Hidden Gems of Nevada


With regards to Nevada, one can think of the Bellagio or one can think of homely and yet fun properties like the Nugget Reno. The vast majority consider Reno or the captivating Las Vegas, which is loaded with betting, showgirls, and lavish lodgings. Be that as it may, there’s a calmer side to this grand state with no lack of Nevada natural beauty awaiting to welcome you with open arms. Regardless of whether you are in the state for a day, end of the week, or whole week, escape from the groups and visit some of these flawless concealed gems:

  1. Valley of Fire State Park

    The Valley of Fire, which is situated in the Mojave Desert about 58 miles upper east of the popular Strip of Las Vegas. It, is the most seasoned state park in Nevada, built up in 1935. The ten-mile Valley of Fire Street, assigned as a Nevada Beautiful Byway in the year 1995, takes you over the recreation center and gives unmatched photo ops of the stone arrangements and some fine instances of art by Anasazi locals. Three easy trails get you very close with this dazzling area. You can book a stay in the Nugget Reno and enjoy gambling by night while exploring beauty in the day.

  2. Goldwell Open Air Museum hall

    This lovely outside open-air design historical center gives an interesting, unique artistic experience to whoever wants to experience it. It is quite close to the Rhyolite town which is fun to visit too as it is said to be haunted.  This eight-mile of land park is in the Amargosa Valley and is situated almost around 120 miles northwest of Las Vegas and about four miles west of Beatty.

  3. Lunar Crater National Natural Landmark

    Nevada has over twelve volcanic regions, but you can particularly enjoy the immense scene of soot cones, magma outcrops, debris slopes, and the 430-foot-profound Lunar Cavity in harmony and calm with this landmark.  The crater is enormous and huge, and its dark brown shakes and dark debris bolster give way to splendidly hued wildflowers.

  4.  Lamoille Canyon – Elko

    Nestled inside the arms of Ruby Mountain desert spring, this place offers brilliant wildflowers in summer and astounding wearing fall foliage for everybody to see. This place is simply more than past stunning. For people who decide to climb, look at the 40-mile Ruby Peak Trail that is known worldwide for exceptional perspectives. The two-path, 12-mile Lamoille Beautiful Byway takes you through bumpy wild rides and also by lake to enjoy the magnanimous beauty.

Apart from this some other places you can visit include:

  • Cathedral Gorge
  • International Car Forest of the Lodge
  • Lehman Caves
  • Neon Boneyard

With properties like the Nugget Reno, which are so easily accessible- we highly recommend that you add these trips to your itinerary as well. These is so much to see in this state that it will balance out your love for gambling with your love for simple nature pleasures.

Photo by Cara Fuller on Unsplash

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