Budgets are Sexy

I decided to join J. Money’s Million Dollar Club. Setting goals is the way to put your plans into motion. Brian Tracy says that a goal not written down typed out, is just a dream because it has no energy. You are definitely more likely to accomplish your goals if you put them down on paper. It gives you something to follow and each time you scratch an accomplishment off of the list, you gain motivation.

Hmmm, that sounds familiar right? Your Total Money Makeover is the same kind of plan. You do each baby step, one step at a time, and as you graduate to the next step you experience an emotional adrenaline rush. That intensity makes you dig in and push harder. Debt be gone…YEAH!

Take these steps to start your new journey:

Time to get those goals down on paper. Print out your goals and post them on the fridge to remind you often of your path to debt freedom and a one million dollar net worth. Check out my Million Dollar Club goals below and consider setting your own financial goals.

My Million Dollar Club Checklist

  • Rebuild baby emergency fund to $2,000…DONE!
  • Eliminate Debt except for house…DONE!
  • Save 15,000 for emergency fund…in progress!
  • Save 10% for retirement (Roth, 401K)
  • Start saving for college (ESA)
  • Pay off or own house debt free
  • Max out all retirement accounts annually
  • Invest heavily using mutual funds
  • Reach combined net income of $100,000/yr
  • Double emergency fund
  • Build net worth to $1,000,000
  • Give $150,000 to charities
  • Rebuild net worth to $1,000,000

Join the Million Dollar Club and start reaching your goals today! Do you already have a list of goals like this? Share them in the comments section below. Be sure to head over to Budgets Are Sexy and check it out. Tell him EOD sent ya!

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