He’s Going To Be An Enemy Of Debt Too!



Yep, that’s right!  Another Enemy of Debt will be born in October, and on Monday, was confirmed to be a boy!  I cannot wait until October gets here!  I still remember the overwhelming emotional impact I felt when my daughter was born 13 years ago.  It was amazing and something I can never forgot.  When my son was born 3 years ago this July, the same feeling was just as strong.  Some may think that the feeling is slightly less because you have been through it once before, and maybe that is true for some people, but not for me.  I feel each child causes you to grow up a little more each time, regardless of how grown you think you are.  Reality gives you a hard poke, and you know that you are holding the most beautiful gift ever given to man.  Not only that, but when you hold that newborn baby it causes all kinds of alarms to go off because you know that for the next 18-21 years, you are responsible for guiding them in the right direction.  It’s like 200 questions racing through your mind all at once.  Am I doing this wrong?  How can I do that better?  Am I prepared?  What’s our plan?  How can I be the best dad ever? (Brad proudly exits…)

(Enemy of Debt wonders in…)
One question I know I don’t have to ask myself is, how much debt is this going to create?  Thankfully for us, we no longer have credit cards to fall back on.  We no longer have the mindset that debt is going to solve our problems.  Instead, we feel comfort in knowing that our security comes from our emergency fund, as well as our plan to spend less than we make.  It is in our decisions to prioritize what’s important, and forget about keeping up with our broke neighbors with their three expensive cars in the driveway.  I bet those three cars have a combined net value of less than $30,000!  Sounds like a lot until you factor in how much they spent on them, as well as how much they still owe.  (Uh oh, he is pumped now…)  It always bothers me when someone complains about what they don’t have…you know, the important stuff, but fail to see the irony as they pull their $30,000 car, off their $500,000 property, on the way to buy that must-have 100 inch plasma T.V., and their income is only $40,000 a year.

What about health insurance?  What about life insurance?  What about savings?  What about retirement?  Those are the ones that hold their hands out, and believe that Washington has the responsibility of making sure they have those things!  It’s not the credit card companies fault, the banks fault, and it certainly isn’t Washington’s responsibility to fix it, it’s yours!  Before our mindset changed, we got a STUPID mortgage too!  An interest only mortgage at that!!  We ran up credit cards and other forms of debt too, and you know what?  It was OUR FAULT! When we realized that, our financial future started to see some light, and we started seeing less debt as a result.  Now after a year and a half of not borrowing any more money, and killing the debt we do have, we are almost debt free!! Guess what I just found out?  I do not have a credit score.  That might scare most people but I LOVE IT!  My freedom in exchange for a 3 digit number, that in and of itself, declared me a slave.  I’ll take it!

Pssst…  Here’s a little secret:  IT FEELS A LOT BETTER THAN OUR PREVIOUS PLAN! It feels a lot better than going out every weekend and running up the credit card as much as we paid off in the previous month!  It feels a lot better than driving around in a car that is worth less than we owed on it!  Most of all, it feels better knowing that our emergency fund, instead of a credit card, is going to help us out when life happens!  Life has happened to us many times over the last year and a half, and NOT ONCE, have we had to borrow money to get out of the hole.  That is true financial peace, AND way more important than a piece of plastic that’s held close to your heart.  Kill the bondage, and find hope and peace in the process!  Do it!  Don’t listen to those telling you that a credit card is needed or that debt is a way of life.  Prove them wrong, and feel something they will never feel…FREEDOM(Enemy of Debt vanishes into the night…)

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  1. Chrissy says:

    Congratulations on your little ‘enemy of debt’ boy!

  2. Brad Chaffee says:

    Thank you Chrissy! October can’t get here fast enough…

  3. Chuck says:

    Yes , Congrats on your great news !
    If he’s anything like his dad he will be born with
    silver scissors ready to cut up some credit cards !

  4. Peacebug says:

    Yay, congratulations!!!!

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