The FREE E-Book “LOVEveryday” Has Finally Arrived!!

I told you it was coming, and now it’s finally here! The LOVEveryday E-book is now available for download and distribution. (Click the link or view the sideshow below.) We hope you enjoy reading it, as much as we enjoyed writing it.  Sometimes the information you need to make certain changes in your own life are right in front of you. This could be one of those times! Don’t leave it to chance, as I am 100% convinced you will take away from this, something of value, you can apply to your own relationship or marriage. I sure plan on learning from it!

Once you read it, PLEASE come back and let me know how we did. Your thoughts and comments are always appreciated!

Please be sure to check out the authors and their respective sites to learn more about the authors behind the curtain computer screen. 😀

LOVEveryday: Thoughts On Loving Amidst The Chaos Of Life

Time Starved: Why Don’t We Have Time For Each Other
Paul Byerly – The Generous Husband

The Alarm Clock: Starting The Day Off Right
Dan Miller – 48 Days

The Snooze Button: Is Your Relationship On Hold?
Carrie Burgan – Make Mine Happen

First Cup Of Coffee: Awaken Your Relationship
Corey Allan – The Simple Marriage

Behind The Wheel: What’s Steering Your Relationship?
Jeff Nickles – My Super-Charged Life

Fuel Your Relationship

Dr. Michelle Gannon – Marriage Prep 101

At The Office: Working Couples And Stress
Trudy Sargent – Love Talk

Business Time: Keeping The Sex Alive
Alisa Bowman – Project Happily Ever After

Traffic Jam: Get Back Up To Speed
Damien Riley –

Waiting In Line: What Are You Waiting For?
Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income Blog

The Sock drawer: How Being Organized Helps You Both
Lori Byerly – The Generous Wife

Playtime: How Kids Bring You Closer Together As A Couple
Samantha Mellen – Mama Notes

Changing The Light Bulb: Viewing Your Relationship In New Light
Mandi Ehman – Organizing Your Way

Cleaning Up After A Mess (Apology and Forgiveness)
Brad Chaffee – Enemy of Debt Self Reliance Exchange

Pour On Love: How To Love Your Spouse Generously
Lori Lowe – Life Gems

Grocery Shopping: Feeding Your Relationship
Chelle Stein – It Might Be Love

Dinner Time
Kathleen Quiring – Project M

Dish Duty: Sharing Responsibility
Maureen Shaw – Feeling Flirty

Pocket Change: Using Money To Enhance Your Relationship
Nate Desmond – Practical Manliness

Checkbook Balance: Stop Fighting Over Money
J. Money – Budgets Are Sexy

What’s On TV? Television and Relationships

Stu Gray – The Marry Blogger

Logging On
Isabella Mori – Change Therapy

Evening Rituals: 10 Ideas To Get You Going
Sheri Kruger – Zen Family Habits Serene Journey

Putting The Kids To Bed: Balancing Kid Needs And Adult Needs
Cindy J. Taylor – Affair Care

Pillow Talk: Romance Through Words
Dustin Riechmann – Engaged Marriage

Let’s Go Out: Dates To Bring You Closer Together
Toni & Alisa DiLorenzo – One Extraordinary Marriage

Sunday School: Finding The Spirit In Your Relationships
Denee King – She Just Got Married

NOW GO CHECK IT OUT! Download it, send it to friends, tweet it, share it on Facebook and with everyone you know. One thing we know is that whether you are married or single, you need good relationship skills. Help us get our message out there for ALL to read. I am pretty certain that I can speak for the group when I say, we appreciate your efforts to do so, no matter how big or small they may be.

We just want you and everyone you know to have lasting and fulfilling relationships that stand the test of time. Love each other much! Love each other often! And of course love each other every day! SAVE this e-book and refer to it often!

(Expect to see an E-book from Enemy of Debt in the near future. I am working hard on it as we speak.)


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  1. Thank you for helping to write this ebook!

  2. congrats!! can’t wait to read!

  3. J. Money says:

    Def. a good read!!!

  4. Congrats on this accomplishment Brad. I plan to spend some time with this material. Great job.


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