What is the “Dream” Budget?

I have referred to this before in earlier posts, but I have never actually written a post about it. Basically a dream budget is the budget you would have IF you were completely debt free. That’s right, no car payment! No mortgage payment! No credit card payments! No debt at all!

I always ask my Financial Peace University classes to do a dream budget. I believe that when you see how much you could do without debt in your life, it will inspire and motivate you to set that worthy goal of becoming debt free. This exercise should not take you long at all.

Dream Budget

Keep it simple…

  • Post your monthly income at the top
  • Budget utilities, food, transportation costs, and any other necessities
  • What’s left over?

(I realize you are probably thinking “we will be spending a little more than necessity”. TRUE – but the purpose of this exercise is to show you your maximum potential without debt in your life)


Being DEBT FREE is better than having payments! Payments weigh you down! They steal your potential! They steal your hope! Payments fool you to believe that debt is the ONLY way! You are under a spell.

It’s not the only way, and you owe it to yourself to try something else! Don’t accept the status quo any longer. It’s COOLER to be debt free! Credit cards are the new overgrown 80’s mullet, and more and more people are starting to say “What was I thinking”? Yeah I had both, but I also cut them both! And yes…WHAT was I thinking?

Debt free is the new you!! A you, that will laugh harder, sleep better, and enjoy life that much more! It’s the YOU, you can’t REFUSE!

Cut that mullet! I’ve got scissors…big ones. Think smart, think BIG, think DEBT FREE!

Get started now! Your debt free potential awaits you!

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