Debt Free Addicts Anonymous #2: Budgeting Tips Edition


Here Are 5 Links To Help You Have A Less Stressful Budget Experience

Found on the Carnival of Personal Finance: Vacation Time Edition – hosted by Funny About Money

Don’t Bust Your Budget: Remember Key Budget Items – written by Aryn over at Sound Money Matters.  This is one of the biggest issues I have found that people struggle with when budgeting.  It’s the very reason I made a place on my FREE budget for this kind of thing.  Next month we have to renew our insurance, which ends up being about $300.  Forgetting that is devastating to a budget.

A Simple Way To Feel Wealthy On A Middle Class Income – from Mr Tough Money Love at Tough Money Love.  I like this one because it deals with psychological aspects of money.  Those are things people do not often think about or very easily dismiss.  How you feel says a lot about how you act.  When you are less stressed out isn’t that better.

Track Your Spending: The First Battle On The War On Debt – by Baker at Man Vs. Debt.  Baker is the man and is currently moving from the U.S. to Australia.  He is proof that having a plan, and seeing it through can allow you to do anything you want regardless of what others think is impossible.  Good luck Baker!

Found on the Carnival of Pecuniary Delights #10: The Summer Storm Edition – hosted by Counting My Pennies.

50 Bad Money Habits That Will Leave You Eating Alpo For Dinner – from Jeff from My Super-Charged Life.  This is a good list post that will show you some things NOT to do to have an easier time budgeting.  No one wants to eat Alpo, so make a plan, and better decisions and you should be ok.

A Way To Control Spending: The Envelope System – written by Peter over at Bible Money Matters.  I believe strongly in the envelope system and like this article very much.  The envelope system really works to control impulse spending, as well as make managing your checkbook so much easier.  On a perfect month we only pay our main bills using online bill pay and fund our envelopes for the rest.  When we do it, it works.

These are some of my favorite bloggers from my Google feed reader, and as you read these articles you will see why.

EOD Updates For The Week

I was finally able to post the page for newcomers this week.  Sorry it took me so long, as you can see it meant that I had to dig through the archives for articles to use.  It was time consuming but very worth it.  I think it will give someone a good place to start and a better understanding of what to expect from me here at EOD.

Keys To Effective Money Management Update

I just wanted to let you know that I was scheduled to post the first part to my new series this week.  It didn’t happen because I was not happy with what I had.  I did not want to publish something mediocre, so I plan to work on it a little more and hopefully this week I will post it.  If it isn’t qaulity it’s not worth posting.  I want this series to really help you, not just sound good.  When I am satisfied, hopefully you will be too!

Edited to add this:

I am hoping to work on a tutorial for the EOD FREE Budget in the coming weeks.  I also realize there are some things that could be better, so I plan to handle those specific things when I work on the next version.  For starters I am planning to add a Debt Snowball Worksheet, and if I can figure it out, I want to tie the different worksheets together so you don’t have to enter some numbers more than once.  Another thing I am hoping to accomplish is that I want to create some PDF Budget forms for those of you that would rather just print and manually write your budget out.  Not everyone likes spreadsheets!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. the Dad says:

    Wow. Good list, but the Tough Money Love article was absolutely insightful. I am always on the lookout for simple safety nets like that to keep us in check and on the right path. Excellent stuff.

    the Dad

    the Dad´s last blog post..Why Having Separate Checking Accounts was Wrong for Us

  2. Brad Chaffee says:

    Thanks the Dad! Glad you found them helpful! Let me know if you were able to put any of it to use. If so what kind of results did you see?

  3. Rap says:

    You must have a daily tracking record of your expenses in order to monitor where your money goes on a daily basis. In this way, you will be able to evaluate how you went in managing your expenses.

  4. Hareiana says:

    Another great free online budgeting and personal money management web app is Out Of The Dark (OOTD) Budgeting.

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