42. Desi Guy says:

    My most important financial resolution for 2012 is to try and save up as much as i can for a good down payment on a house and start contributing more towards my 401k.

  43. Jessi says:

    Our goal is to become as close to debt-free as possible in the next year. We have a plan in place-now we have to stick to it!

  44. Eliminate my last credit card debt by june 2012!

  45. Yana says:

    We need to update our wills and financial information.

  46. Kelly says:

    Build a $10,000 emergency fund.

  47. Courtney says:

    Once I get my LONG awaited (and much needed) raise next year, I’m going to keep living like I still have my current salary. No lifestyle inflation!

  48. Mike says:

    Pay off all credits
    Cards in 2012

  49. Helen says:

    I’m really focused on wiping out our credit card debt. I hate carrying that around!

  50. Jennifer Helton says:

    My financial resolution for 2012 is to manage my finances efficiently since I now have a new, higher paying job that began in late November. Even though I’ll be making more money my goal is to stay budget-wise where I have been the past few years and to save and invest the additional funds. Happy holidays!

  51. Sassy says:

    My most important resolution is to really start a budget. I always have a rough estimate of where the money goes each month, but not for sure. The number one thing that is suggested by financial experts is to set a budget and stick to it. I just haven’t ever done it. I am really frugal and don’t spend on things we don’t need, but I would like to atleast have something on paper and stick to it.

  52. Lindi says:

    I want to work hard on cutting out a chunk of my student loan debt. It will feel so good to eventually be free of it!

  53. Corina says:

    My resolution is to stip procrastinationg and start investing – maybe even meet with an independent financial advisor!

  54. Jessi says:

    Our most important financial resolution for 2012 is to get our Emergency Fund in shape! It’s got some money in it, but we’d like to bump it up to 12 months worth of expenses so we’re covered just in case. 🙂

  55. Becky says:

    I’m thankful for my husband who wants to reduce our debt as much as I do!

  56. Jen says:

    My most important financial resolution for 2012 is to continue building up my savings account so I can be prepared for anything — or able to do anything.

  57. Sarah says:

    I’m thankful for my family, friends, their health and mine. We are all tremendously blessed, and for that, I am thankful. Hopefully I’ll be blessed with $50!

  58. Miriam says:

    2012 is the year, according to my calculations, that we will finally be DEBT FREE. Well, except for that student loan that’s being deferred right now because I’m still in school. But at only 4 grand, it’s rather small as student loans go.

  59. rlk says:

    My financial resolution for 2011 is to finish paying off all my student loans!

  60. rlk says:

    oops, I meant 2012!

  61. Nate R says:

    My resolution for 2012 is to finish paying off my car and rolling that $ towards my student loans.

  62. Stephanie Jens says:

    I would like to put more focus on maxing out our IRA’s (almost there!) and then building separate funds (roof fund, vacation fund).

  63. Heather H says:

    My resolution is to keep better track of my bills between opening them and paying them. The stress of when I forget/lose one is a pain.

  64. Kathy says:

    I don’t make ‘resolutions’ as they don’t stick with me. I make lifestyle changes whenever the want or need arrises. So, the most important one for 2012 is to continue to pay down my debt until I am debt free.

  65. Amber says:

    My biggest money hurdle right now is paying off hospital bills, while also putting cash away to put money down on a new home.

  66. Kevin Vesga says:

    My financial resolution is to try to get my bachelor’s degree without accumulating any debt (either me or my parents).

  67. Joe says:

    Saving more money for my wedding!

  68. Kyle says:

    My resolution is to stick with a shopping budget instead of always going way over budget!

  69. HighOrderGuiltComplex says:

    I resolve to come in under budget EVERY MONTH. I’ve only done it twice this year :/

  70. Sam says:

    My financial resolution for 2012 is to pay for our upcoming wedding in cash and to get 4k (of 45k) of my student loan debt paid.

  71. Ally says:

    I am thankful for the health of my family. We truly have been blessed and are so lucky to have that!

  72. Em D. says:

    I resolve to finally figure out a way to track all my accounts… in a way that is actually doable.

  73. Dee Dee says:

    I am thankful for my wonderful husband and two great daughters, general good health , we have a warm comfortable home and lots to eat.

  74. Foxie says:

    My most important financial resolution in 2012 will be to figure out how I’m going to start tackling my student loans. Now, a lot of that depends on if I get to graduate in the Spring or Fall next year, if at all…. But either way, the time has come for those suckers to start biting the dust. Or at least for me to have a plan and start saving for the payments.

  75. Sharron says:

    Our most important financial goal for 2012 is to knock out remaining credit card debt. That will be an incredible weight reduction–both financial and emotional. Thanks for hosting the contest. May your days be merry and bright–and may your financial load be light!

  76. Kelli says:

    My financial resolution for 2012 is to stop using my credit cards once and for all! I’ve paid off all my credit card debt a few times over only to rack up more by using them again for non-emergency purchases. I would like to stop incurring new debt so I can FINALLY pay off the existing balances and never be in that terrible position of owing the credit card companies again.

  77. Vicki says:

    My financial resolution is build Murphy Fund ($1,000) and know out 3 credit cards.

  78. Nicole says:

    When I met my now husband, I was a single mom with no debt (other than my mortgage) and 6 figures saved. I was so PROUD of myself!
    But, we married, and I inherited his huge credit card debt and student loans. They really make me sick, and I don’t want to resent him, so I am trying to get it paid off as soon as possible so that we can really start fresh!

  79. Barbara Fransen says:

    Our financial resolution for 2012 is to pay for our daughter’s wedding in cash!

  80. Make a real budget we can stick to and really focus on paying down our student loans!!

  81. K Satterwhie says:

    My goal is to knock out the only credit card I have. It took 3 years of separation, divorce, relocation and a good lawyer to build up the balance…but because the lawyer was worth every penny the end is near. Then on to reinforcing the emergency fund.

  82. Doris D says:

    To save more!

  83. LB says:

    My 2012 resolution is to not go back into debt. I got out of debt early this year and won’t go back!

  84. Kicking my mortgage’s a$$ to the curb!

  85. Cordelia says:

    I resolve to not succumb to lifestyle inflation and to use my husband’s new raise to pay down debt and build up savings. It’s so tempting to want to use the extra income on nights out and fun gadgets, but we need to really buckle down and use it to get ourselves to FINANCIAL FREEDOM faster! 🙂

  86. lori says:

    my 2012 financial resolution is to prepare a budget every month (and track my spending to make sure i’m staying within my budget!).

  87. My 2012 resolution is to become completely DEBT FREE by paying off my last debt. My auto loan. I have a plan in place and am on schedule to no longer be “slave to the lender” by the end of 2012!

  88. Kristy OT says:

    To bike to work and bank the savings.

  89. Sarah R says:

    My financial resolution for 2012 is to get my debt repayment back on track. It was a very rough, expensive year and I’m ending the year where I started. So, so, so disappointing. I intend to keep my dedication to my goal–but have 2012 be much more effective in the results.

  90. Melissa C says:

    I financial resolution for 2012 is to pay off my loan – it’s the last thing standing between me and being debt free!

  91. Georgie says:

    I am thankful that cooking is my hobby, so the leftovers I bring to work to be more frugal are always delicious!

  92. Yardell P says:

    I resolve to free myself of my non-student loan debt once and for all in 2012. It’s down to one credit card, in good standing (not that I’m ever using it again), with a little over $4000 sitting on it.

  93. Bryan says:

    I’m definitely most thankful for my wife. She always loves me and always supports me. She’s just about perfect, and I love her so much.

  94. Jaimie says:

    Our resolution is to get rid of our credit card debt and get an emergency fund 🙂

  95. lindsay says:

    Most thankful for – my spouse and my dog. Straightforward but true.

  96. Shannon says:

    2012 will be my first year putting money into a 401K account through my employer, so my financial goal is to work my way up to contributing 10% of my income in over the year.

  97. Amy Hall says:

    Mine & my husbands biggest goal for 2012 is to start putting money into our mutual funds monthly.

  98. wonko says:

    Invest a greater proportion of my take home into Wild Turkey supply.

  99. Casey says:

    My resolution is to keep on the path of frugalishness. I’ve been sorely tempted lately to stray by neat things that are clearly excessive wants that we can now afford, but we have other goals that matter more to me and I’m determined to stay true to my saving goals.

  100. My most important financial resolution is to quintuple my online income. 🙂 Shouldn’t be too hard, huh?

  101. Joshua says:

    My most important financial resolution for this upcoming year is for us to build up at least a $2000 emergency fund, pay off our 2nd vehicle, and all undergrad student loans (approx. $20,000)!

  102. Laura says:

    My most important financial goal for 2012 is to seriously pay down debt. Between hubby and I, we have a chunk of change heaped up in the form of student loans and we haven’t been financially able to pay them off. With some changes we’re making in the coming year, we want to attack them with a vengence. Hopefully, the plan will work and we’ll pay off a good bit of them. We’re also planning on getting back on top of monitoring our expenses more carefully and living on less than we make.

  103. Erin says:

    My goal is to budget better with DH’s new full-time job. We need to pay down debt aggressively and get him started on a 401K at work, if given the option.

  104. Kate says:

    My goal is to pay off my student loans in 2012.

  105. Matt Grace says:

    2012 my biggest resolution is to be more debt free and more financially independent.

  106. Lynda says:

    i resolve to advance my career and work my way up to a half marathon

  107. Cathy C. says:

    I resolve to finish paying off my credit card debt and make a few simple budget tweaks to get our emergency fund off the ground now.

    Thank you and happy new year to everyone!

  108. Eliza says:

    I’m going to switch from shitibank to a credit union to save on fees and get better rates. I’m also embracing frugality with a new fervor. I have started buckling down and preparing for a life of thrift as a college student again as I begin the path to med school and a new career which will reward me in multiple ways – feeding my bank account as well as my soul.

  109. judyyy says:

    I want to be completely out of debt!

  110. Teresa says:

    to save enough money to buy dad a headstone for his grave before spring

  111. BalancedLife says:

    The biggest struggle in my attempt for budget awesomeness is food! I don’t like cooking and eating out is heavenly. SOOO, my resolution is cook and actually eat the food I cook at home, work and anywhere else I might find myself!

  112. Lana Baker says:

    My most important financial resolution for 2012 is to create enough income to support myself – minimum $1000 per month. Of course, I’d like much more income than that, but that would be a huge difference!

  113. Chris P says:

    I will pay off my remaining credit card by April and I will triple by Dec 2011 savings balance by December of 2012!!

    Thank you!!

  114. Kandace says:

    Finish 6 month emergency fund and pay off car by this time next year.

  115. Jennie says:

    I want to save $30,000!

  116. I just changed how much we’re paying toward my husband’s student loans, so my goal is to have at least half of what’s left paid off in 2012!

  117. Christine says:

    Hmm well I guess for my wonderful boyfriend for all his support this whole year, my family for driving me crazy but still loving all the same, and being able to say that all my Holiday shopping is doneeee!

  118. pops says:

    Paying off my son’s student loan was a great relief for both of us in 2011.

  119. Bria Marie says:

    My resolution is to pay off my medical debt and rebuild my savings. I had the same resolution, and I did it. But then the loss of my main job cut my income so much that I ended up draining savings and getting into debt again.

    Thank you for doing this again. I won last year, and it was awesome! 🙂

  120. Carmesha says:

    My financial resolution is to save 20% of my income.

  121. Kim says:

    My financial resolution is to keep on my current rapid debt repayment program.

  122. Molly says:

    My most important financial resolution for 2012 is to open a Roth IRA account and set up automatic monthly contributions. I’m 23 & fully aware of the importance of saving for retirement early. The only reason why I haven’t already done it is because I still have credit card debt (expected to be payed off in Feb!). So excited about achieving this New Years Resolution!

  123. I want to get back to my income level of 2009.

  124. Amanda says:

    I will pay off my student loans!

  125. Angie says:

    My biggest resolution this year is to pay off our rental. We are down to less than 10k on it, and I look forward to having one less debt! 🙂

  126. Livworld101 says:

    I am most thankful
    – for the family I have including grandparents, uncles & aunts, cousins, mom & dad, little brother, mom in law & dad in law, grandma in law (yia yia), aunt-in law and uncle in law.
    – for being married to a wonderful man! Who by the way increased my family (the in laws), and the birthdays to keep track.
    – for having great health. I am only 21, but almost fifteen years ago my doctors told me I would not live past my teens if I didn’t take care of myself. My kidneys just keep on giving!
    – for almost finishing my Master’s. MAY 18th (Graduation Date) here I come!!!
    – for having a great scholarship that has covered my tuition and allowed to graduate with no debt
    – for God

  127. Serena says:

    My biggest financial resolution this year is two-fold: to keep using CASH only, as I have been for the past 2 months, and to pay off my $2,900 credit card bill before moving on to my student loan!

  128. John says:

    My big resolution is to max my 401K every year

  129. Cristy says:

    Track expenses. When I know WHERE my money is going, I can find ways to save.

  130. Jennifer Risinger says:

    My resolution for 2012 is to pay down atleast two debts; to do this I’m going to have to stick to my budget.

  131. Johan says:

    My resolution is to save $10,000 and have a living buffer of $2,000/month so I don’t have to touch that money for a long, long time!

  132. Brian R says:

    Pay off the cars !!!!

  133. Lindsay Y. says:

    My financial resolution is to pay off our last big student loan!

  134. KimD says:

    My resolution is to get back on track paying down our mortgage; the need for a new furnace put a damper in the plan for this year, so next year will be the time to catch up of the pay down.

  135. To stick to my budget and pay off my taxes ASAP!

  136. My financial resolution is to find a way to tackle my student loans. I have been deferring them and putting it off and I am finally going to have to come up with a plan that they and I can live with.

  137. Trish says:

    My most important resolution for 2012 is to pay cash for my wedding in July! And then the honeymoon in December, as well 🙂

    I also would really, really like to get some passive income coming in, so I’ve gotta finish my novel asap and look at getting an ebook published.

  138. Melissa says:

    My 2012 financial resolution is to stop transferring money from savings to checking, then “forgetting” to put the money back!

  139. amy says:

    In 2012 I plan to save up enough to buy a new car.

  140. Shannon says:

    Tracking my spending in regards to my budget (rather than just eyeballing it based on the bank account)

  141. Jenni says:

    I would love to successfully save enough in my travel fund to pay for a trip completely in cash and not use a credit card at all!

  142. Brendon says:

    For 2012, I will continue work on paying off all my debt, and I want to save up some money so that I can start my own business.

  143. kristin says:

    pay off my credit card then my student loans. tired of these debts hanging over my head. merry christmas


  144. Erin says:

    Become debt free other than mortgage!

  145. Shannon says:

    We need a new car and we’ve got to pay cash for it. I’m a SAHM who’s going to be watching children to earn enough by July!

  146. Megan says:

    My financial goal is to buy new bedroom furniture and a new mattress cash… small goal I know… but better than where i used to be.

  147. PrettyChana says:

    My goal for 2012 is to 1. track my spending and then 2.write a realistic budget which will include 3.inexpensive fun social activities….(I haven’t been keeping up with my friends)

  148. Stefanie says:

    I want to increase our emergency fund to 4 months of saving.

  149. John says:

    My goal is to finally have an 8 month emergency fund.

  150. Julie says:

    My most important financial decision for 2012 will be to either sell my business and change careers or put more time and effort into my business so that I will be debt free. Which is a huge decision for my family and I. I need all the prayers in the world for this. I am pulled into two directions. My business and I have a “love hate” relationship. But it is a mandatory decision that will greatly impact 2012!

  151. kasey says:

    hurray, it’s back! My resolution is to do a better job of investing – to learn more, have a better strategy, and make some money from my money next year!

  152. Ky G says:

    To start a college savings plan for our son due in Feb 2012. And also to generate and emergency fund and substantial savings and debt reduction.

  153. Mami2jcn says:

    My most important financial resolution is to start a college fund for our daughter. We started funds for our first 2 children but have neglected to start one for our youngest.

  154. Mari says:

    Our goal is to find natural and holistic solutions to my dh’s health problems. He is on some very expensive prescription meds with questionable side effects. The old fashioned methods are not only much cheaper, they are safer.
    We also resolve to cut down on going out to eat. After scrutinizing our monthly bills, we realized that going out to eat was putting a dent in our budget.

  155. What is your most important financial resolution for 2012?

    Sticking with a meal plan and food budget. We’ve been so lazy in this area…

  156. Sandy D. says:

    My resolution is to cut down on any spending that isn’t completely neccessary, such as entertainment, dining, clothing, etc, and then funnel all those savings into an emergency fund!

  157. Celina says:

    Probably my most important financial resolution is to continue on the student loan payment path that I’m already on. Nothing too grand.

  158. I’m most thankful to be back home in California with my family and loved ones… the great weather is a plus after enduring the start of my first winter in Cambridge

  159. Jessica says:

    To stop using online shopping/deal-finding as a procrastination tool. This is the only place I spend unnecessary money and I can’t seem to help it!! I need a better study-break option.

  160. nikki h says:

    my financial resolution is to finish paying our credit card debt (almost done!) and actually build an emergency fund as well as starting an ira! here goes nothing!

  161. Alexson says:

    My rersolution is to finally finish paying for the basement reno we had to do after a flood in 2010. We’re about half way there and should be home free by March! After that, it’s time to save like whoa.

  162. Kelly says:

    This year, I paid off the last of my debt (WOOO!!!!) and it was incredible! My financial resolutions for 2012 are to fully flesh out my emergency fund so I don’t have to go into debt again, and to begin saving for a wedding!

  163. amy says:

    Our goal is to save up the cash to replace some old, drafty windows in our house. No money, no windows.

  164. To determine whether or not I can afford to stay home for an extended period of time with my infant son. There are other factors to consider other than money, but the number one question is can we continue to build towards our future financially if I step out of the workforce for awhile.

  165. Abella says:

    My most important financial resolution is to grow my business. I’m frugal, I’m careful, I’m living within my means, so it’s time to expand my means!

  166. Kay Lynn says:

    My most important resolution is to become non-mortgage debt-free and remain that way.

  167. For us, it will be saving up and taking a nice Disney vacation with the whole family (with CASH of course!) – despite our reduced income since my wife started staying home. We can do it!

  168. Charlie says:

    My resolution is to act like a millionaire — who wants to stay a millionaire. Those who do have a strong sense of balancing savings and enjoying what they have, while being generous and less stressed. That’s what I want to be, and the balance of my bank account (more or less) shouldn’t dictate whether or not I think that way.

  169. Linda J says:

    My financial resolution is to pay down credit card debt and rebuild my emergency fund.

  170. Jeremy says:

    I resolve to focus more on specific goals this year, rather than having a vague notion of what I’m saving for.

  171. Mary Hunnicutt says:

    Refi my rental property.

  172. Ryan says:

    2012 financial resolution: Digitize all of my financial documents (and other personal documents such as medical records, insurance, business docs, etc.), encrypt them, and back them up to the cloud. I’m doing OK in the financial realm, but I’m not the most organized person in the world. That is something I’m definitely working on.

  173. Fern says:

    My 2012 resolution – to keep hacking away at our debt. And, at the same time, to actually build an emergency fund of $4500.

  174. Jessica says:

    This year I made huge strides in starting an emergency savings account. I am hoping that in 2012 I can start to pay off my mortgage.

  175. Michelle says:

    My most important resolution is paying off my car!

  176. Barbara Marlow says:

    Not to use “Bill Me Later” to order my protein shake mix and vitamins and also not order anything from QVC. If I can’t pay cash for it then I won’t get it. And I really want to pay down my Bill Me Later and QVC bills.

  177. Nicky says:

    For 2012 I would like to increase my savings.

  178. Kimberly says:

    My most important resolution is to rework my budget and allow for an additional 20% allocated to savings

  179. Betty says:

    Seriously save so i can purchase the house in the retirement community I want to move to. I’d like to own it before I retire. Renting now. Thanks, and happy holidays!

  180. Donna says:

    My most important resolution is to honor my mother’s request. Before she passed in June she asked that I pay off my home with my inheritance. In March I will receive the last installment which will be enough to do so. I will be entirely debt free! No house, car or credit card bills/payments. My parents always lived debt free, now, through their legacy I will too.

  181. Pearl says:

    My resolution – Increase my retirement contribution. Thanks for the giveaway!

  182. Gee says:

    Pay off the remainder of my credit card debt! And start a Roth IRA!

  183. Bschebs says:

    My financial resolution for 2012, is to give back more. I have a goal to find a worthy cause eac month and buy something the sell to support it, preferably t-shirts. I will get one for me and give one away to spread the word about that organization.

  184. Diane says:

    Saving an emergency fund.

  185. Kyra says:

    My most important financial resolution for 2012 is to pay off all consumer debt.

  186. Leann Lindeman says:

    My daughter is getting married in 2012 so I don’t know about any finance resolutions… just to get through it without going over budget tooooo much. ha.

  187. Deanna says:

    My most important financial resolution for 2012 is to win “cash” giveaways (like this one) so we will not be tempted to use bill money as spending money. 😉

  188. Amy says:

    My financial goal for 2012 is to fully fund both mine and my husband’s ROTH IRA. This year I was ill for 8 months and unable to work. Our retirement contributions went instead to medical bills.

  189. Michael says:

    I want to pay off my car so I can start putting that money in a Roth instead.

  190. Donna B. says:

    I want to pay off all my credit card debt, and save a 25% downpayment towards a new(er) car for me.

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