Creative (and Cheap) Ways of Decorating a Cramped Condo

Many adults in Montreal yearn to get their own home instead of renting. However, buying a home is not a financial possibility for many professionals, which is why many people are opting to buy a condo in Montreal instead.

Since an apartment means you’re working with a smaller area, you most likely want to decorate in a way that maximizes your space. If you’re on a tight budget, it can be difficult finding a way to decorate efficiently and cheaply. But, with a bit of creative thinking, decorating a cramped condo can be made easy and enjoyable.

Here are some very clever ways to decorate your condo without spending too much cash:

Reuse your broken furniture.

 Do you have some broken pieces of furniture that you’re thinking of throwing away? Instead, think about reusing them, with the help of some creativity and DIY projects.

For example, if you have a very flimsy chair, maybe you can use it as a side table instead for your couch or your bed. It has a hole in the chair caning? Put a tray over it, so now you have handy place for your alarm clock, smartphone, glass of water, and books.

Focus on double-duty furnishings.

 A condo is typically small, so it really helps if you can get 2 pieces of furniture for the price of one. You can get beds and ottomans with built-in storage, and that’s something you can look for in living room tables, too.

Sofa beds are also great. You can even use a twin-size mattress as a couch in the living room by setting it against a wall, resulting for an easy and trendy makeshift couch.

Put up affordable wall art.

 You don’t need to hang a painting or expensive prints of great photos. You can frame your family pictures, pictures from yearly calendars, or even photocopied art. You can even hang up plates.

All you need is to pick a theme for your wall art. For family pictures, choose the ones that celebrate birthdays, or a particularly memorable vacation. For calendars, get some travel calendars (when they become outdated you can just cut off the dates). For plates, get different ones, although they should be with similar hues. Place the most dramatic plate in the center and spread the others around it.

Buy inexpensive, but great-looking window treatments.

You can go online for these. In fact, you can even use shower curtains! Some of these shower curtains come in very memorable designs, and they’re certainly inexpensive.

Re-purpose wine bottles and wine glasses for bracelets.

Lots of ladies like arm bracelets, and you can place them on the necks of wine bottles to make eye-catching and inexpensive decorations. They make for a dandy storage solution while they also add to the visuals of the room.

Use a rack and hooks for favorite jeans.

This is a very convenient way to add some closet space to your bedroom. Buy a rack and some hooks, and now you have a cool area for your favorite jeans in your bedroom.

So who says you have to spend a fortune to decorate your small condo? Use these tips to save space and make your home look better, without busting your budget.

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