EOD Interviewed By Mr Credit Card On Blog Talk Radio

Mr Credit Card, from askmrcreditcard.com interviewed me yesterday!  I was slightly nervous as it was the first time I had ever done that kind of thing live.  After listening to it, I feel it went well and I hope that you enjoy it as well.

Just so you know, the first 35 seconds is silent.  (I called 3 times before we were actually connected, and each time I thought I was on hold waiting to go live, but each time heard the computerized voice  say “thanks for calling blog talk radio….goodbye!”  At the end you’ll also hear me talking to my son, telling him to eat his green beans.  I thought I was on hold, waiting to talk to Mr CC about the interview and say goodbye.) haha!

Obviously Mr Credit card and I see things completely different as far as the use of credit cards.  As you know I feel that using credit cards is not worth the risk, and he feels they can be used responsibly as a tool.  We bumped into each other after Jim Cavanaugh wrote Walking Away from Credit Cards, and J Steele, one of his writers, responded with Credit Cards Bad?.

We talked about:

  • How we  got into debt
  • What made us decide enough was enough
  • Budgeting
  • Having a large savings account
  • The Total Money Makeover
  • Debt snowball/debt reduction
  • Housing and Mortgages

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  1. GL says:

    GO YOU! Thanks for spreading the weird word!!

  2. Very Cool!! Congrats! Keep up the good work!

  3. Sunnypies says:

    Thanks for your contributions, I’m starting the baby steps today, my wife and I are stoke to get rid of our $40k debt and become free and to be able to be happier and server the Lord more!

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