Financial Peace University and Me

As some of you know I have been in the process of bringing Financial Peace University to my church.  I have met with and introduced the class basics with two groups and last week I received word that it is a go.  I didn’t really have any doubt about if it would be accepted but the time I had to wait has been working on my patience.  Not because I don’t understand the process, well maybe a little, but mostly because I am very excited about getting the show on the road.

I have an unbelievable desire to share what I have learned and what Dave Ramsey teaches to as many people as I can.  Just ask my co-workers!  They are sick and tired of hearing about Dave Ramsey but to be honest some of them are coming around.  To say that it is all I talk about would be an understatement.  In fact I think some people do not call me as much because they know where the conversation will eventually lead to.  Questions like, “Have you cut up your credit cards yet?”, and the even more common, “Are you on a written budget?”.

If Brian Tracy is correct then I am looking at a very fulfilling future.  He says that people become successful in what they think about most of the time.  This means that I will one day look back and reflect on the feeling I had when I realized that helping people get out of debt is what I NEEDED to do.  This realization sparked a fire and desire unlike anything I have ever known.  This is why I mostly think about becoming debt free and helping others achieve the same.

I truly believe in my heart that becoming debt free is one of the best things a family can do for themselves.  It provides a real sense of freedom.  It opens doors and enables people to use their income to build wealth instead of give wealth to others.  Instead of asking for help you can provide help.  You can give like never before.  You can gain control of your personal finances and change your family tree!!!  Not having to make  payments would change your life!!

I often think about why I want to become debt free.  There are lots of reasons, but the one thing that excites me MORE than anything else is that we will one day be able to give generously and freely without worrying if we are cutting ourselves short.  There are so many people out there that need help and I want to help them.  For the first time in my life I am confident about what it is that I am here for.  Living in bondage is not what God intended for us!!

I still have a little bit of time before the first class because we are working out the details.  The day it will be held, the time, what room, and more importantly we have to have the previews to introduce the classes to the public and to the congregation.  I am looking at starting the first class in approximately 4 weeks.  I can’t wait.  Everyone at church is very excited about FPU so I will be very excited to be a part of such a great program.  Dave Ramsey, you changed my life with regard to money, and now I hope to give what you have given me, to so many others.

***If you or someone you know has not been through FPU you should give it a try.  It will be the best lifetime membership you ever join.  FPU covers budgeting, mortgages, insurance, giving, saving, how to handle creditors, and much more.  It is the most comprehensive class on money that I know of, and I am convinced that it can help you too!!***

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  1. Darla says:

    Can’t wait to hear how it’s going for you once you get going!

  2. Brad Chaffee says:

    I am very excited Darla! It will probably give me tons of things to write about as well. Just in case you missed my private message to you on my forums, Sakina asked you a question on my first Ebay blog, Selling on Ebay is as easy as 1-2-3. If you look on my sidebar it should show under recent comments.

    Some very exciting things are happening, I’ll be sure to fill you in.

  3. beckyM says:

    I took FPU – March 6-May 30, 2008. In that 13 weeks time I was able to save my Baby Step 1 – $1000; pay off my 1st credit card @ $1800.00 in my Baby Step 2. I have several cc’s to go but have a monthly written plan now.

    I have given Dave Ramsey’s TTMO as graduation gifts and even made copies from my FPU book about Ben & Arthur to our grad so they can really take advantage of the COMPOUND INTEREST SAVINGS.

    I plan on attending the next class in my neighborhood just to stay motivated. The classroom setting was really nice because I knew I wasn’t along in my quest to become DEBT FREE. Everyone there had a desire to learn.

    Doing the budget was and is so great. Dave teaches us to use envelopes to save for certain budget items. My CAR REPAIR/TAGS envelope gets $45 a month. Last month I went to get my oil changed and my envelope had $120 in it. I paid $40 for my oil change and it was such a great feeling to pay cash for an oil change!

    Dave says 80% of this is BEHAVIOR – changing the mindset of the person you see in the mirror everyday and I believe it!

    Good luck to everyone who gets on board and changes their family tree. It’s the greatest feeling!

  4. Brad Chaffee says:

    I accidentally spammed my comment so that is why the old disappeared. **

    Thanks for stopping by becky! It is the greatest feeling. The hope that becomes more of a reality by the day. Good luck on your TMMO.

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