Lifestyle Design And Debt Freedom Go Hand And Hand

Ever heard of lifestyle design? Ever dreamed of debt freedom?

We often go through life blindly heading in whatever direction the wind blows, rarely questioning our purpose or direction. All we know is that popular phrase we all seem to embrace—“Thank God it’s Friday!!”

Friday is the the most popular day of the week right? When we reach Friday we know we have the weekend to do WHATEVER WE WANT. It’s almost our purpose for the entire week. (ZOMBIE-LIKE) “Make it to Fri-daaay.”

We enjoy our weekend so much that when the dreaded M-word registers in our head late Sunday night, we want to cry. That’s right, “OH NO, ITS MONDAY!” Back to work. For the average person Monday has to be the absolute most hated day of the week. Let’s face it Monday sucks!!

I want to ask you a question. Why do you LOVE the weekend so much?

One word that comes to mind for me is FREEDOM! You know that the weekend will be your time to do WHATEVER YOU WANT. We naturally love freedom don’t we? The fact is, the weekend gives you more options to do the things you want to do, which makes you happy. What if I told you that you could love, and even look forward to every day of the week, as opposed to just 2 1/4 days? Well you can.

You’ll need to do these three things:

  1. Find your passion and purpose – If money was no object, what one thing would you choose to do, that because you loved it so much, would not feel like work at all? What would you LOVE TO DO with your time? Keyword: Passion!
  2. Brainstorm your way to a plan – Guess what? Money is no object, or at least it is not the hurdle that is keeping you from doing it—you are. It may take money, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot craft a plan, follow it, and one day be right where you wanted to be. You can! It takes time and patience but what you believe is what you achieve. Keyword: Believe!
  3. Become debt free – By paying off your debt, you actually have a better chance at achieving your dream. Debt is just like Monday-Friday. It is standing in between you and freedom. Remove the roadblock, and eliminate the weight that is keeping you from your purpose. Become debt free! Keyword: Freedom!

What is lifestyle design? To me, it is where you live the life you want to live, without any restrictions. You work wherever you want to work, live wherever you want to live, and travel wherever you want to travel. You design your lifestyle, it’s up to you.

Debt Freedom Can Make Designing Your Lifestyle Much Easier

This is so simple it’s almost silly. When your income is being bled dry by the leech that is debt payments each and every month, you DO NOT have the option to design anything. You are a slave to your current plan, and if you have debt your plan should be revised to involve getting rid of it. If you have debt you cannot move your life around in a way that allows you to reach your purpose. Make your life easier and more enjoyable!

The Heart of My Message

Become debt free so you can DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!! Enjoy life!

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  1. It probably goes hand-in-hand with being debt free, but adopting a plan to live beneath our means will always afford us the greatest number of options.

    If you’re burdened by a high cost lifestyle, it will get in the way of what you want to do everytime. We can do a lot of things, but we usually have to let go of a few first.

    Liquidity will serve us all well throughout life!

    • Brad Chaffee says:

      Great point Kevin! I guess I was thinking that even if you started to spend less than you made, but still had debt, your options would still be slim. Once you rid yourself of debt payments it really opens up the floor. It requires a lot of things to be consistently done in order to benefit to the max. 🙂

  2. I love the weekends because I get to be home. Which is where I would like to work, sometimes in the near future. We’re working on becoming debt-free so I can make that happen!

  3. Donna Korzun says:

    This is a timely message for me today. You see, I have been off work secondary to a ruptured tendon in my left foot. I am due to go back in 6 weeks but because my family leave ended Monday, my boss called me and told me that I have been terminated. This message has left me with questions for myself as to my career path from this point on. Keep up the good work, your site always has good info for me.

    • Brad Chaffee says:

      Sorry to hear about your unfortunate circumstances Donna! It sounds to me like the company you worked for was no good anyway. You deserve better!

      I would highly recommend Dan Millers book: 48 Days To The Work You Love.

      Good luck Donna, and I would love to hear how this turns out for you. It may be a blessing in disguise. 😀

  4. This is brilliant.
    If you connect the feeling of freedom and of the weekend with the tasks that are required to get you out of debt this will make you feel good about taking those specific actions.

    E.g. Instead of upgrading to a larger meal just take the smaller size. You should get a little bump of that Friday night feeling!

  5. Wow this post is conflicting so much with the book I am reading right now. The author teaches that consumer debt is bad, but debt resulting from acquiring assets is good. The information is definitely useful for most that are stuck in a circle of revolving debt.

    • Brad Chaffee says:

      I hope it’s not Rich Dad Poor Dad. The only thing I learned from that book was that rich people and poor people look at money differently. His idea that leveraging debt is the way to prosperity is ridiculous.

      I do not view mortgaging a house as stupid but I would recommend that more people consider either getting a 15 year mortgage or paying 100% down for the house. We are going to put 100% for the next house we get and eliminate our need for a mortgage. There are many benefits to doing this, one being, that we will owe no one. (I only recommend taking out a mortgage when a person has 3/6 months saved up for emergencies.)

      All debt is bad in my opinion because it means that you owe someone else money, AND are paying them interest in the process. Paying extra for something is never good.

      Thanks for leaving your comment. 🙂

      • Naw, but it is a real estate investing book, Nothing Down for Women, and the author was talking about the book From Credit Repair to Credit Millionaire, and how she learned so much about buying assets with other people’s money. The goal is of course to be making a higher percent of interest than you borrow on.

  6. Great post, Brad! The freedom we’ve enjoyed since paying off $58,000 in debt is real and powerful. I enjoy everything I do more because I know that I don’t *have* to do it!

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