How to be a Digital Nomad

digital nomad

What is a digital nomad? Well quite simply it’s when you make money on the move, whether that be from blogging, vlogging, setting up an online shop or becoming a master poker or blackjack player. Let’s have a quick look at some of the ways that you can make money on the move and wave goodbye to the 9 to 5 grind.

Online Surveys

You might not necessarily make enough money to retire to a mansion in the country, but filling out online surveys is a fantastic way to top up your cash from anywhere. All you need to do is sign up to an online survey site and fill out whatever survey you get sent, whether that be about your favourite toothpaste or your views on Brexit. For relatively little effort it’s possible to make up to £800 a year from airing your views!

Online Store

Making a website nowadays is ridiculously easy, gone are the days of having to pay someone hundreds of pounds to make you a basic website. Make your own! Once you’ve done that find a niche product, set up an online shop and begin selling. In some cases you never even have to deal directly with the stock, just make sure your idea is unique and creative enough to get traffic to the site.

Investing in Stocks

This isn’t solely exclusive to rich old men in monocles or frantic Jordan Belfort wannabees. The stock market offers a legitimate stream of income for anybody. First things first, learn about stocks, bonds and ETF’s, once you’ve done that the world is your oyster, choose wisely, purchase your first stocks and watch the money roll in!

Online Slots

Wink Slots have online slot machines that provide a perfect opportunity for users to boost their income, it is also a great site to socialise with other players on. The huge selection of games means that there is something for everyone.

Of course, there is some risk associated with this, but if you swat up on techniques and understand the importance of setting a budget and recognising pay lines you’ll be on your way to a tidy profit. Kingdom of Cash and Shaman’s Dream are two of the most popular games on the site, the nature of the games ensure that players keep coming back for more, the high levels of enjoyment coupled with the chance of winning some money makes it hard for players to resist.

Key points

You don’t need all the stars to align in your favour to take control of your life and your income, all you need is a computer, ingenuity and a willingness to try new things. Take on board some of the tips in this article and kick start your career as a digital nomad. Who knows, in a few months’ time you could be sat on a beach in Barbados earning money whilst you slowly simmer in the sun.

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