Debt-ception – Why Do We Fall For The Lie?

Debt-ception Is Everywhere!

The use of debt is rampant and highly irresponsible.  Because we think the good outweighs the bad, we allow ourselves to justify its use.  We tell ourselves that it is okay because it is helping us, ignoring all of the signs of its destruction.  We have replaced good old fashioned savings for the servitude and hardship that debt brings us.  In my opinion we have done this because we have forgotten that no journey worth taking is easy.  We have lost hope in our lives and in ourselves, but I know how to get that back.  Learning how to become debt free is a great way to start!

What Debt IS in four telling words:

  1. Deceptive
  2. Exploitative
  3. Bondage
  4. Tragic

It fools us into believing that it is there to help us, while working behind the scenes to keep us from realizing our true capabilities.  It lures us in by convincing us that we can have more by increasing the quality of our life.  It builds our hopes by fooling us into believing that we can have anything we want without a hefty penalty.  I mean come on, what’s a little interest?  What happens next is anything but the happy, relaxing, dream come true that you were looking for!

All your credit cards, personal loans, car payments and other forms of debt are, are other people using your money to build wealth for themselves.  Often the poor and elderly are exploited the most!  Pay day Loans, Rent-To-Owns, and Reverse Mortgages to name a few.  One way to avoid becoming exploited is to plan for your retirement.  There’s a thought!

Debt is nothing short of slavery.  It chains us down keeping us from being able to move freely without stress or severe pain.  The servant status obtained by using debt is unavoidable.  Once you sign the papers you are its slave.  It will eventually render you lifeless as it drains every ounce of hope out of your tired body.

With debt comes death!  No not your death, but the death of your hopes and dreams.  The tragedy is that so many of us have forfeited our chances to use our income to truly better our lives and those around us. To have the same opportunity to build wealth as the next man, as proven in the Ben and Arthur Example, and NOT…is the very definition of tragedy! (A disastrous event, especially one involving distressing loss…)  The longer you ignore the problem the more you will lose along the way.

Why Do We Use Debt?

We use it because we always want more and we decide to overlook the deception taking place in order to get it.  We use it because we have been taught that debt is a part of life, and that it is the only way we are to achieve.  We use it to convey success and status.  We use it because we are too lazy to save for the things we want.  We used it to cause our current economic decline and some of us are still trying to figure out what happened.  Debt happened, that’s what!

Why You Should NOT Use Debt!

Debt creeps into your life by deceiving you.  Then it gets fat off of you, declares you as enslaved, and keeps you from ever experiencing the freedom you deserve.  That is a tragic!

STOP the DEBT-ception before it is too late!  When is it TOO LATE?  I don’t know so you should get started NOW!  Too late could be tomorrow!

Random Thought

I have often wondered why some people hate corporations so much.  They provide jobs, benefits,  & more affordable products for everyday life among other things.  It’s corporate greed that they hate right?  I hate corporate greed too, but I don’t really associate greed with every corporation.  People who love money so much that it causes them to steal from others are who you hate, not the company they fooled along the way.

Then I figured it out!  Debt has caused you to loathe corporations that are making gobs and gobs of money off of you in the form of interest.  Let me see if I understand this correctly.  You hate something that you obediently begged to participate in by signing your name.  I have the answer you have been looking for: DON’T BORROW MONEY!! Debt is enabling someone else to become VERY rich off of your sweat, tears, and labor!!

Instead use that same income to plan for your families future by saving, budgeting, and building wealth.  Use that wealth to combat the greedy scum by doing great deeds with your money.  It’s called a counter offensive strategy!  End the deceiving cycle that is debt by learning how to become and remain debt free!  It’s worth the effort and way less painful than the alternative!

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  1. Matt Messner says:

    That is a great explanation of Debt and what it does.There really is a lot of self deception involved in getting into debt. As a society We want it all and we want it all right now. The old saying that goes “Things worth having are worth waiting for” meening saving for, is for the most part forgotten.

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